Balaan nga Bibliya

Unlocked Literal Bible in the Cebuano language of the Republic of the Philippines

copyright © 2019 Door43 World Missions Community
Language: Cebuano
Translation by: Door43 World Missions Community
Contributor: Aida Espelita, Aira Amaran, Alma Mae Llorca, Amelina Emboc, Analine Tanog, Bernaly Mansiwagan, Carwelene Amper, Chally Lou Lacaran, Charity Guinita, Dan Bongcalas, Darryl Lasquite, Divine Grace Leparto, Elsie Lacubay, Ernilyn Balindong, Gem Lalaan, Helen Thundas, Jerome Resomadero, Jeryl Tumundog, Johnny Ray Lumawan, Loreto Socias Jr., Luthero Pulao Jr., Lymae Belle Ednalgan, Marilyn Lay-um, Mark Kevin Atab, Marth Anthony Atab, Miracle Marcojos, Molly, Noel Dalumatao, Rico Barrios, Ricky Mansabid, Romeo Lumasay, Roselle Lay-um, Steven Lubosan, Jeffrey, Johanna, Junette, Benny, and Racquel

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Note that in addition to the rules above, revising and adapting God's Word involves a great responsibility to be true to God's Word. See Revelation 22:18-19.



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