Hear ye which things the Lord speaketh. Rise thou, strive thou by doom against mountains, and little hills hear thy voice.
Mountains and the strong foundaments of earth, hear the doom of the Lord; for the doom of the Lord shall be with his people, and he shall be deemed with Israel.
My people, what have I done to thee, either in what was I grievous to thee? Answer thou to me.
For I led thee out of the land of Egypt, and of the house of servage I delivered thee; and I sent before thy face Moses, and Aaron, and Mary.
My people, bethink, I pray, what Balak, king of Moab, thought, and what Balaam, son of Beor, of Shittim, answered to him till to Gilgal, that thou shouldest know the rightwiseness of the Lord.
What worthy thing shall I offer to the Lord? shall I bow the knee to the high God? Whether shall I offer to him brunt sacrifices, and calves of one year?
Whether God may be satisfied in thousands of wethers, either in many thousands of fat goat bucks? Whether I shall give my first begotten for my great trespass, the fruit of my womb for sin of my soul?
I shall show to thee, thou man, what is good, and what the Lord asketh of thee; forsooth for to do doom, and for to love mercy, and be busy for to walk with thy God.
The voice of the Lord crieth to the city, and health shall be to all men dreading thy name. Ye lineages, hear; and who shall approve it?
10 Yet fire is in the house of unpious men, the treasures of wickedness, and a less measure, which make me full of wrath.
11 Whether I shall justify the wicked balance, and the guileful weights of a little sack,
12 in which rich men thereof be filled with wickedness? And men dwelling therein spake leasing, and the tongue of them was guileful in the mouth of them.
13 And I therefore began for to smite thee, into perdition on thy sins.
14 Thou shalt eat, and shalt not be [ful] filled, and thy meeking is in the middle of thee; and thou shalt take, and shalt not save; and which thou shalt save, I shall give into sword.
15 Thou shalt sow, and shalt not reap; thou shalt tread the olive, and shalt not be anointed with oil; and make must, and shalt not drink wine.
16 And thou keptest the behests of Omri, and all the work of the house of Ahab, and hast walked in the lusts of them, that I should give thee into perdition, and men dwelling in it into hissing, either scorning, and ye shall bear the shame of my people.