God Da Judge Get Us Outa Trouble
(Rome 10:20-21; 2 Peter 3:13)
65:1: Rome 10:20Da One In Charge tell:
“I wen stay ready fo help da peopo
But dey neva aks fo me help um.
Da peopo dat neva go look fo me,
I wen let dem find me.
Dose peopo dat nobody call ‘da peopo a Da One In Charge,’
I tell dem, ‘I stay hea! I stay hea!’
65:2: Rome 10:21“All day, I put out my hand
To da peopo dat stay go agains me.
Dey do stuff dass no good.
Dey like do ony wat dey like do,
An dass wat dey goin do.
Dose guys, one peopo dat try
Fo make me come sore inside erytime.
Dey make sacrifice to da idol kine gods inside dea gardens.
Dey burn incense fo um on top dea altars dey make from brick.
Nite time, dey sit inside da graveyard.
Dey stay all nite inside da secret places.
Dey eat da pig meat dat stay kapu,
An make stew outa odda kine kapu meat
Dat make dem so dey no can pray.
Dey tell, ‘Da One In Charge!
No come nea me, stay ova dea,
Cuz I wen make spesho fo my gods,
An you no stay spesho fo my gods!’
Me, Da One In Charge, dat kine peopo make me mad,
Jalike smoke inside my nose,
Jalike one fire dat stay burn all day.
“Look! Wat dey do stay write down in front me!
I no goin stay quiet bout wat dey do.
No, I goin pay dem back fo eryting!
I goin pay um back plenny,
Cuz a da bad kine stuff
Dey an dea ancesta guys wen do.”
Dass wat Da One In Charge tell.
“Cuz dis peopo wen burn incense on top da mountains
Fo dea idol kine gods,
An make me shame on top da hills.
I goin pay um back plenny
Fo all da tings dey wen do befo time.”
Dis wat Da One In Charge tell:
“Jalike wen somebody find one bunch grapes
An still get juice inside,
An da odda bunches no mo,
Some guys tell, ‘No throw out dis bunch,
Cuz get some good kine still yet!’
Az how I goin make fo help my worka guys.
I goin hold back an no wipe out all dem.
I goin make da Jacob ohana get mo plenny kids.
I goin make one guy from da Judah ohana
Own my mountains,
Cuz he wen get um from his ancesta guys.
Da peopo I pick goin own da mountains
Dat come from dea ancesta guys.
My worka guys goin go dea
Fo live.
10  65:10: Josh 7:24-26Fo my peopo dat come fo aks me someting,
Da Sharon plain goin come one place
Wea da sheeps an goats goin get plenny grass.
Da Akor Valley, wea get big trouble befo time,
Goin come one place wea plenny cows goin res.
11 “But you guys, you go way from me, Da One In Charge!
You foget fo pray
On top da mountain dat stay spesho fo me!
You guys put up one table fo da Good Luck god,
An you pour wine wit spice
In front Da God Fo Wateva Goin Happen Bumbye!
12 I tell you guys wass goin happen bumbye!
All you guys goin go down on yoa knees,
An da army guys dat kill da prisonas wit dea swords
Goin kill you guys da same way!
Cuz I wen yell to you guys, but you neva ansa.
I wen talk, but you guys neva lissen.
You guys wen do wass bad,
Da way I see um.
An you guys wen pick da kine stuff
Dat I no like fo you do, an you still do um.”
13 Az why Da One In Charge a me tell dis:
“You know wat?
My worka guys goin eat,
But you guys goin stay hungry.
My worka guys goin drink,
But you guys goin stay thirsty.
My worka guys goin stay good inside an dance an sing,
But you guys goin come shame.
14 My worka guys goin yell plenny,
Cuz dey stay good inside.
But you guys goin cry plenny,
Cuz you stay sad inside,
An moan, cuz inside, you donno wat fo do.
15 Da Israel peopo I goin pick,
Da ony time dey goin use you odda Israel guys name
Goin be fo put kahuna on top somebody.
But me, Da One In Charge, da Boss, I goin kill you odda Israel guys,
An give one diffren name fo my worka guys.
16 Cuz a dat, whoeva in dis land tell God
Fo do good tings fo dem,
Dey goin tell me, da God You Can Trus, fo do um.
Whoeva in dis land make one promise,
Da kine God give um da right fo make,
Dey goin tell me, da God You Can Trus,
Fo make shua dey do wat dey wen promise fo do.
Cuz now, I goin foget all da trouble
Dat wen come befo time.
I hide dat awready an no see um.”
Da New Sky An Da New Earth
17  65:17: Isa 66:22; 2Pet 3:13; JShow 21:1“Look! I stay make one new sky an new earth.
Nobody goin rememba da stuff dat wen happen befo time.
Nobody goin even tink bout dat.
18 So now, stay good inside all da time,
Wen you tink bout wat I goin make!
Cuz I goin make Jerusalem da kine place
Dat make you stay good inside wen you dea.
An I goin make da Jerusalem peopo da kine peopo
Dat make you like dance an sing wen you wit dem.
19  65:19: JShow 21:4I goin stay good inside
Wen I tink bout Jerusalem!
I goin feel real good bout my peopo!
Nobody dea goin feel sad, o get presha.
Az why dey no goin cry no moa.
20 No goin get bebes dea
Dat stay alive ony short time.
No goin get peopo dat no live long time.
Peopo dat mahke wen dey make hundred year,
Odda peopo goin tink dey young.
Peopo dat no live hundred year,
Odda peopo goin tink somebody put kahuna on top dem.
21 Peopo goin build house an live inside um.
Dey goin plant grape plants an eat da grapes.
22 Not like befo time,
Wen you build house,
Odda peopo take um away an live inside um.
O you plant stuff,
Odda peopo take um away an eat um.
Dass how was!
Jalike one tree can live long time,
My peopo can live long time too.
All da stuff da peopo I pick make wit dea hands,
Dey goin use um, long time.
23 Dey no goin bus ass fo notting.
Dey no goin born kids an bad kine stuff happen to da kids.
Cuz me, Da One In Charge, I do plenny good kine stuff fo da peopo
An fo dea kids an all da oddas dat goin come from dem.
24 Befo dey yell fo help,
I help um.
Wen dey still stay talking,
I hear dem awready.
25  65:25: Isa 11:6-9Da wolf an da bebe sheep goin eat togedda.
Da lion goin eat grass jalike da cow.
But dirt still goin be da snake food.
Dey no goin hurt o wipe out each odda
On all da mountain dat stay spesho fo me.”
Dass wat Da One In Charge tell.

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