Da Numba One Book Bout
Elkanah An His Ohana
(Luke 1:48)
Had one man, Elkanah. His house stay Ramah town, dass up country Efraim side, you know. Jeroham his faddah, an Elihu his granfaddah, Tohu his great granfaddah, an dey get Zuf dat wen live Efraim side fo dea ancesta. Elkanah get two wifes—Hannah an Peninnah. Peninnah get kids, but Hannah no moa.
Ery year, Elkanah take his wifes an kids, an go Shiloh town fo pray God house, an make one sacrifice fo Da One In Charge, Da God Ova All Da Armies. Dat time, da pries guys ova dea was Hofni an Finehas, an Eli da Main Pries Guy, dea faddah. Ery year, afta Elkanah kill da sacrifice animal, he give Peninnah some a da meat fo her an her kids eat um. But Hannah, her da wife Elkanah love da bestes. Dass why Elkanah give her even mo plenny parts a da meat, no matta Da One In Charge no let her come hapai.
But Peninnah—Eh! She no mo respeck fo Hannah. She make any kine to Hannah, an make Hannah come plenny sore inside, jus cuz Da One In Charge no let Hannah come hapai. Plenny year, weneva dey all go Da One In Charge house, same ting: Peninnah make plenny trouble fo Hannah, so dat Hannah cry plenny, an she no like eat notting.
So one time Elkanah aks Hannah, “Wassamatta?! I see you stay cry plenny, an you no eat, an you all da time sad! Az cuz you no mo one bebe, o wat? But you get me fo take kea you, you know, an dass even mo betta den get ten boys, aah?”
Hannah Aks God Fo Give Her One Boy Kine Bebe
9-10 One time, wen dey all at da place Da One In Charge stay, Shiloh town, Eli da pries guy stay sit on top his pries chair by da door.
Elkanah guys pau eat. But den, Hannah feel real junk. Az why she stan up an go outside fo pray to Da One In Charge. An she start fo cry an no can stop! 11  1:11: Census 6:5Hannah make one strong promise to God. She tell,
“Eh, you Da One In Charge, Da God Ova All Da Armies,
You awesome!
An I yoa slave!
You know how plenny I stay suffa.
So I like fo you no foget me! Take kea me!
You my boss, az why.
If you give me one boy bebe,
I make dis promise:
I goin hanai him ony fo you.
An jus fo show dat he goin be yoa boy foeva,
Nobody goin shave his head, eva!”
Wat Eli Tell Hannah
12 Hannah pray long time in front Da One In Charge. Eli stay watch her. He watch her mout move, 13 cuz Hannah stay pray one quiet prayer—her mout stay move, but she no say notting loud. Eli figga, “Dis wahine, fo shua she piloot!” 14 He yell at her, “Aay! Nuff awready! You no mo shame o wat? Mo betta you no drink! Sobah up!”
15 Hannah tell um, “Oh, mista, sorry, aah? Az not how stay! I not piloot! I neva drink notting! Me, I jus one wahine dat donno wat fo do! So I stay pray real hard hea in front Da One In Charge. I tell him all my pilikia. 16 I no like you tink I good fo notting. I stay pray, cuz fo real, I all hamajang inside. I get plenny stuff dat stay bodda me an bum me out from long time!”
17 Eli tell her, “Go den, an I like eryting stay good fo you. An I pray dat God, da God fo da Israel peopo, goin give you wat you wen aks him fo give you.”
18 Hannah tell, “You da boss. Try tink good bout me, aah?” Den, cuz she no feel sad no mo, she go eat someting.
Samuel Born
19 Nex morning, Elkanah an his family get up early. Afta dey go down in front Da One In Charge fo tell how awesome him, dey go home to Ramah. Elkanah sleep wit Hannah, an Da One In Charge lissen wat she pray an do um. 20 Bumbye, she come hapai, an born one boy. She name da boy Samuel. She call um dat, cuz she tell, “I wen aks Da One In Charge fo him!”
Dey Give Samuel To Da One In Charge
21 Nex year, come time one mo time fo Elkanah an his family fo go Shiloh, an make one sacrifice to Da One In Charge jalike he stay do ery year, an fo do anodda ting he wen make one promise fo do. 22 But Hannah not ready fo go. She tell him, “Bumbye wen I no need breas feed da boy no moa, I go take him to Da One In Charge house, an leave um, an he goin stay dea all da time.”
23 Elkanah tell, “Okay, watevas you figga bestes. Stay home, till you no need breas feed him. Da One In Charge goin make da promise fo you happen.” So, Hannah stay home, an breas feed her boy till he no need.
24 Afta da boy no need breas feed no moa, Hannah bring him Shiloh. Samuel still stay young yet, but she take him to Da One In Charge house at Shiloh. She bring wit her one three-year-ol bull, one bag flour, an one goat skin full a wine, all fo make her sacrifice.
25 Afta dey kill da bull fo make one sacrifice fo Da One In Charge, dey take da boy by da Main Pries Eli. 26 Hannah tell him, “My Boss! Fo shua, you neva foget me, aah?! I da one you wen see ova hea befo time, stay praying to Da One In Charge. 27 I wen pray to Da One In Charge fo give me dis boy, an Da One In Charge give me wat I aks fo. 28 So now, I goin hanai him to Da One In Charge, jalike I wen make one promise fo do. As long as he live, aah? he goin be fo Da One In Charge.”
Den Hannah an Elkanah, dey show love an respeck fo Da One In Charge ova dea.

1:11 1:11: Census 6:5