Da Numba One Letta
From John
Wat God Tell Make Us
Come Alive Inside
1:1: John 1:1From befo da time wen eryting start, had one Guy. He da One tell us peopo how fo come alive inside fo real kine! You know, me an da odda guys dat was wit Jesus, us wen lissen him, see him, look at him real good, an touch him wit oua hands! 1:2: John 1:14Da One dat can make erybody come alive inside, he wen come by me an da odda peopo. Us wen see him, an now us tell you guys fo shua bout da real kine life he give peopo, da life dat goin stay to da max foeva! Dat life come from him. He wen stay wit da Faddah, an den he show up by us. Us guys wen see an hear all dat. Az why now us stay tell you guys wat he tell fo you guys come tight wit us. All us stay tight wit da Faddah an his Boy Jesus Christ, da Spesho Guy God Wen Sen. An us write dis stuff to you guys, fo us guys stay good inside to da max.
God, He Real Good
Dis da stuff Jesus wen tell us guys, an now us tell you guys: God, he real good, an fo shua he no mo notting bad inside him. He good jalike da light, an no mo dark kine stuff bout him. If us tell we stay tight wit God, but still yet us do bad kine stuff, dass jalike us stay inside one dark place. Us bulai, we no tell da trut. But if we do good kine stuff, dass jalike us stay inside da light, jalike God stay inside da light. Den us stay tight wit each odda. You know, Jesus, God Boy, he wen bleed an mahke, an dass jalike his blood make us come clean inside from all da bad kine stuff us wen do.
If us tell we no do bad kine stuff, us ony bulai us! Fo shua we donno wass true! But if us tell God we sorry fo all da bad tings we wen do, we can trus God. An he goin do wat he tell he goin do: da right ting. God goin hemo oua shame, an wash us clean inside from all da stuff we do dass not right. 10 If us guys tell we neva eva do bad kine stuff, dass jalike us tell dat God one bulaia. Dat show dat us no believe wat he tell.

1:1 1:1: John 1:1

1:2 1:2: John 1:14