Tonga (Pacific)

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LanguageLanguage (English)Vernacular TitleEnglish Title
EnglishEnglishAmerican Standard Version (1901)American Standard Version (1901)
EnglishEnglishThe Amplified Bible (2015)Amplified Bible 2015
EnglishEnglishAnindilyakwa English BibleAnindilyakwa English Bible
EnglishEnglishAmerican Standard Version Byzantine TextASV Byzantine Text
EnglishEnglishBible in Basic EnglishBible in Basic English
EnglishEnglishBrenton Septuagint TranslationBrenton English Septuagint
EnglishEnglishLXX2012: Septuagint in British/International English 2012British English Septuagint 2012
EnglishEnglishDarby TranslationDarby Translation
EnglishEnglishDouay-Rheims 1899Douay-Rheims 1899
EnglishEnglishEasy-to-Read VersionEasy-to-Read Version
EnglishEnglishBerean Standard BibleEnglish Berean Standard Bible
EnglishEnglishLiteral Standard VersionEnglish LSV
EnglishEnglishEnglish Majority Text VersionEnglish Majority Text Version
EnglishEnglishGOD'S WORDEnglish: GOD'S WORD
EnglishEnglishWycliffe's Bible with Modern Spelling (Enhanced)English: Wycliffe's Bible Modern Spelling (Enhanced) (with Deuterocanon)
EnglishEnglishWycliffe's Bible with Modern SpellingEnglish: Wycliffe's Bible Modern Spelling (with Deuterocanon)
EnglishEnglishThe New Testament with CommentaryFamily 35 NT
EnglishEnglishFree Bible VersionFree Bible Version
EnglishEnglishGeneva Bible 1599Geneva Bible 1599
EnglishEnglishGod's Living WordGod's Living Word
EnglishEnglishJPS TaNaKH 1917JPS TaNaKH 1917
EnglishEnglishKing James (Authorized) VersionKing James Version
EnglishEnglishKing James Version + ApocryphaKing James Version + Apocrypha
EnglishEnglishKJV Cambridge Paragraph BibleKJV Cambridge Paragraph
EnglishEnglishIsaac Leeser TanakhLeeser Tanakh
EnglishEnglishLXX2012: Septuagint in American English 2012LXX2012 U. S. English
EnglishEnglishNew American Standard BibleNASB 1995
EnglishEnglishNET BibleNET Bible
EnglishEnglishGeorge Noyes BibleNoyes Bible
EnglishEnglishNyangumarta English BibleNyangumarta English Bible
EnglishEnglishOne Unity Resource BibleOne Unity Resource Bible
EnglishEnglishOpen English Bible (Commonwealth Spelling)Open English Bible (Commonwealth)
EnglishEnglishOpen English Bible (U. S. spelling)Open English Bible (US)
Aboriginal EnglishEnglishPlain English VersionPlain English Version
EnglishEnglishRevised Version with Apocrypha (1895)Revised Version
EnglishEnglishTargum Onkelos EtheridgeTargum Onkelos Etheridge
EnglishEnglishText-Critical English New TestamentText-Critical English NT
EnglishEnglishTranslation for TranslatorsTranslation for Translators
EnglishEnglishTyndale New TestamentTyndale NT
EnglishEnglishUnlocked Literal BibleUnlocked Literal Bible
EnglishEnglishUpdated Brenton English SeptuagintUpdated Brenton English Septuagint
EnglishEnglishNoah Webster BibleWebster Bible
EnglishEnglishWorld English BibleWorld English Bible
EnglishEnglishWorld English Bible (Catholic)World English Bible (Catholic)
EnglishEnglishWorld English Bible British EditionWorld English Bible British Edition
EnglishEnglishWorld English Bible British Edition with DeuterocanonWorld English Bible British Edition with Deuterocanon
EnglishEnglishWorld English Bible UpdatedWorld English Bible Updated
EnglishEnglishWorld English Bible with DeuterocanonWorld English Bible with Deuterocanon
EnglishEnglishWorld Messianic BibleWorld Messianic Bible
EnglishEnglishWorld Messianic Bible British EditionWorld Messianic Bible British Edition
Middle EnglishEnglishWycliffe BibleWycliffe Bible portions
ENGLISHEnglishYoung's Literal TranslationYoung's Literal Translation
TonganTonganKO E TOHI TAPU KÄ€TOARevised West Version