Psalm 19
For the Chief Musician. A Psalm by David.
The heavens declare the glory of God.
The expanse shows his handiwork.
Day after day they pour out speech,
and night after night theydisplay knowledge.
Thereis no speech nor language
where their voice is not heard.
Theirvoicehas gone out throughallthe earth,
theirwordstothe end ofthe world.
Inthemhehas set a tent forthe sun,
whichisasa bridegroom comingoutofhis room,
likea strong man rejoicing torunhis course.
Hisgoingoutisfromtheendofthe heavens,
his circuit toits ends.
There is nothing hidden fromits heat.
TheLORD’s law is perfect, restoring the soul.
TheLORD’s covenant is sure, making wise the simple.
TheLORD’s precepts areright, rejoicing theheart.
TheLORD’s commandment is pure, enlightening the eyes.
The fear oftheLORDisclean, enduring forever.
TheLORD’s ordinancesaretrue, andrighteous altogether.
10 Theyare more tobe desired than gold, yes, than much fine gold,
sweeter alsothan honey andthe extract ofthe honeycomb.
11 Moreover your servant is warned by them.
In keeping them there isgreat reward.
12 Whocan discern his errors?
Forgive mefrom hidden errors.
13 Keep back your servant also from presumptuous sins.
Let them not have dominion over me.
Then I will be upright.
I will be blamelessandinnocentof great transgression.
14 Let the words ofmy mouth andthe meditation ofmy heart
be acceptable inyour sight,
LORD, my rock, andmy redeemer.