One Branch From David Ohana
(Efesus 6:14-15, 17; 2 Tessalonika 2:8; 1 Peter 4:14)
11:1: JShow 5:5; 22:16Somebody goin come from da Jesse ohana
Jalike one new branch come out from one tree stump.
Da Spirit from Da One In Charge goin stay in charge a dat guy.
Dat Spirit from Da One In Charge
Goin make him know wat fo do erytime,
An make him undastan plenny stuff.
Dat Spirit goin make him know
Wass good fo him do ery time,
An give him plenny powa.
Dat Spirit goin help him know plenny stuff,
An get choke respeck fo Da One In Charge.
Cuz he get dat kine respeck fo Da One In Charge,
He goin feel good inside
Wen he do wat God tell um fo do.
He da judge,
He no goin ony look o lissen how peopo talk,
An den make up his mind.
11:4: 2Tess 2:8Dass why he make one good judge
Fo da peopo dat no mo notting.
Wen dis judge make up his mind,
He goin do da right ting fo da peopo all ova da world
Dat no tink dey numba one.
Da stuff he tell cuz he da judge,
Dat goin bus up peopo all ova da world,
An wipe out da ones dat do bad kine stuff.
11:5: Efes 6:14He goin stay ready fo make war agains da bad kine stuff peopo do.
He goin be strong, cuz he do da right tings erytime,
An you can trus him erytime.
Da Time Wen Nobody
Goin Hurt Nobody
11:6: Isa 65:25Dat time, goin be jalike
Da wild dog goin stay wit da bebe sheep,
Da leopard goin lay down wit da bebe goat,
Da bebe cow, da lion, an da fat cow goin stay togedda,
An goin get one small boy show dem all wea fo go.
Da cow an da bear goin eat grass same place togedda.
Dea bebes goin lay down togedda.
Da lion goin eat dry grass jalike da cows.
Da bebe goin tink az good fun fo play
On top da hole dat get one snake inside dat can kill um.
Da small kids goin put dea hand inside da hole fo try catch um,
But da snake no goin like kill nobody.
11:9: Habak 2:14All ova da mountain dat stay spesho fo me,
Nobody goin hurt o wipe out nobody.
Cuz all ova da world, erybody goin know me, Da One In Charge,
Jalike all ova da ocean, da watta stay cova eryting.
Some Israel An Judah Peopo
Goin Come Back
(Rome 15:12)
10  11:10: Rome 15:12Dat time, dis wat goin happen: Goin get one new king stay come. He goin get King David blood, jalike David faddah ohana da root fo him, an him da new branch. Dat king, goin be dea jalike one flag, so all da diffren peopos goin know he dea, fo all da diffren peopos know fo go by him. Peopo inside all da countries goin aks him wat fo do. An da place he goin live goin be awesome.
11 Anodda ting goin happen dat time: Da One In Charge a me goin go bring back all his peopo dat still yet stay alive, from Assyria, Egypt, South Egypt, Sudan, West Iran, Babylonia, North Syria, an da islans.
12 He goin hold up one flag so all da peopos know wea fo come.
He goin bring togedda all da peopo
Dat da odda kings wen throw outa da Israel land,
An da Judah guys from far place all ova da world.
13 Den da Efraim ohana guys no goin get jealous
A da Judah guys no moa.
An da Judah ohana guys
No goin give da Efraim guys hard time no moa.
14 Togedda dey goin rush da Filisha peopo on da west side,
All da way to da sea,
An steal stuff from peopo on da east side.
Dey goin take ova da Edom peopo an da Moab peopo
An da Ammon peopo gotta do wat dey tell um fo do.
15  11:15: JShow 16:12Da One In Charge goin wipe out
Da skinny part a da Red Sea, Egypt side.
He goin put out his hand ova da Eufrates Riva
An bring one real hot strong wind,
Fo make um come seven small stream,
Fo peopo go walk on top da dry part wit slippas.
16 Goin get one big wide easy road
Fo God peopo dat still yet stay alive,
An dat neva mahke inside Assyria,
Jalike da time da Israel peopo come outa Egypt.

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