And thus the words of Tobit were ended; and after that he was lightened of his blindness [or after that he is lighted to see], he lived two and forty years, and saw the sons of his son’s sons.
And when an hundred years and twain were filled, he was buried wor-shipfully (or honourably) in Nineveh.
Soothly when Tobit was of six and fifty years he lost the light of his eyes; and when he was sixty years (of) age he received his sight again.
Forsooth the residue of his life was in joy, and he went [or passed] in peace with (a) good increasing of God’s dread.
And in the hour of his death, he called to him(self) Tobias, his son, and (the) seven young sons of him, his son’s sons, and said to them,
The perishing, or (the) destruction, of Nineveh shall be nigh, for the word of God shall not fall away void; and your brethren, that be scattered from the land of Israel, shall (re)turn again to it.
And all (the) desert land of it shall be full-filled, and the house of God, which is burnt therein, shall be builded again, and all that dread God shall (re)turn again thither.
And heathen men shall forsake their idols, and they shall come to Jerusalem, and shall inhabit it or and they shall dwell therein.
And all the kings of (the) earth shall have joy therein, and they shall worship [or honour] the King of Israel.
10 Therefore, my sons, hear ye your father; serve ye the Lord in dread and in truth; and inquire ye [or inwardly seeketh] to do those things that be pleasant to him.
11 And command ye your sons to do rightwisenesses and alms-deeds; and that they be mindful of God, and bless God in all time, in truth, and in all their virtue or power.
12 Now therefore, my sons, hear ye me, and do not ye dwell here in Nineveh, but in whatever day ye have buried your mother beside me in a sepulchre, from that day (ad)dress (or direct) ye your steps, (so) that ye go out from hence;
13 soothly I see that the wickedness of Nineveh shall bring destruction thereto.
14 And it was done after the death of his mother, Tobias went away from Nineveh, with his wife, and his sons, and with the sons of his sons, and he (re)turned again to the father and mother of his wife.
15 And he found them sound in good eld (age). And he did the care of them, and he closed their eyes; and after that he took all the heritage (or all the inheritance) of the house of Raguel, and Tobias saw the fifth generation, the sons of his sons.
16 And when ninety years and nine were fulfilled in the dread of the Lord, they buried him with joy.
17 Forsooth all his kindred, and all his generation, dwelled perfectly in good life, and in holy conversation, so that they were acceptable both to God and to men, and to all that dwelled in (the) earth (or in the land).