These Are Stories From The Bible
From The Beginning They Followed Each Other In This Way
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Inside Cover: This book holds many stories from the Bible. You will learn about them, how they followed on one after another from the beginning.
There are very many stories in the Bible. In this particular book we have put down several short basic stories. If you are wanting the long stories you will see them in the Bible.
Title Page
These Are Stories From The Bible
From The Beginning They Followed Each Other In This Way
In the Beginning, God existed (Father Child/Son & Good Spirit), he alone.
G O D:
Good Spirit.
God made the sky and the land and the sea. He made everything in the sea and on the land and in the sky. Then he made a man and a woman also. All people, in all the countries, we all came from those two.
After that the man and woman ignored/disobeyed God.
Because of that all people became disobeyers/ignorers of God, they became habitual doers of badness.
After a long time God sent a big flood to kill all the habitual doers of badness. He rescued Noah and his wife and sons and daughters-in-law, only those. Everyone else was carried away as driftwood/rubbish by the water.
After that Flood the people were really bad, they kept on ignoring / disobeying God. Previously he had told them, “Spread out across the country.” They said to each other, “We won't spread out, we will stay here in a group. We will build a really big building, like a big hill, up to the sky.” Lest (they act) in that way God gave them different kinds of languages, and they could not understand each other. It was after that they went in all directions.
In the Beginning God said to himself, “I will do good to all people.” Having (said) that now he told one man, his name was Abraham, “You will leave your own country. A very long way you will go, to country belonging to strangers. As you go I will show you (the way).” In obedience to God's word he went. He stayed in that other country for a long time.
After Abraham died (1,991 BC) his grandchildren and their children following after them became many. They went to another country, to Egypt.
For a long time they stayed there in Egypt. After that the Egyptian bosses whipped them and by hitting them made them work hard for no money.
After a long time God sent Moses to rescue them. Moses took them out of Egypt. God with a strong wind split the sea, they went straight through the middle, on dry (land). The Egyptian soldiers followed them to get them and bring them back. God made the sea return for them (the Egyptians), it covered them all.
After that they travelled in the desert. After two months they arrived near a high mountain. There God gave Moses his Ten Important Words for those people. Then during 40 years in the desert he was teaching them to trust him and to do whatever they did in accordance with his word. After that Moses died. God chose Joshua as boss for them.
While Abraham was still alive God had told him, “Your people (clan) will become many. They will leave this country. After a long time I will bring them back here.” At last Joshua led them right back to that country.
After Joshua died they left God, they were ignoring his word. Therefore God sent skilled fighters to hit them and frighten them so that they would listen to him again, and again act in accordance with his word.
After a long time (1,050 BC) the people did not want God as their boss. They were saying, “We want a man to be our boss.” God chose a capable fighter for them, called Saul. Later he left God, he went a different way.
After Saul died God chose David, he made him their boss. He really loved God and he used to obey him, he used to act in accordance with God's word. He made his camp in a town called Jerusalem.
After that (970 BC) Solomon, David's son, became their boss. In that town Jerusalem he built a very big house for God. He covered it with gold like a skin. They called that house the Temple.
After that (930 — 603 BC) there were many bosses, they chose them one after another. The people kept on disobeying/ignoring God. They got bits of wood and stone, they carved representations of Dreamtime Beings, they used to ask them, “Will you look after us.” They used to praise those, they were saying that God was just nothing.
Because of that after a long time (603 — 586 BC) God sent foreign soldiers to hit them hard. They broke down all the towns, they burnt that big town, Jerusalem, and the gold-covered temple for God, too, and took all the people to a country far away, to Babylon.
After staying a long time in Babylon (538 BC) they were thinking about God. They abandoned their things like Dreamtime beings. After that God caused them to return to their own country.
After that (537 — 516 BC) they built that town Jerusalem again, and just a small temple.
After a long time (6 BC) God sent His own Child/Son to become a person/man. He was in the womb, he became an infant. His mother, Mary, gave birth to him in a town, in Bethlehem, that's where he appeared as an infant. She named him “Jesus”, in accordance with God's word.
After that (26 — 30 AD) when Jesus had grown up, he was going about teaching people about God, and healing sick people too. He was telling them, “Believe in God, and keep on acting in accordance with his word.”
After that (30 AD) bad religious leaders hated him, they grabbed him. Soldiers nailed his hands out on either side on a (piece of) wood/tree. After Jesus died another person put his body in a cave. After two nights God made him alive again, he rose from the dead.
After that (30 AD) Jesus appeared to his men many times during 40 days. He told them, “I will send God's Good Spirit to you, he will live inside you. Wait for him.” Then Jesus went back up above to God.
After that (30 AD) God's Good Spirit came to them to live inside the believers. He continually will remind them about what is right, so they will act in accordance with God's word, and they will teach all people about Jesus. Everything that Jesus previously taught his people, that's what they should teach others.
After that (30 AD onwards) they kept on taking the good news, “When Jesus died he took our part. Because of that, the believers will live with God for ever, God will not banish them away from him.”
During a long time (from 30 AD right up until now) believers in Jesus have been proclaiming this Good News in all (distant) directions, in all countries. Now we also will tell all people that very same message.
One day Jesus will come back again as he said he would. At that time he will make alive the believers who have already died. After that in the clouds he will gather those people and also all the other believers who are still alive then, they will go up to Him.
After that he will take care of them forever in God's country.
At that time God will rebuke those who ignored/disobeyed Jesus. Then he will banish them away from him, they will live inside the big fire for ever.