A person's body is from his mother and father. His spirit is from God's Spirit.
16 Human beings are very much in God's feelings. Because of that he gave his very own male child for them, so that the ones who habitually believe in him should not become worthless dregs, but should live for ever in his camp. 17 He did not send his son here for what's-it, to banish them from his presence for ever. He sent him for us, to rescue everybody! 18 Whoever believes in God's Son, he will not send him away. Everyone who does not believe in that sort of way stays in a really bad way forever, because they reject God's very own son.
19 This is how it works: The Light of God has come to us, BUT / in contrast, opposite of what one would expect but men love darkness, they want to do evil. 20 Evil-doers hate the Light of God, they do not come to the Light of God, because of shame about the bad things they have done. 21 Everyone who habitually does good will come to the light of God, and others will see how God is working in and through them.