Therefore, ye kings, hear, and understand; and ye judges of the coasts of (the) earth, learn.
Ye that hold together multitudes, and please you(rselves) in the companies of nations, give ears;
for why power is given of (or from) the Lord to you, and virtue is given of (or from) the Highest, that shall ask (about) your works, and shall search (your) thoughts.
For when ye were ministers of his realm, ye deemed not rightfully [or rightly], neither ye kept the law of rightfulness, neither ye went by the will of God.
Hideously [or Horribly] and soon he shall appear to you; for why harsh-est [or most hard] doom shall be made in (or on) them, that be sovereigns.
Forsooth mercy is granted to a little man [or to the little]; but mighty men shall suffer torments mightily.
For the Lord, which (or who) is lord of all things, shall not withdraw the person of any man, neither he shall dread the greatness of any man; for he made both the little man and the great man, and charge is to him evenly of all men [or for little and great he made, and evenly care is to him of all].
But stronger torment nigheth (or approacheth) to stronger men.
Therefore, ye kings, these my words be to you, (so) that ye learn wisdom, and that ye fall not down.
10 For they that keep rightfulness [or rightwiseness], shall be deemed right-fully; and they, that learn just things, shall find, what they shall answer.
11 Therefore covet ye my words, and love ye those [or loveth them]; and ye shall have teaching.
12 Wisdom is clear, and that shall never fade; and it is seen lightly of (or easily by) them that love it, and it is found of (or by) them that seek it.
13 It before-occupieth them that covet it, (so) that it show itself the former (or first) to them.
14 He [or Who] that waketh by light to it, shall not travail; forsooth he shall find it sitting nigh his gates.
15 Therefore to think on wisdom is perfect wit, and he that waketh (or watcheth) for it, shall soon be secure.
16 For why it goeth about, and seek-eth men worthy to (or of) it; and in their ways [or and in his ways] it shall show itself gladly to them, and in all purveyance it shall meet them.
17 For why the beginning of wisdom is the veriest (or truest) covetousness of learning [or (the) most very coveting of discipline]. Therefore the busyness of learning is love [or (the) care of discipline is loving];
18 and love is the keeping of (the) laws thereof [or of his laws]. Soothly the keeping of laws is (the) perfection of uncorruption;
19 forsooth uncorruption maketh (us) to be next to God.
20 Therefore the covetousness of wisdom shall bring (one) to (an) everlasting realm [or kingdom].
21 Therefore if ye, kings of the people, delight in seats (or thrones), and in kings’ rods (or sceptres), [or kings’ dignities], or regalties, love ye wisdom, (so) that ye reign without end. All ye, that be sovereigns to peoples, love the light of wisdom.
22 Soothly what is wisdom, and how it is made, I shall tell (you); and I shall not hide from you the sacraments (or the secrets) of God; but from the begin-ning of birth I shall seek (for), and I shall set into the light the cunning thereof (or the knowing of it), and I shall not pass (by) [or beside] (the) truth.
23 And I shall not have (or go the) way with envy waxing rotten; for such a man shall not be a partner of (or with) wisdom.
24 Forsooth the multitude of wise men is the health (or the deliverance) of the world; and a wise king is the establish-ing [or the stability] of the people.
25 Therefore take ye teaching [or discipline] by my words, and it shall profit to you.