Saul Come Jealous A David
Afta David pau talk wit Saul, Saul boy Jonathan come tight wit David cuz dey get da same kine heart an head. He get love an aloha fo David da same way Jonathan get fo him. From dat time, Saul like David fo stay wit him, an he no let David go back his faddah place. Jonathan make one deal wit David cuz he get love an aloha fo David da same way he get fo him. Jonathan take off da robe he stay wear, his body armor, an even his sword, his bow an arrows, an his army belt, an give um all to David.
Weneva Saul sen David fo fight, David win good. So Saul make David come one leada guy fo da army. All da army guys an Saul officer guys stay good inside bout dat.
Afta David come back from kill Goliat, da Filisha guy, wen all da army guys stay come back, da wahines come out from all da towns all ova Israel fo meet King Saul. An dey stay sing an dance. Dey stay good inside, an dey play tammorines an da three-string harp. 18:7: 1Sam 21:11; 29:5Wen dey dance, dey sing one good fun kine song lidis:
“Saul wack down tousans an tousans a guys,
An David wack down ten tousans an ten tousans a guys!”
Wen Saul hea dis, he come real huhu cuz he tink, “Az not good, wat dey sing!” He tink, “Dey tell dat David wen kill ten tousans an ten tousans a guys, an dey tell dat me, I ony kill tousans an tousans a guys. Nex, da peopo goin like make him come king!” From dat time, Saul stay jealous a David, an watch um even mo close.
10 Da nex day, had one spirit from God dat was bad dat wen take ova Saul. Saul stay inside his house talking pupule kine. David play his harp, jalike erytime he stay do. Saul get one spear inside his hand. 11 He throw um at David. He tink, “I goin make da spear go thru David body an into da wall!” But David, two time he jump outa da way.
12 So now, Saul stay sked fo stay in front David, cuz he know dat Da One In Charge stay wit David an wen go way from Saul. 13 Az why he give David one job anodda place. He make David da leada fo one tousan army guys. An David go in front his army guys wen dey stay fight.
14 An so eryting David stay do, come out good, cuz Da One In Charge stay wit him. 15 Wen Saul see dat eryting David do, come out real good, he come sked cuz da guy awesome! 16 But all da Israel an Judah peopo get love an aloha fo David cuz he lead dea army guys fo fight.
David Marry Saul Girl
17 Anodda time, Saul tell David, “Hea, take my older girl, Merab. I goin give her to you fo marry. Ony work fo me, an fight fo Da One In Charge, an no come sked.” Saul talk lidat cuz he stay figga, “I no need go agains dis guy fo kill um, cuz da Filisha army guys goin do dat fo me!”
18 But David tell Saul, “Eh, I nobody, an my faddah ohana, not importan! No way I goin get you, da king, fo my faddah-in-law!” 19 But, wen da time come fo give Merab to David, Saul wen awready give her to Adriel from Meholah fo marry, an not to David.
20 But Saul odda girl Michal, she love David. Somebody tell Saul, an he tink “Az good!” 21 An he figga, “I goin give her to him. Dass how I goin trap um fo da Filisha guys get um!” So Saul tell David, “Now, you get anodda chance fo come my son-in-law!”
22 Den Saul tell his helpa guys, “Talk to David wen da odda peopo no can hear you, an tell um, ‘Look, da king stay good inside bout you. An us guys dat work fo him, we all get love an aloha fo you too. So den, marry da girl an come his ohana!’ ”
23 Az why da helpa guys go talk to David wen da odda peopo no can hear, an tell um wat da king wen tell. But David tell, “You guys tink, az one small kine ting fo marry one wahine from da king ohana, o wat? Cuz I ony one guy dat no mo notting, you know. An I not even importan!” 24 Den Saul helpa guys tell Saul wat David wen tell dem.
25 Saul tell, “Tell David, I tell dis: ‘Da king no like you pay fo da bride. You ony gotta cut skin from one hundred Filisha guys an bring back all da skins. Dass how da king goin pay back da Filisha guys cuz dey stay agains him.’ ” Saul talk lidat cuz he make one plan fo let da Filisha guys kill David.
26 Saul helpa guys tell David wat Saul wen tell dem. David stay good fo marry one wahine from da king ohana. So befo da time pau, 27 David an his guys go out an kill two hundred Filisha guys, an cut skin da bodies. Den David bring da skins back, an show um all to da king, fo David come da king son-in-law. So Saul give his girl Michal to David fo marry.
28 Saul see wat happen, an he know fo shua dat Da One In Charge stay tight wit David, an dat Michal get love fo David. 29 Den, wen David stay nea Saul, Saul come mo plenny sked den befoa. From dat time, Saul stay agains David all da time Saul stay alive.
30 Weneva da main leada guys fo da Filisha army take dea guys out fo make war, da same ting happen—David an his guys win ova dem, mo plenny den da odda leada guys fo Saul army. Dass how erybody know dat David one awesome kine guy.

18:7 18:7: 1Sam 21:11; 29:5