Da Numba One Letta From Paul
Fo Da Tessalonika Peopo
1:1: JGuys 17:1Dis letta from Paul, Silas, an Timoty. We write um fo you Tessalonika church peopo dat stay tight wit God oua Faddah an wit Jesus Christ, Da One In Charge. Us guys like God do plenny good kine stuff fo you guys, an make um so notting bodda you.
Da Tessalonika Peopo Stay Trus God
Erytime us guys pray, we talk to God bout all you guys, an we tell, “Mahalo plenny, God, fo da church peopo Tessalonika side!” We no foget da way you guys do all kine stuff cuz you trus Christ, an da way you guys work real hard cuz you get love an aloha fo him, an da way you guys hang in dea cuz you stay shua dat Da One In Charge a us guys, Jesus Christ, he goin come back. An God oua Faddah, he know all dis stuff too cuz he see eryting you guys do.
Eh, my braddahs an sistahs! We know dat God get love an aloha fo you guys, an he wen pick you guys fo come his peopo. Dat time us guys wen tell you guys da Good Kine Stuff From God, was mo den jus talk, you know. Da Good An Spesho Spirit from God wen give us guys plenny powa, an make us guys know fo shua dat da stuff we stay tell you was fo real. You guys know wat us guys was like fo real kine wen we wen stay wit you guys. An we wen make lidat cuz we get plenny aloha fo you guys, az why.
1:6: JGuys 17:5-9An you guys wen start fo copy how us guys ack, an how Da One In Charge ack. You guys wen trus da tings we wen tell you guys. An no matta you guys stay suffa plenny, da Good An Spesho Spirit wen help you guys stay good inside. So den, wen da peopo Macedonia an Akaia side dat stay trus Christ wen find out how you guys ack, dey wen start fo ack lidat too.
Cuz a dat, not ony da peopo Macedonia an Akaia side wen hear da Good Stuff bout Da One In Charge, but all ova da odda places peopo wen hear dat you guys stay trus God. So us guys no need tell notting moa. All dose peopo stay tell dat you guys wen tell, “E komo mai! Go come stay oua house!” wen we wen go by you guys firs time. Dey tell dat you guys wen throw out da idol kine gods an trus da God dat stay alive. He stay fo real, an you work fo him. 10 Dey tell how you guys stay wait fo God Boy fo come back from da sky. Az Jesus—da One God wen make him come back alive afta he mahke! Da time goin come wen God goin show da peopo dat he tell “Laytas” to da bad kine stuff dey stay do! An he da One dat goin make shua dat notting bad goin happen to us guys.

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1:6 1:6: JGuys 17:5-9