Forsooth and I am a deadly (or a mortal) man, like other men, and of (the) earthly kind of him that was made first,
and in the womb of my mother I was formed flesh. In the time of ten months I was crudded (or curdled) together in blood, of the seed of man, and by (the) according delight [or (the) covenable delighting] of (or with) sleep.
And I was born, and took common air, and in like manner I fell down into (or onto) the earth made [or into the made earth]; and I weeping sent out the first voice, like all men.
I was nursed in wrappings [or swaddling clothes], and in great busy-nesses;
for why no man of kings had other beginning of birth.
Therefore one entering (or one entrance) to life is to (or for) all men, and like going out. [One entry is to (or for) all to life, and like issue.]
Wherefore I desired, and wit (or understanding) was given to me; and I inwardly called, and the spirit of wisdom came into me.
And I setted wisdom before realms (or kingdoms), and seats (or thrones); and I said, that riches be nought [or be nothing] in comparison thereof,
and I comparisoned not a precious stone to it; for why all gold in comparison thereof is (but) a little gravel, and silver shall be areckoned as clay in the sight thereof.
10 I loved wisdom more than health and fairness; and I purposed to have it for light, for the light thereof may not be quenched [or for unquenchable is the light of it].
11 Forsooth all goods (or all good things) came together to me with it; and unnumberable honesty (or incalculable honour) is by the works thereof. [Forsooth there came to me all goods together with it; and unnumberable honesty by the hands of it.]
12 And I was glad in all things; for this wisdom went before me, and I knew not, for it is the mother of all goods (or and I did not know, that she is the mother of all good things).
13 Which wisdom I learned without feigning, and I commune without envy; and I hide not the honesty, (or the honour, or the riches) thereof.
14 For it is treasure without number to men, and they, that used that treasure, were made partners of God’s friendship, and were praised for the gifts of cun-ning, (or of knowing), [or of discipline].
15 Forsooth God gave to me to say of sentence, and to before take [or and to take before] (the) worthy things of these things that be given to me; for he is the leader of wisdom, and amender of wise men.
16 For why both we, and our words, and all wisdom, and learning [or discipline] of cunning (or of knowing) of works be in his hand.
17 Forsooth he gave to me the very cunning (or the true knowing) of these things that be, (so) that I know the disposition of the world, and the virtues of (the) elements;
18 the beginning, and the ending, and the middle of times; the changings of whiles, and the endings of times; the changings of manners, and (the) partings [or the divisions] of times;
19 the courses of the year, and the dispositions of (the) stars;
20 the kinds of beasts, and the wraths of wild beasts; the strength of (the) winds, and the thoughts of men; the differences of trees, and the virtues of roots.
21 And I learned whatever things be hid and unpurveyed;
22 for why wisdom, the craftsmaker of all things, taught me. For in that wisdom unmade is the spirit of under-standing, holy, manyfold, one alone, subtle, temperate, wise, moveable, undefouled, certain, sweet, loving a good deed, which spirit forbiddeth nothing to do well; [forsooth the craftsman of all things taught me by wisdom. Forsooth there is in it the spirit of understanding, holy, manyfold, only, subtle, mannerly, fair speaking, moveable, undefouled, certain, sweet, loving a good deed, that nothing prevented or hindered to do well;]
23 courteous, benign, stable, secure, having all virtue, beholding all things, and which taketh all spirits able to understand [or all intelligible spirits], he is clean, and subtle.
24 For why wisdom is more moveable than all moveable things; forsooth it stretcheth forth everywhere [or forsooth it attaineth over all], for his cleanness.
25 For it is a breathing of God’s virtue (or God’s power), and it is some clean coming forth of the clearness of Almighty God; and therefore no defouled thing runneth into it.
26 For it is (the) brightness of ever-lasting light, and it is a mirror without wem of God’s majesty [or and a mirror without wem of the majesty of God], and it is an image of his goodness.
27 And when it is one [or And since it is one], it may (or it can do) all things; and it dwelleth in itself, and reneweth all things, and by nations it beareth over itself into holy souls; it maketh the friends of God, and prophets.
28 For God loveth no man, but him that dwelleth with wisdom.
29 For why this wisdom is fairer than the sun, and is above all the disposition of (the) stars; wisdom comparisoned to light, [it] is found the former (or better or before it).
30 For why night cometh after the light; but wisdom overcometh malice.