This word is yours.
Look after it.
Look at it carefully
Then teach someone else
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# 1
Learner: Who made the land, the sea and the sky?
Teacher: One person.
# 2
Learner: Who made the sun, the moon and all the stars?
Teacher: That same one.
# 3
Learner: Who made the clouds, the lightning and the rain?
Teacher: That same one.
# 4
Learner: Who made the kangaroo, the goanna and the eagle?
Teacher: Truly that same one.
# 5
Learner: Who made the first man and woman?
Teacher: Truly that same one made those two. He made absolutely everything, in the sky, on the land and in the sea.
# 6
Learner: What is his name?
Teacher: He has many names. He told that wise old leader from long ago, what was his name, Moses, “My name is 'I Am Always Myself'.” Another name is “Elohim/Yahweh”. Others call him “Father Above”.
# 7
Learner: Which way is it? Has God spoken to humans?
Teacher: Yes, long ago he gave a word for everyone. It was a good word. He carved it on two flat rocks. He gave it to that same wise old leader, Moses.
# 8
Learner: What happened? Did the people listen to his word?
Teacher: No. They did not like it, they ignored it.
# 9
Learner: What did God do?
Teacher: He told them, “If you ignore my word you will die.”
# 10
Learner: What happened? Did they die?
Teacher: Yes. Men, women and children died.
# 11
Learner: Which way is it? Will I die?
Teacher: Yes. God said to them, “Truly if you won't obey my word you will die.”
# 12
Learner: Which way is it? Have I ignored his word?
Teacher: Yes, you have ignored his word, you too. God told them, “Everybody has done wrong. Everybody is an ignorer of me.”
# 13
Learner: Which way is it? Is God angry at me?
Teacher: God loves all people. But he is angry with people when they do bad things.
# 14
Learner: Which way is it? Will he kill me?
Teacher: Listen! God really loves you, he loves everybody. He does not want to hit them. He himself died for us all, to save us.
# 15
Learner: God cannot die! How did he die for us all?
Teacher: Listen! God is not like man. Man has only one spirit inside him. God is different. God has three spirits inside him.
Three spirits:
Father and Son and Good Spirit.
The Father's name is “Father Above”.
The Son's name is “Jesus”.
The other Spirit has two names, “Good Spirit” and “Holy Spirit”.
Those three spirits are inside God. God is truly just one, having three spirits.
Long ago God sent Jesus to this earth, to become one who has a body. He was born as a child, he grew up, he became a man. The Holy Spirit came, and lived inside Jesus.
In that way God became a man, he made his camp with human beings.
# 16
Learner: Which way is it? Has Jesus got other names?
Teacher: Yes. Jesus has many names. His names teach us about him.
One name is “Emmanuel”. That says, “God is with us”.
Another name is “Jesus”. That says, “God saves us”.
Often they call Jesus, “Christ”. That name teaches us about Jesus, that God put him as boss for us all.
# 17
Learner: In the beginning Jesus was living with God all the time. Why did he leave God and come to this country to become a man?
Teacher: Truly he loves you, he loves all other people too. Because of that he became a man, to die for you, to die for all people. He took our part to rescue us, so that God will not hit us.
# 18
Learner: What? Did Jesus do anything bad?
Teacher: No. Truly he never did anything bad. He always listened to God's word.
# 19
Learner: You told me that people who ignore/disobey God will die. Jesus never disobeyed God, he never did anything bad. Then why did he die?
Teacher: He didn't die for his wrong. He died for your wrong. With his death he took your part, he took everyone's part. That's why he died.
You with your wrong made God upset and sad.
As a result of your badness he was looking at you with anger, he should hit you.
Long ago Jesus took your part.
When you trust Jesus, God will not hit you for your badness.
He has already hit Jesus for your badness, in order to let you off.
You should trust Jesus, you yourself.
Then God will not look on you with anger, he will make you his child, he will be in good relationship with you.
He will put his Holy Spirit in you to show you the right way.
He won't hit you. No way!
He will make you alive for ever!
After you die you will go to God, you will live with him for ever.
# 20
Learner: What happened? Did Jesus stay dead for ever?
Teacher: No. After two nights God made him alive from the dead. Then he went up to the Father, to God.
# 21
Learner: God has done very good things for me.
I did wrong.
