A Pabae Nah
(Second Letter to the Corinthians)
In the beginning of this letter Paul answers the concerns of the Christians in Corinth who accused him of not living up to his promise to visit them. Paul had changed his mind for a good reason. He had stayed away from Corinth so that he would not seem to be too hard and demanding (chapter 1.23). He also wanted to see if they would follow his instructions about forgiving and comforting people who had sinned (2.5—11).
Paul reminds the Corinthians that God is generous and wants them to be just as generous in their giving to help God's people in Jerusalem and Judea (8.1—-9.15).
Paul is a servant of God's new agreement (3.1—17). He is faithful in trying to bring people to God, even if it means terrible suffering for himself (4.1—-6.13; 10.1—-12.10). And what has God done to make it possible for us to come to him?
God has done it all! He sent Christ to make peace between himself and us, and he has given us the work of making peace between himself and others. What we mean is that God was in Christ, offering peace and forgiveness to the people of this world. And he has given us the work of sharing his message about peace.(5.18,19)
Paul Gives Thanks to God (1.1—11)
The Work of an Apostle for God's People (1.12—-2.17)
Guided by the Love of Christ (3.1—-7.16)
Gifts for the Poor (8.1—-9.15)
Paul Is a True Apostle (10.1—-13.10)
Final Greetings (13.11—13)
Clt 18.1Pathen kah kongaih dongah Khrih Jesuh kah caeltueih Paul neh manuca Timothy loh, Korin kah aka om Pathen hlangboel neh Akhaia pum ah aka om hlangcim boeih taengah kan yaak sak. A pa Pathen neh Boeipa Jesuh Khrih taeng lamkah lungvatnah neh ngaimongnah tah nangmih taengah om saeh.
Thaphohnah Pathen
Sitlohnah a pa neh thaphohnah boeih kah Pathen, Pathen neh mamih Boeipa Jesuh Khrih kah a napa tah uemom pai saeh. Kaimih kah phacip phabaem soeprhaep dongah amah loh mamih n'hloep. Te daengah ni Pathen loh mamih n'hloep tih tekah thaphohnah lamloh phacip phabaem soeprhaep dongah aka om rhoek te mamih loh n'hloep thai eh. Khrih kah patangnah loh mamih taengah a baetawt vanbangla, Khrih rhangneh mamih kah thaphohnah khaw baetawt van. Tahae ah n'lawn uh cakhaw nangmih ham thaphohnah neh khangnah la om coeng. N'hloephoelh akhaw nangmih kah thaphohnah la om. Ka patang uh vaengah tekah patangnah tah amah ah uehnah la thoeng. Te dongah kaimih kah ngaiuepnah tah nangmih ham khangmai coeng. Aka ming long tah patangnah neh thaphohnah kah pueipo banglam khaw na om tangloeng. 1Ko 15.32Manuca rhoek na mangvawt uh ham ka ngaih uh moenih. Mamih kah phacip phabaem bangla Asia ah om. Thaomnah kah a voelah a puehkan la bakba n'hap uh tih mamih hing ham pataeng n'tal uh coeng te. Tedae mamih tah mah khuiah dueknah te oltloeknah la ng'khueh. Te dongah mah dongah aka pangtung la om uh boel sih lamtah aka duek rhoek te aka thoh Pathen dongah pangtung uh sih. 10 Amah loh te tluk aih la dueknah lamloh mamih n'hlawt coeng tih n'hlawt bal ni. N'hlawt bal pueng ni tila amah te n'ngaiuep uh. 11 Nangmih loh kaimih ham rhenbihnah nen khaw m'bongyong uh. Te daengah ni mamih taengkah maelhmai cungkuem loh kutdoe neh cungkuem la mamih yuengla a uem eh.
Mingcimnah Khaw Caih
12 Mamih mingcimnah kah laipai tah mamih kah hoemdamnah la om coeng he. Te tah Pathen kah moeihoeihnah neh cimcaihnah khuikah ni. Te dongah nangmih taengah taoe tah pumsa cueihnah nen pawt tih Pathen kah lungvatnah nen ni diklai ah kho ka sak uh. 13 Nangmih ham kan daek uh phoeiah na tae uh tih na ming uh te khaw a tloe moenih, a bawtnah te na hmat uh bitni tila ka ngaiuep. 14 A cungvang neh kaimih nan hmat uh vanbangla mamih Boeipa Jesuh kah khohnin ah nangmih khaw kaimih kah, kaimih khaw nangmih kah thangpomnah la n'om uh.
Hiphoel ham A Thoeih
15 A pabae la lungvatnah na dang uh ham te pangtungnah neh nangmih taengla pawk ham ka cai lamhma. 16  Clt 19.21Tedae nangmih taeng longah Makedonia la ka lan vetih, Makedonia lamloh nangmih taengla koep ka pawk vaengah nangmih loh Judea la n'thak uh. 17 He tlam he ka cai dongah a phoeng la ka rhoidoeng van moenih. Ka thui te khaw pumsa nim? Te dongah a tak te a tak bangla, a hong tah a hong bangla kamah taengah rhep om saeh. 18 Pathen tah uepom la om ta. Tedae a hong a tak khaw kaimih kah olka he nangmih taengah a om moenih. 19  Clt 18.5Nangmih taengah Pathen capa Jesuh Khrih ni mamih loh n'hoe. Kai neh, Silvanas neh, Timothy lamloh a hong a tak he a om moenih. Tedae Boeipa amah dongah tah a tak ni aka om. 20 Pathen kah olkhueh a yet vanbangla a tak he amah dongah ni a om. Te dongah mamih ah thangpomnah om ham khaw, amah dongah Pathen te Amen n'ti uh. 21 Tedae te long te Khrih ah kaimih neh nangmih he n'cak sak tih Pathen loh mamih he n'koelh coeng. 22 Mamih khaw amah loh kutnoek n'daeng thil tih mamih thinko ah mueihla cungah te m'paek coeng.
23 Kai tah ka hinglu dongah Pathen ni laipai la ka khue. Nangmih n'hlun dongah ni Korin la ka pawk pawh. 24 Nangmih kah tangnah te ka buem uh moenih. Tedae tangnah neh na pai uh coeng dongah nangmih kah omngaihnah dongah bibipuei la ka om uh.

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