The Egyptians caused the Israeli people to suffer greatly
After Moses was born he was later adopted by the king's daughter
Moses, after murdering an Egyptian, escaped to Midian and later married Zipporah
God talked to Moses from inside a burning bush, and told him to lead his people out of Egypt
After Moses tried to resist Yahweh's appointment, Yahweh gave him power to perform miracles
God's instructions to Moses after Moses returned to Egypt
Zipporah circumcised her son
The Israeli people believed Moses when he and Aaron talked to them
The king refused to let the Israeli people go after Moses and Aaron talked to him
The king increased the amount of work the Israelis were forced to do
The king refused to pay attention to the complaints of the Israelis
Yahweh promised to rescue them
Aaron and Moses gave God's message to the king again
The ancestors of Moses and Aaron
Yahweh instructed Moses and Aaron
Aaron made his stick become a snake, but that did not influence the king
Moses and Aaron caused the Nile River to become red
Moses and Aaron caused frogs to appear everywhere
Moses and Aaron caused the land to be full of gnats
Moses and Aaron caused the land to be filled with flies
Yahweh sent a terrible disease to afflict the Egyptians' livestock
Yahweh caused the Egyptian people to be afflicted with boils
Yahweh sent hail on all the Egyptian people and their animals
Yahweh sent locusts to destroy the rest of the Egyptians' crops
Yahweh caused a great darkness to cover Egypt
Yahweh declared that all the oldest sons of the Egyptians would die, and then the king's officials would plead for the Israeli people to leave Egypt
Yahweh instructed Moses and Aaron about the Passover Festival
Yahweh killed all the oldest Egyptian males
The Israeli people left Egypt
Yahweh instructed Moses and Aaron about future Passover festivals
Yahweh gave Moses instructions about dedicating the firstborn sons
Moses instructed them about future celebrations of the Festival of Unleavened Bread
God led them to detour through the desert
Yahweh told Moses what he planned to do
The Egyptian army started to pursue the Israelis
Yahweh caused the Egyptian army to drown in the sea
The Israelis celebrated being rescued
Yahweh made bitter water become good water to drink
Yahweh gave them quail and manna to eat
Yahweh provided water gushing from a rock
God enabled the Israeli men to defeat the Amalekites
Moses' father-in-law, Jethro, came to visit him
Jethro gave Moses some good advice about appointing judges
Yahweh gave instructions to Moses at Sinai Mountain.
God gave the people the Ten Commandments
Instructions for treating slaves
Laws regarding possessions
Laws concerning everyday life
Treat people and animals fairly
Rules about three annual festivals
Yahweh gave the Israeli people several promises
The Israelis accepted Yahweh's agreement
Yahweh gave Moses instructions about a big Sacred Tent for their worship
Instructions for making the sacred chest
Instructions for the table for the sacred bread
Instructions for the lampstand
Instructions for the coverings for the Sacred Tent
Instructions for the framework for the Sacred Tent
Instructions for the Very Holy Place and the curtain
Instructions for the altar
Instructions for the courtyard
Instructions for the priests' clothing
Instructions for the sacred apron
Instructions for the sacred pouch
Instructions for other clothes for the priests
Instructions for dedicating the priests
Instructions for the incense altar
Instructions for the money to take care of the Sacred Tent
Instructions for the washbasin
Instructions for the oil for anointing
Instructions for the work for Bezalel and Oholiab
Instructions for the day of rest
The Israelis made a golden calf to worship
Yahweh threatened to destroy the Israeli people
Yahweh further rebuked and warned the Israeli people
Yahweh promised to be with his people and to let Moses see his glory
Yahweh gave Moses another copy of his commandments
Moses' face was shining as he returned to the people
Regulations for the days of rest
Gifts for constructing the Sacred Tent
Moses' instructions regarding Bezalel and Oholiab
They made the curtains and coverings for the Sacred Tent
Bezalel made the altar for burning sacrifices
Bezalel made the table
Bezalel made the altar for burning incense
They made the altar for burning sacrifices, and they made the washbasin
They made curtains to surround the courtyard
A list of the materials used
They made the sacred clothes for Aaron
They made other special clothes for the priests
They set up the Sacred Tent
Yahweh's brilliant light filled the Sacred Tent