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Jesus was telling the people about God. Many were there listening to him. Bad people also were coming to him to listen.
In the crowd [in the many'] some teachers of the Jews' law were there among them. Others also were there, they called themselves Pharisees. All those Pharisees and teachers were watching Jesus. They were saying to each other, “This Jesus is talking with the bad people, and he's eating food in their camps. That's bad.”
Jesus knew about them what they were saying to each other. Therefore he told them this story to teach them.
“Listen to this! Maybe one of you may have 100 sheep way out in the bush. Then perhaps one sheep may wander off and get lost. What will you do? You will leave the other 99 sheep in the bush. Then you will search carefully for the one sheep that ran away. When you find the one that got lost, you will become very happy. You will pick up that one sheep that ran away. Then you will carry it on your shoulders, you will return to your camp. Then you will call out to all your people, “Come here! This sheep of mine ran away into the bush. Truly I have found it. Now I am very happy. Let us all be happy.”
Then Jesus said to them, “Yes! You are very happy after picking up your sheep. Like this God up above and his angels will be happy after one person after doing bad (things) returns to God. They are happy about the 99 good people who follow God. Truly they will be very happy about one person who after doing bad turns around in his tracks and returns to follow God.”
Then Jesus told them this other story. “Maybe a woman might have 10 coins. Then perhaps she will lose one. What will she do? She will light the lamp, she will sweep the house, she will search carefully in every direction. When she finds (the coin), she will call to the other people, “Come here! That money that I lost, truly I have found it! Now I am very happy. Let's all be happy!”
10 Then Jesus said to them, “Yes! Like this God and his angels will be happy about one man returning from his bad ways.”
11 Then he told them this other story. “Yes. Previously there lived a man who had two sons. 12 One day the youngest one asked their father, “Father, when you die we (du.ex) will get your country. Share this country with us now, give me my share now.” Then truly the father divided it for those two.
13 Then the youngest one gave his country to others for money [sold it], left home, and went far off to another country. In that country he was making mistakes with all that money. He was drinking, he was gambling [playing], truly he messed up his life for himself with all his money.
14 Then he was puzzling hard, with no money.
Then at that time in that country there was no rain, the trees and the grass were dying. The people in that country were staying without food. That youngest one was hungry.
15 Then he was thinking, “How will I get anything to eat? I will ask them for a job. Then truly they will give me food (in exchange) for work.”
He was working for a local person of that country. That local person told him, “Look after my pigs here, and give them food.”
16 Then he was looking after the pigs. His boss didn't give him anything to eat. He was very hungry for the pigs’ rubbishy food.
17 At last he realized. “My father’s work men are eating good food till they're full, and I here am starving, from starvation I might die. 18 I will go, I will return to my father, I will tell him, ‘Father, I have done wrong. I have disobeyed God and I have disobeyed you. 19 Don't call me your son, just tell me I will be your worker, I will work for you.’#”
20 A short time later went, he returned to his father's place. His father saw him from a distance. He felt sorry for him, he ran to meet his son. He hugged him, and they cried for each other.
21 The son told him, “Father, I have done wrong (things). I have disobeyed God and I have disobeyed you. Don't call me your son.”
22 In response the father didn't listen to his son. He told his workers, “Quick! Get some nice clothes for him, put them on him, and put shoes on his feet. Then put a ring on his finger. 23 Then get the bullock, the fat one, kill it, and after you've killed it, cook it. Then we will all eat for my son. We'll truly be happy! 24 I thought my son was as good as dead for ever. He’s not! He’s alive! He went far away. It was as if he had left me for ever. Not so! He has returned to me still alive!’
Then they were happily singing and dancing.
25 The eldest was working somewhere far away. Then after work he was returning home. As he was getting close (to the camp) he heard them singing and dancing in the camp.
26 Then he called out to a man, one of his father's working men. (He asked him,) “Why are they happily singing and dancing?”
27 In reply that man told him, ‘Your younger brother returned today. Your father told us, “This my son returned to me. Kill the bullock, the fat one.”#’
28 The eldest son got sulky and didn't go to the house to meet his brother, he stayed outside a fair way off.
Then his father went out to him, he begged him, ‘Come inside the house.’
29 The eldest one answered his father sulkily, “I have truly stayed with you always, I have worked for you through the winter and the summer. I have always obeyed you [listened for your word]. In return you didn't give me a little goat. I and my fellows could have (but didn't) eat an animal with happiness. No indeed! You didn't give me an animal to kill and to eat. 30 I am not like this youngest one of yours, (that) you gave your country to. He got money for that country, he messed up [made a mistake with] all his money on women. Now when he returns home you kill the fat bullock for him.
31 His father told him, “Son, you have been with me, I your father am looking after you. Everything here is yours. I am holding it all for you. Truly when I die all of these things will be yours. 32 I thought this younger brother of yours was as good as dead for ever. He's not! He’s alive! He went far away. It was as if he had left me for ever. Not so! He has returned to me, still alive! For that reason it is right that we should all be happy.”