Inside Tessalonika Town
Dey go thru Amfipolis an Apollonia, an come Tessalonika. Had one Jew church ova dea. Paul go da Jew church, jalike he erytime go. Fo three week on da Res Day, he talk to dem bout da Bible. He teach um an show um dat da Spesho Guy God Wen Sen gotta suffa an come back alive from mahke. He tell, “Dis guy Jesus I stay tell you guys bout, he da Spesho Guy God Wen Sen.” Some a da Jew guys trus wat Paul tell, an go wit him an Silas. An plenny guys dass not Jew dat get plenny respeck fo God, an plenny wahines dat stay importan, dey trus da Good Stuff Bout Jesus too.
But da odda Jew guys come jealous. So dey get togedda some bad kine guys from da open market place, an dey come one big gang an start one big beef inside da town. Dey rush by da house wea dis guy Jason live fo look fo Paul an Silas fo dem bring um outside by da peopo. But dey no can find um. Az why dey drag Jason an some odda braddahs in front da town leadas. Dey yell, “Dese guys make big trouble all ova da whole world an now dey come ova hea. Dis guy Jason tell um fo come stay his house. An dey all stay broke King Cesar rules, cuz dey tell get anodda king, one guy Jesus.” Wen all da peopo an da town leadas hear dat, dey come all huhu. Den dey make Jason an da odda guys pay some money, an dey let um go.
Inside Berea Town
10 Nite time da braddahs sen Paul an Silas away to Berea. Wen dey come ova dea, dey go da Jew church. 11 Da Berea peopo, dey mo betta den da Tessalonika peopo, cuz dey trus da Good Stuff Bout Jesus. Ery day dey study real good wat da Bible tell from befo time fo find out if wat Paul tell az true. 12 Plenny Jew guys, plenny wahines dass not Jew dat stay importan, an plenny guys dass not Jew, dey all trus da Good Stuff Bout Jesus. 13 Wen da Jew guys inside Tessalonika know dat Paul stay teach wat God tell inside Berea, dey go ova dea too, an dey make plenny peopo like beef. 14 Right den an dea da braddahs sen Paul da coast side, but Silas an Timoty stay inside Berea. 15 Da guys dat go wit Paul bring him Athens town. Den dey go back an tell Silas an Timoty fo go real fas by Paul.
Inside Athens
16 Paul wait fo Silas an Timoty inside Athens, an he come bum out wen he see had plenny idol kine gods ova dea. 17 He go by da Jew church an talk wit da Jew guys bout da Good Stuff Bout Jesus. Da Greek peopo dat had plenny respeck fo God, he talk wit dem too. An he go da open market place ery day an talk to da peopo dat come dea. 18 Some teachas dat tink same same like da guy Epicureas an odda teachas dat tink same same like da Stoic guys, dey come fo talk wit Paul. Some a dem tell, “Wat dis mynah bird stay try fo tell?” Odda guys tell, “Jalike he stay tell bout odda peopos gods.” Dey talk lidat cuz Paul teach da Good Stuff Bout Jesus, an tell peopo dat Jesus wen come back alive from mahke. 19 Den dey bring Paul in front da leada guys dat come togedda on top Ares Hill. Dey tell, “Tell us bout dis new kine stuff you stay teach. 20 Some a da stuff you tell we no can figga, az why us guys like know wat dat mean.” 21 (You know, all da peopo from Athens an da peopo from anodda place dat stay dea, dey erytime talk bout da new kine stuff an lissen odda peopo. Dass all dey do.)
22 Paul stan up in da middo a dem guys on top Ares Hill an tell, “You guys from Athens, I can tell real good dat you guys erytime do da religious kine ceremonies. 23 Cuz I walk aroun an see all da place you guys go down an pray. I even find one altar place dat get one writing on top um dat tell, ‘Fo Da God Us Donno.’ Now I goin tell you bout da god dat you go down an pray to dat you donno. 24  17:24: 1Kings 8:27; Isa 42:5; JGuys 7:48Da God dat make da world an all da stuff inside um, he Da One In Charge a da sky an da earth. He no stay inside da temples peopo make. 25 Peopo no need take kea him jalike he need someting. Cuz he da One dat make all da peopo stay alive, an he give dem air fo breave, an all da odda stuff. 26 From one guy, God make all da diffren peopos fo live all ova da world. He set up da times an da places fo dem stay. 27 God do dat fo da peopo look fo him. Den maybe dey go feel aroun fo try find him. But he no stay far away from all us guys.
28 “ ‘Cuz a him,
Us stay alive,
An do eryting.’
Jalike yoa poet guys tell,
‘Us his kids.’
29 “Cuz we stay his kids, no good we tink dat God stay jalike one idol kine god—someting one guy tink bout an make from gold o silva o one stone. 30 Befo time, God give chance wen peopo neva know wat dey suppose to do. But now he tell dis to da peopo all ova da world: Dey gotta come sorry fo all da bad kine stuff dey do, an no do um no moa. 31 He set up one day wen he goin judge erybody inside da world. He goin sen one guy fo judge um da right way. He show dat dis stay true cuz he bring dat guy back alive from mahke.”
32 Wen dey hear him tell dat one guy come back alive from mahke, some a dem guys make fun a him. But odda guys tell, “We like hear you talk bout dis stuff one mo time.” 33 Den Paul go way from da main leada guys. 34 Some guys go wit Paul an trus da Good Stuff Bout Jesus. Get one guy Dionysius, he one leada guy, an one wahine Damaris, an odda peopo, dat trus Jesus too.

17:24 17:24: 1Kings 8:27; Isa 42:5; JGuys 7:48