Forsooth the elder Tobit opened his mouth, and blessed God, and said, Lord, thou art great without end, and thy realm is into all worlds (or forever);
for thou beatest [or thou scourgest], and makest safe; thou leadest down to hells (or to the grave), and leadest (up) again; for none is that escapeth thine hand.
Sons of Israel, acknowledge ye to the Lord, and praise ye him in the sight of heathen men [or (the) Gentiles];
for therefore he scattered you among (the) heathen men, that know not God, (so) that ye tell out his marvels, and make them to know, that none other God is almighty besides him or that there is none other God Almighty except him.
He hath chastised us for our wickednesses; and he shall save us for his mercy.
Therefore behold ye, what things he hath done with you, and acknowl-edge ye to him with dread and trembling; and enhance ye (or exalt ye) the King of worlds in your works.
Forsooth I in the land of my captivity shall acknowledge to him; for he hath showed his majesty upon, [or into], (or unto) a sinful folk.
Therefore, ye sinners, be ye converted, that is, be ye altogether in heart, and word, and deed, turned from your sin, and do ye rightfulness [or rightwiseness] before God, and then believe ye, that he shall do his mercy with you.
Soothly I and my soul shall be glad in him.
10 All (the) chosen of the Lord, bless ye him; make ye the days of gladness, and acknowledge ye to him.
11 Jerusalem, the city of God, the Lord hath chastised* That is, shall chastise (thee), for it was not (yet) destroyed in the time of Tobit. thee for the works of thine hands.
12 Acknowledge thou to God in thy goods (or for thy good things), and bless thou God of worlds, that is, without ending, (so) that he build again in thee his tabernacle, and again-call to thee all thy prisoners [or call again to thee all thy captives]; and (so) that thou have joy into all worlds of worlds (or forever).
13 Thou shalt shine with bright light, and all the coasts of the earth shall worship [or honour] thee.
14 Nations, that is, many men from diverse countries, shall come from [a] far to thee, and they shall bring gifts to thee, and shall worship the Lord in thee, and they shall have thy land into hallowing;
15 for they shall call in thee the great name./and in thee, Jerusalem, they shall inwardly call the great name of the Lord.
16 And they shall be cursed, that despise thee, and they shall be damned or condemned, that blaspheme thee; and they shall be blessed, that build [up] thee.
17 Forsooth, Jerusalem, thou shalt be glad in thy sons, for all they shall be blessed [or for all shall be blessed], and they shall be gathered together to the Lord.
18 Blessed be all that love thee, and that have joy upon thy peace.
19 My soul, bless thou the Lord, for the Lord our God hath delivered Jeru-salem, his city, from all tribulations thereof.
20 I shall be blessed, if the relics (or the remnants), or the after-comers of my seed shall be abiding to see the clearness, [or the clarity], (or the glory) of Jerusalem.
21 The gates of Jerusalem shall be builded of sapphire, and of smaragdus (or of emerald), and of precious stone(s); all the compass of the walls thereof shall be of white and clean stone.
22 And all the streets thereof shall be strewed; and alleluia, that is, the praising of God, shall be sung through(out) the streets thereof.
23 Blessed be the Lord, that hath enhanced (or hath exalted) it, (so) that his realm be upon it into worlds of worlds (or forever). Amen.

*CHAPTER 13:11 That is, shall chastise (thee), for it was not (yet) destroyed in the time of Tobit.