And in the last days, the hill of the house of the Lord shall be made ready in the top of [the] hills, and shall be high over small hills. And peoples shall flow to him,
and many peoples shall hasten, and shall say, Come ye, ascend or go we up to the hill of the Lord, and to the house of God of Jacob; and he shall teach us of his ways, and we shall go in his paths. For the law shall go out from Zion, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem;
and he shall deem betwixt many peoples, and shall chastise strong folks till into far. And they shall beat together their swords into shares*, and their spears into pickaxes; folk shall not take sword against folk, and they shall no more learn to fight.
And a man shall sit under his vineyard, and under his fig tree; and there shall not be that shall make afeared, for the mouth of the Lord of hosts spake.
For all peoples shall go, each man in the name of his Lord God; but we shall walk in the name of our Lord God into the world, and over.
In that day, saith the Lord, I shall gather the halting, and I shall gather her that I casted away, and whom I tormented I shall comfort.
And I shall put the halting into remnants, and her that travailed in[to] a strong folk. And the Lord shall reign on them in the hill of Zion, from this time now and till into without end.
And thou, dark tower of the flock of the daughter of Zion, unto thee he shall come, and the first power shall come, the realm of the daughter of Jerusalem.
Now why art thou drawn together with mourning? whether a king is not to thee, either thy counsellor perished? for sorrow hath taken thee as a woman travailing of child.
10 Thou daughter of Zion, make sorrow, and haste, as a woman travailing of child; for now thou shalt go out of the city, and shalt dwell in the country, and shalt come unto Babylon; there thou shalt be delivered, there the Lord shall again-buy thee, from the hand of thine enemies.
11 And now many folks be gathered on thee, which say, Be it stoned, and our eye behold into Zion.
12 Forsooth they knew not the thoughts of the Lord, and understood not the counsel of him, for he gathered them as the hay of the field.
13 Rise thou, and thresh, daughter of Zion, for I shall put thine horn of iron, and I shall put thy nails brazen; and thou shalt lose, either waste, many peoples, and shalt slay to the Lord for an offering the ravens of them, and the strength of them to the Lord of all earth.
* CHAPTER 4:3 In other writings, John Wycliffe renders this word in this verse as ‘plowghschares’ (‘ploughshares’/‘plowshares’).