God sent Jesus to take my part.
From now on he will not look at me with anger, he will stay in good relationship with me.
He made me his child.
He made me alive for ever.
He put his Holy Spirit in me to show me the good way.
In response, what should I do in order to please him?
Teacher: Now that you believe in Jesus, ask a wise Christian leader, he will teach you all about the things of God, and he will baptise you. By doing that you will show everybody that from now on Jesus is your boss, you will always do according to his word.
From now on you are not like yourself, you are like being alive after being dead. From now on you are like a different person, Jesus himself continually lives in your body. His Holy Spirit inside you will continually prompt your feelings so that you will do good things, he will prompt you so that you will avoid doing bad things. Continually you will try, you will do good according to his nudgings, you will avoid your own nudgings. As a result of doing that everyone will know about you, it is as if you are alive after being dead, Jesus is alive in your body, he is your boss. From now on you should stay typically not doing or thinking bad things every day.
# 22
Learner: How can I stay typically doing or thinking bad things all the time?
Teacher: Every day Satan will try to make you go a different way, his way. Perhaps many times you might do wrong. Perhaps many times you will want to do wrong. Every day you should say to God, “Father, today I do not want to do wrong. Please will you keep me from evil. Take care of me.”
Satan always wants to do evil. He will say to you, “Don’t listen to God! You do what I say!” Satan is not your boss. God himself is your boss. You should listen to God, you should not listen to Satan. Continually you should ask God, “Make me strong against evil.” God's Holy Spirit lives inside you continually. Listen to him! He's the one who will make you strong against evil. He will prompt you towards the good, you will do well in accordance with God's word.
# 23
Learner: Maybe accidentally I will do something bad.
Perhaps I will think bad words in my head.
Perhaps I will say something bad.
Perhaps I will do something bad.
What then? What should I do?
After that am I a Christian?
Teacher: Yes, you are still a Christian.
Straight away you should tell God,
“I have done a bad thing.
I have made you upset.
I am sorry. I am ashamed of myself.
Jesus is my defender. Long ago you hit him for the wrong and bad things I have done. Because of that please do not hit me for the evil I have just done. Show me the straight way again.”
# 24
Learner: Why would God listen to me?
Teacher: Truly God is always listening to you. He loves you. Continually you should speak to him. That's exactly what he wants.
# 25
Learner: When will I see God?
Teacher: You will not see God with your eyes at present.
Jesus tells you, “You should believe in me. Later after you die I will make you alive from death. Then you will see God well. Then you will live with him for ever.”
# 26
Learner: What will happen? Will Jesus come back here?
Teacher: Yes. Jesus said, “One day I will come again, suddenly.” Yes, suddenly he will come, in clouds, all people will see him. He will gather all his people, from every country in every direction. After gathering them he will take them up above, to the Father.
# 27
Learner: What about the rest?
Teacher: God will send all the rest right away, to the big fire. He made that fire for Satan and for all Satan's evil spirits. He will throw all those spirits into that big fire. The disobedient people also he will throw into that fire. Truly previously they used to join with Satan, they made themselves his. Because of that they should go to Satan’s place, to stay with him. Right inside there they will stay for ever, Satan and all his mob and all of those who ignored God. That big fire will never die down, it will burn for ever. Those disobedient ones truly will stay in a bad way for ever and ever.
# 28
Learner: I want all people to live with God. I don't want them to go to that big fire. I want to tell all people about God and Jesus and the Good Spirit. How can I do that?
Teacher: God's people will often gather to listen to his word, the Bible. Often they should gather together, you too, you should learn about God's word.
When you are gathered together you should worship God, you should tell him, “You are really good. Thankyou! You have saved us. We really love you.” In that sort of way with gladness you should praise him, and sing to him also.
Many are in a pretty bad way. You should ask him to take care of them. You should ask him what you might be able to do for them.
Some people may be sick. You should ask him to heal them.
Many other groups of people are ignorant about God. You should ask him to choose people and send them to tell those other groups about him.
You should keep on learning about his word all the time. When you have learned about it, think about it all the time, and believing it, do what it says! You should tell others that they should learn about God. Whatever happens, continually you should praise God.
# 29
Learner: Yes, this is a very good word.
I will try to do those sorts of things myself, and
I will tell many people about it too.