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TerritoryLanguageHTMLePubmobiinScriptzipped HTMLCrosswire SwordPDF
GuatemalaAchiI 'utz laj tzij re i diosePubmobiinScriptzipped HTMLacrACC2009eb.zipPDF list
GuatemalaAchiRi utzilaj tzij re ri kanimajawal JesucristoePubmobiinScriptzipped HTMLacrN2009eb.zipPDF list
GuatemalaAchiRi utzilaj tzij re ri kanimajawal JesucristoePubmobiinScriptzipped HTMLacrTNT2009eb.zipPDF list
IndonesiaAmarasiUisneno In Kabin ma Prenat: Rais Manba'an Fe'u nok Reta' Ahun-hunutePubmobiinScriptzipped HTMLaaz2014eb.zipPDF list
Papua New GuineaAbauGod so Sokior-ok IwonePubmobiinScriptzipped HTMLaau2006eb.zipPDF list
Papua New GuineaAmbulas (Maprik) (Ambulas)Gotna KudiePubmobiinScriptzipped HTMLabtM1983eb.zipPDF list
Papua New GuineaAmbulas (Wosera) (Wosera-Kamu dialect of Ambulas)Gotna KundiePubmobiinScriptzipped HTMLabtW1996eb.zipPDF list
Papua New GuineaAneme WakeGODINU IRAU WAKEePubmobiinScriptzipped HTMLaby1988eb.zipPDF list
Papua New GuineaMiniafiaTUR GEWASIN O BAIBASIT BOUBUNePubmobiinScriptzipped HTMLaai2009eb.zipPDF list
PeruAchuar-shiwiarYuse chichame aarmauri; Yaanchuik, Chicham; Yamaram ChichamePubmobiinScriptzipped HTMLacuNT2008eb.zipPDF list
PhilippinesEastern Bontok (Bontok, Eastern)Nan kalen apo Dios (Nan fiarú ay turag)ePubmobiinScriptzipped HTMLebk2003eb.zipPDF list
PhilippinesInabaknonI Baha'o KasuratanePubmobiinScriptzipped HTMLabx1996eb.zipPDF list
Saint LuciaSaint Lucian Creole FrenchTèstèman nèf-la: Épi an posyòn an liv samz-laePubmobiinScriptzipped HTMLacf1999eb.zipPDF list

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