Psalm 48
A Song. A Psalm by the sons of Korah.
Great istheLORD, and greatly tobe praised,
inthe city of our God, inhis holy mountain.
Beautiful in elevation, the joy ofthe whole earth,
isMount Zion, onthe north sides,
thecityofthegreat King.
God has shown himself inher citadels asa refuge.
For, behold, the kings assembled themselves,
they passed by together.
Theysawit, thentheywere amazed.
Theywere dismayed.
They hurried away.
Trembling took hold ofthemthere,
pain, asofa woman in travail.
Withthe east wind, you break the ships of Tarshish.
As we have heard, sowe have seen,
inthe city oftheLORDof Armies, inthe city of our God.
God will establish it forever.
Wehave thought aboutyour loving kindness, God,
inthe middle ofyour temple.
10 Asisyour name, God,
so isyour praise tothe ends ofthe earth.
Your right hand is full ofrighteousness.
11 LetMount Zion be glad!
Letthe daughters of Judah rejoice becauseofyour judgements.
12 Walk aboutZion, and go around her.
Number its towers.
13 Notice her bulwarks.
Consider her palaces,
that you may tellittothe next generation.
14 Forthis God isour God foreverand ever.
Hewillbeour guide even to death.