On Saturday after sunset the Jews will work again. At that time when the sun was set Mary Magdalene and Salome and the other Mary went to the store. They bought good ointments, very good smelling things, to rub on the body of Jesus. On Sunday they went at first light to that cave. Just as the sun was rising they arrived at that cave. 3-4 As they were going they were talking to each other, “That covering stone at the door of the cave, we can't move it, it is a really big stone. Who will move that stone for us?” As soon as they arrived they looked, they saw someone had already moved that stone. After that they entered the cave, they saw a young man, he had white clothes, he was sitting on the right side. The women were afraid. He said to them, “Don't be afraid! Truly you are looking for the body of Jesus from Nazareth, that one they earlier nailed to the wood. After he died God truly made him alive. He is not here now. Look! This is where they put him. He went from here. You go, tell this word to Peter and the rest of Jesus' men, 'He will go ahead of you to Galilee. That is where you will see him in accordance with his word truly.'” Those women went outside, they ran from the cave. They were very frightened, they were trembling and they were really puzzled. With fear they did not talk to others. (Another person wrote this word, Jesus after dying is alive, he appeared to his people.)
On Sunday morning, before it was light, Jesus again became alive, he rose up. He appeared to Mary Magdalene. Earlier Jesus sent out 7 evil spirits from her. 10-11 Now after she saw Jesus Mary went to his people. They were mourning together. She said to them, “Jesus, our Boss, did not stay dead. After dying he became alive, I saw him.” They did not believe Mary. They ignored her word. 12 In the afternoon two others went away from Jerusalem. Already they were believing in Jesus. Now Jesus appeared to them. Those two thought he was someone else, they did not recognise him. 13 After that, after learning about him, they returned to Jerusalem, they told the rest of his people, “Jesus is truly alive. We saw him.” They just heard those two, they did not believe them. 14 After that, while they were eating, Jesus appeared to his 11 men. Truly he rebuked them. Other people after seeing Jesus alive had told them, still they were behaving stubbornly, those 11 men did not believe them. That is why Jesus rebuked them. 15 After that he said to them, “When you go around in all countries tell all people God's good word. 16 Many people will believe in me. Someone should baptise them. After they die God will keep them alive forever. Some will not believe in me. After they die, God will send them right away forever. 17 Those who believe in me will drive out spirits from people in my name. They will speak other languages. 18 They might accidentally pick up a snake, truly that snake will not kill them. They might accidentally drink something poisonous (lit. 'a killing thing'), truly that bad thing will not harm them. They will put their hands on sick people, they will ask God to heal them, truly God will make the sick ones well. That is what believers will do. After that people will learn from them I work continually with believers.” In that way Boss Jesus talked to them.
19 After that God took him upwards, he placed him at his right side very close to him. At that time he made Jesus a very big boss for all people everywhere. 20 As Jesus' people were going they were telling people everywhere God's good word. Boss Jesus was continually working with his people, to show people their word was truly right.