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The Holy Bible in English, Unlocked Literal Bible translation

copyright © 2017 Door43 World Missions Community
Language: English
Translation by: Door43 World Missions Community
Contributor: 'Alrick G. Headley, M.Div., Th.M.', 'Adam W. Nagelvoort, M.Div. Academic Ministries, Columbia International University', 'Dave Statezni, BA Orig langs., M.Div. Fuller Theological Seminary', 'Bram van den Heuvel, M.A.', 'C. Harry Harriss, M.Div.', 'David Trombold, M. Div.', 'Elizabeth Oakes, BA in Religious Studies, Linguistics', 'George "Drew" Curley, M.Div., PhD, Professor of Biblical Languages', Hendrik "Henry" de Vries, 'Henry Whitney, BA Linguistics', 'Jesse Griffin, BA Biblical Studies, MA Biblical Languages', 'James N. Pohlig, M.Div., MA in Linguistics, D. Litt. in Biblical Languages', 'Larry T Brooks, M.Div., Assemblies of God Theological Seminary', 'Larry Sallee, D.Min.', 'Paul M Fahnestock, M.Div. Reformed Theological Seminary, D. Min. Pittsburgh Theological Seminary', 'Perry Oakes, PhD in Old Testament, MA in Linguistics', 'Peter Smircich, BA Philosophy', 'Susan Quigley, MA in Linguistics', 'Thomas Warren, M.Div., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, D.Min, Reformed Theological Seminary', 'Timothy Neu, Ph.D. Biblical Studies', 'Ward Pyles, M.Div., Western Baptist Theological Seminary', David Trombold, Dean Ropp, Gene Mullen, James Vigen, Leonard Smith, Nicholas Alsop, Michael Francis

This is an open-licensed update of the ASV, intended to provide a 'form-centric' understanding of the Bible. It increases the translator's understanding of the lexical and grammatical composition of the underlying text by adhering closely to the word order and structure of the originals.

This translation is made available to you under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license 4.0.

You have permission to share and redistribute this Bible translation in any format and to make reasonable revisions and adaptations of this translation, provided that:

Pictures included with Scriptures and other documents on this site are licensed just for use with those Scriptures and documents. For other uses, please contact the respective copyright owners.

Note that in addition to the rules above, revising and adapting God's Word involves a great responsibility to be true to God's Word. See Revelation 22:18-19.



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