Woe to me, for I am made as he that gathereth in harvest raisins of grapes; there is no cluster for to eat; my soul desired figs ripe before others.
The holy perished from [the] earth, and rightful is not in men; all ambush, either set treason, in blood; a man hunteth his brother to death.
The evil of their hands they say good; the prince asketh, and the doomsman is in yielding; and a great man spake the desire of his soul, and they troubled altogether it.
He that is the best in them, is as a paliurus, that is, a teasel, either a sharp bush; and he that is rightful is as a thorn of hedge. The day of thy beholding, thy visiting cometh, now shall be destroying of them.
Do not ye believe to a friend, and do not ye trust in a duke; from her that sleepeth in thy bosom, keep thou the closings of thy mouth.
For the son doeth wrong to the father, and the daughter shall rise against her mother, and the wife of the son against the mother of her husband; the enemies of a man be the ones at home, either the house-hold meine, of him.
Forsooth I shall behold to the Lord, I shall abide God my saviour; the Lord my God shall hear me.
Thou, mine enemy, be not glad on me, for I fell down, I shall rise up again; when I sit in darknesses, the Lord is my light.
I shall bear wrath of the Lord, for I have sinned to him, till he deem my cause, and make my doom; he shall lead out me into light, I shall see [the] rightwiseness of him.
10 And mine enemy shall behold me, and she shall be covered with confusion, which saith to me, Where is thy Lord God? Mine eyes shall see her, now she shall be into defouling, as clay, either fen, of streets.
11 Day shall come, that thy walls be builded; in that day law shall be made afar.
12 In that day, and Assur shall come till to thee, and till to strong cities, and from strong cities till to [the] flood; and to sea from sea, and to hill from hill.
13 And [the] earth shall be into desolation for her dwellers, and for fruit of the thoughts of them.
14 Feed thou thy people in thy rod, the flock of thine heritage, that dwell alone in [the] wild wood; in the middle of Carmel they shall be fed of Bashan and of Gilead, as by eld [or old] days,
15 by days of thy going out of the land of Egypt. I shall show to him wonderful things;
16 heathen men shall see, and they shall be confounded on all their strength; they shall put hands on their mouth, the ears of them shall be deaf;
17 they shall lick dust as a serpent; as creeping things of [the] earth they shall be disturbed, or troubled, out of their houses; they shall not desire our Lord God, and they shall dread thee.
18 God, who is like thee, that doest away wickedness, and bearest over the sin of the remnants of thine heritage? He shall no more send in his strong vengeance, for he is willing or desiring mercy;
19 he shall turn again, and have mercy on us. He shall put down our wickednesses, and shall cast far into deepness of the sea all our sins.
20 Thou shalt give truth to Jacob, mercy to Abraham, which thou sworest to our fathers from eld [or old] days.