Da One In Charge Call Samuel
Da boy Samuel do pries kine work fo Da One In Charge, an Eli stay in charge a da boy. From long time awready, Da One In Charge neva tell notting to da peopo. An he no let plenny peopo see dream kine tings dat suppose to tell um stuffs.
Eli, his eyes not strong like befoa, so he no can see. One nite he stay almos ready fo sleep. Samuel, he sleep inside da spesho tent, da Tent Fo Come Togedda Wit Da One In Charge. (Dass wea Da Box Fo No Foget Da Deal stay.) An da lamp dat burn all nite fo God, still burning. Den, Da One In Charge call, “Eh! Samuel!”
Samuel tell, “I stay hea! Dis me!” He run by Eli an tell, “You stay call me. I stay hea!”
But Eli tell, “I neva call you. Go back sleep!” So Samuel go back an lie down.
One mo time Da One In Charge call, “Eh! Samuel!”
Samuel get up an go by Eli an tell, “You wen call me? I stay hea!”
Eli tell, “I neva call you. Go back sleep!”
Dat time, Samuel neva conneck wit Da One In Charge yet, an Da One In Charge neva talk to him befoa.
Da One In Charge call Samuel, three time awready. So Samuel get up an go by Eli an tell, “You wen call me. I stay hea!”
Den Eli figga out, was Da One In Charge dat stay call da boy. So Eli tell Samuel, “Go back yoa bed an lie down. If he call you one mo time, tell him, ‘Try talk. You Da One In Charge, cuz you my boss, an I stay lissen.’ ” So Samuel go back on top his bed.
10 Da One In Charge come inside his spesho place, an call jalike befo, “Samuel! Samuel!”
Den Samuel tell, “Try talk, cuz you my boss, an I stay lissen.”
11 Da One In Charge tell Samuel: “You know wat?! I almos stay ready fo do someting big inside Israel. An dat goin make erybody dat hear um come all shook up inside, cuz goin be real bad. 12 Wen dat happen, all da tings I wen tell bout da Eli ohana, eryting from da start to da end, I goin make all dat happen. 13 I tell Eli awready dat I da judge, an I goin punish his ohana foeva. He know dat da way his boys ack, dey give God one bad rep, but Eli neva tell um fo stop. 14 Az why I wen make dis strong promise to da Eli ohana: ‘Da Eli ohana get da blame foeva, fo da bad kine stuff dey wen do, an I no goin let um go. No matta dey make da right kine sacrifice, I no goin let dem come pono wit me no moa.’ ”
15 Samuel lay down till morning time. Den he open da doors fo da Tent Fo Meet Wit Da One In Charge. He sked fo tell Eli da ting he wen see dat was jalike one dream. 16 But Eli call um, “Eh, Samuel boy!”
Samuel tell, “Yeah, wat you like? I stay hea.”
17 Eli aks, “Wat Da One In Charge wen tell you? No hide um from me. If you no start fo tell me, hah? den I like God make real bad to you—An even goin be mo worse den dat, if you no tell me eryting dat he wen tell you!” 18 So Samuel tell him eryting, an no hide notting from him.
Den Eli tell, “Him, Da One In Charge. So, I like him do wateva stay good, da way he see um.”
19 Da One In Charge stay wit Samuel all da time he stay grow up. An Da One In Charge make shua dat eryting Samuel wen tell, happen. 20 All da Israel peopo from Dan side to Beer-Sheba side know fo trus Samuel wen he talk fo Da One In Charge. 21 Da One In Charge stay show up ova an ova Shiloh side, cuz Shiloh da place Da One In Charge wen show up fo Samuel see him, an tell Samuel wat he tell.