And I said, Ye princes of Jacob, and dukes of the house of Israel, hear. Whether it is not yours for to know doom,
which hate good, and love evil? Which violently take away the skins of them from above them, and the flesh of them from above the bones of them.
Which ate the flesh of my people, and uncovered, [or flayed off], the skin of them from above; and brake altogether the bones of them, and cutted them up altogether as in a cauldron, and as flesh in the middle of a pot.
Then they shall cry to the Lord, and he shall not hear them; and he shall hide his face from them in that time, as they did wickedly in their findings.
The Lord saith these things on the prophets that deceive my people, that bite with their teeth, and preach peace; and if any man giveth not in the mouth of them anything, they hallow battle on him.
Therefore night shall be to you for vision, or prophecy, and darknesses to you for divination; and the sun shall go down on the prophets, and the day shall be made dark on them.
And they shall be confounded that see visions, and diviners shall be confounded, and all shall cover their cheers, for it is not the answer of God.
Nevertheless I am filled with strength of the Spirit of the Lord, and with doom and power, that I show to Jacob his great trespass, and to Israel his sin.
Hear these things, ye princes of the house of Jacob, and doomsmen of the house of Israel, which loathe doom, and pervert all right things;
10 which build Zion in bloods, and Jerusalem in wickedness.
11 The princes thereof deemed for gifts, and [the] priests thereof taught for hire, and the prophets thereof divined for money; and on the Lord they rested, and said, Whether the Lord is not in the middle of us? evils shall not come on us.
12 For this thing because of you, Zion as a field shall be eared; and Jerusalem shall be as an heap of stones, and the hill of the temple shall be into high things of woods.