Intellectual Property Policy

This intellectual property policy applies to all of the web sites operated by Wycliffe, Inc., dba, including some operated on behalf of other organizations. This includes (without limitation) the following domain names:

These sites contain a mixture of copyrighted and Public Domain works. The copyrighted works are individually licensed for use on this site, each with their own terms agreed to by the copyright owners. Unless they are posted along with a license statement that specifically allows your intended copying activity, and which you agree to be bound by, you may not copy them without getting permission from the copyright owners. Where practical, we provide clear licensing and copyright ownership information. However, it is still your own responsibility to verify and comply with all applicable intellectual property law, including laws pertaining to copyrights and trademarks.

Public Domain works on this site are property of the entire public. You may not claim copyright ownership on these works. Any attempts to do so will be treated as an illegal and shameful act, and will not be honored. Even if you make a copy of the same text in a different format, it remains in the Public Domain. If you make a work derived from a Public Domain work, the original work remains in the Public Domain, and any copyright you claim on the derived work applies only to your creative changes. You may copy any Public Domain work freely, and in any format you please. Note that while the Holy Bible in its original languages is in the Public Domain due to its age, modern translations are not, unless they have been explicitly dedicated to the Public Domain. Under current copyright law, any new creative work, including Bible translations, are assumed to be copyrighted, with copyright ownership belonging to the translators or their employers.

Copyrighted works licensed under a Creative Commons license are not Public Domain, but you may copy them only when you comply with the terms of the exact license used.

If you desire to make copies or derivatives of a copyrighted work that is posted on this site in any manner that is not explicitly allowed by an attached license, you must contact the copyright owner to get permission to do so, first. If they do not respond, that is the same thing as a denial.

Check the “about” page associated with each Bible translation or other work on this site for more information about the copyright and permission status of that particular work.

Some works marked as copyrighted may indeed be in the Public Domain due to copyright expiration or copyfraud. Please see for more information on copyright expiration.

We post Bible translations in good faith from sources we believe to be reliable, and when we have reason to believe that the translation is of sufficient quality and legally OK to post. If you believe that your work has been copied and posted on the Services in a way that constitutes copyright or trademark infringement, please notify us at:

DMCA Compliance Officer
Wycliffe, Inc., dba
PO BOX 881143
PUKALANI HI 96788-1143

A notification of claimed infringement must include the following:

We will normally take down an allegedly infringing work pending investigation if we have reason to believe that the claim may have merit, but may re-post it if it is found that the infringement claim was in error.

Note that copyfraud, which is the wrongful claim of copyright ownership of a public domain work, or a false claim that the copyrighted material belonging to someone else actually belongs to you, will not be tolerated and may result in prosecution, civil action, and/or public shaming.

If materials you have posted with us have been removed due to alleged infringement of a third party’s intellectual property rights, we will notify you. If you believe your materials have been wrongly removed, you may file a counter-notification containing the following:

Upon our receipt of such counter-notice, we will provide the complainant with your contact information so that you have the ability to resolve the issue. Please note that when we forward the counter-notification, it includes your personal information. If you are concerned about protecting your anonymity, please consult with an attorney about other options. If the matter has been resolved or the complainant does not seek a court order within the statutory time period, we generally will re-post the material.

Personal information submitted to us in connection with intellectual property claims and counterclaims may, at our sole discretion, be shared with other interested parties or be made public.

We reserve the right to remove any materials or content alleged to be infringing without prior notice and with or without explanation, at our sole discretion.