Jesus, Da One In Charge,
Goin Come Back!
Eh, my good frenz, dis my numba two letta to you guys. Dis time an befo time, I write dis fo help you guys no foget all dis stuff. Az cuz I like you guys tink ony bout da bestes kine stuff dat show you fo real. I like you guys tink bout da spesho guys dat talk fo God from befo time an no foget wat dey tell. Same ting wit da spesho guys dat Jesus wen sen all ova da place. Tink bout wat Da One In Charge wen tell dem fo tell you guys how you gotta live. He da One dat take you guys outa da bad kine stuff you stay in. So lissen up!
3:3: Jude 1:18Da firs ting, you gotta undastan dis: befo da world pau, goin get guys dat ony goin make any kine how dey like. An dey goin make fun a da Good Kine Stuff from God. Dey goin tell, “Eh! Fo real, Jesus wen promise you guys he goin come back, o wat? Den wea he stay? Oua ancesta guys, dey mahke long time awready, an still yet, eryting stay da same from wen God wen make da world!”
3:5: Start 1:6-9But you know, get one ting dem buggahs make deaf ear bout: Long time befo time, wen eryting wen start, God wen command an get da sky. Den God wen start wit da watta fo make da land an da watta diffren kine. He make da land come up from da watta. 3:6: Start 7:11An God wen use watta bumbye too, wen da big flood wen come an wipe out erybody inside da world. An you know wat goin happen wit da sky an da world dat get nowdays? God wen awready tell how goin be wit dem. He let um stay lidat right now, but he goin burn um up wen da time come. Dat time, God goin be da Judge an wipe out da peopo dat ack jalike God notting.
3:8: Songs 90:4Eh, my good frenz! No foget dis one ting, aah? Da One In Charge figga diffren den how us guys figga bout how time work. Fo him, one day, o one tousan year, same same. Da One In Charge, garans he goin do wat he wen promise fo do. Get peopo, dey tink he real slow, but he not! Hang in dea an wait fo peopo, dat no bodda him. He like erybody fo come sorry an no do all da bad kine stuff no moa. He no like nobody get cut off from him!
10  3:10: Matt 24:43; Luke 12:39; 1Tess 5:2; JShow 16:15But da time wen Da One In Charge come back, no goin get nobody dat know wen he goin come. Az jalike wen da steala guy go inside yoa house an you donno he wen come. Dat time, da sky, da sun, da moon, an da stars up dea inside da sky goin come burning hot an wipe out eryting! An den, no goin get notting no moa. Da world an all da tings dat peopo do hea goin burn up.
How Us Guys Gotta Live
(Isaiah 65:17; 66:22)
11 Kay den. If az fo shua, dat all dese tings goin burn up lidat, den eh! wat kine peopo you guys gotta be? You gotta go all out fo God da way you live, da way God like you fo live, 12 all da time you stay wait fo wen God goin come back. Az why go all out fo make dat happen mo fas. Dat time, da sky goin burn up, an all da tings inside da sky goin melt an burn. 13  3:13: Isa 65:17; 66:22; JShow 21:1But goin get one new sky an one new earth, you know. Dass wat God wen promise, an dass wat us guys stay wait fo. Dat goin be da place wea erybody do ony wass right.
14 So den, my good frenz, all da time you stay waiting fo dis happen, go all out fo be da bestes kine peopo da way God see you guys. Den nobody goin poin finga you guys fo show you get someting wrong wit you. An go all out fo live so notting bodda you guys. 15 Da One In Charge a us guys, he stay hang in dea fo give you guys chance fo come outa da bad kine stuff you stay in.
Paul An Da Lettas He Wen Write
Oua good fren, braddah Paul, he wen write you guys da same ting, aah? God wen make him know wat fo do erytime. Az why he write lidat. 16 Erytime Paul write one letta, he talk bout dis kine stuff. Fo shua, get stuff inside his lettas dass hard fo undastan. An get peopo dat no bodda fo learn dis stuff an no stay solid inside. Dey take wat Paul tell an make um all hamajang. Dey do da same ting wit all da odda stuff inside da Bible too. Da guys dat make lidat, dey goin come wipe out fo shua.
Da One In Charge, He Awesome!
17 But eh! my good frenz. You guys know awready how dose teacha guys ack. So watch out! Dey no like lissen da rules, an dey like bulai you guys an make you go da wrong way, but no let um. You guys stay solid inside, but you gotta watch out cuz dey like jam you guys up. 18 Mo betta you guys come mo an mo strong inside. Cuz you know, Da One In Charge a us guys, Jesus Christ, he da One dat goin take us guys outa da bad kine stuff we stay in. He like do plenny fo you guys, an he like you guys know him mo betta. I like erybody tell awesome kine tings bout Jesus, now an foeva! Right on!

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