Timoty Go Wit Paul An Silas
Paul go Derbe an Lystra. Had one guy Timoty ova dea dat stay tight wit Jesus. His muddah one Jew, an she trus da Good Stuff Bout Jesus. His faddah not Jew, he Greek. Da braddahs an sistahs inside Lystra an Iconium talk good bout Timoty. Paul like take Timoty wit him fo go all ova. Paul cut skin Timoty, cuz da Jew guys in dat place know dat his faddah Greek. Dey go from one town to anodda. An dey tell da peopo dea da stuff from da guys Jesus wen sen all ova an da older leadas Jerusalem side too. Dey tell all dat stuff Jesus guys gotta do. Dey kokua all da church peopo an dat make da peopo trus Jesus moa. An den had plenny odda peopo dat trus da Good Stuff Bout Jesus too.
Paul See Someting Jalike One Dream
Inside Troas Town
Dey go all ova Frygia side an Galatia side. But da Good An Spesho Spirit no let um go West Asia side fo tell da peopo ova dea wat God tell. Den dey come nea Mysia an try fo go inside Bitynia, but Jesus Spirit no let um go inside dea. Den dey pass by Mysia an go Troas town. Nite time Paul see someting jalike one dream. He see one guy from Macedonia stan in front him an beg um, “Try come ova hea Macedonia side fo help us.” 10 Afta Paul see dat, us guys come ready fas fo go Macedonia side, cuz we figga dat God sen us ova dea fo tell da Good Stuff From Him to da peopo.
Lydia Trus Da Good Stuff Bout Jesus
Inside Philippi Town
11 We ride boat from Troas strait to Samotrace. Den da nex day to Neapolis. 12 We go from dea an go Philippi town, one place da Rome govmen stay in charge. Dass da main town fo Macedonia. We stay ova dea litto bit. 13 On da Res Day, we go outside da town by da riva side. We figga get one place fo pray ova dea. We sit down an start fo talk story wit da wahines dat go ova dea. 14 One wahine Lydia lissen dem. She come from Tyatira town an sell da expensive purple cloth. All da time she pray to God. Da One In Charge, Jesus, open up her heart, an she trus wat Paul tell. 15 Her an her ohana get baptize, an she tell, “If you figga az fo real I trus Da One In Charge, Jesus, come an stay my house.” So she change oua mind an we stay her place.
Inside Da Philippi Town Jail
16 One time we go da place fo pray an one slave girl come by us. She get one bad kine spirit in charge a her dat make her tell da stuffs dat goin happen bumbye. She make plenny money fo her boss guys cuz she tell da peopo wat goin happen to dem. 17 Dat girl walk behind Paul an all us odda guys, an yell, “Eh! Dese guys work fo Da God Dat Get Mo Powa Den All Da Odda Gods. Dese guys, dey tell you guys how fo get outa da bad kine stuff you guys stay do.” 18 Plenny days she tell dis, an dat bodda Paul to da max. He turn aroun an tell da spirit dat stay in charge a her, “Cuz a Jesus, da Spesho Guy God Wen Sen, let her go!” Right den an dea da spirit let go da girl.
19 Wen da bosses fo da slave girl find out dat dea chance fo make money all pau, dey grab Paul an Silas an drag um inside da open market place fo face da leada guys. 20 Da bosses fo da slave girl bring um in front da govmen guys, an da boss guys tell, “Dese buggahs dey Jews an dey make big trouble inside oua town. 21 Oua Rules stay agains us guys fo not trus wat dese buggahs teach an do da kine stuff dey tell us fo do. Cuz us guys get da same rights jalike da Rome peopo, you know.” 22 All da peopo come togedda wit dem an stan up agains Paul an Silas. An da govmen guys tell dea guys fo strip Paul an Silas clotheses an whip um.
23 Afta dey whip um real hard, dey throw um inside da jail. Dey tell da jaila guy fo watch um real good. 24 Wen da jaila guy hear dat, he throw um in da hole an lock dea legs inside da holes in da wood frame shackles.
25 Midnite, Paul an Silas stay pray an sing songs fo God. Da odda prisona guys inside da jail lissen dem. 26 Right den an dea, da groun shake real hard an da whole jail shake. Den all da doors fo da jail open. An da chains fall off all da prisona guys.
27 Da jaila guy wake up. Wen he see dat da jail doors stay open, he pull out his sword fo kill himself, cuz he figga dat da prisona guys awready bag. 28 But Paul yell, “Eh! No hurt yoaself! Us guys all stay hea!”
29 Da jaila guy tell da odda guys fo bring one lamp. Den he run inside da jail an go down in front Paul an Silas. He stay sked an shaking real hard. 30 He take um outside da place an tell, “Eh you guys, wat I gotta do fo get outa da bad kine stuff I stay in?”
31 Dey tell, “Trus Da One In Charge, Jesus, fo get outa all da bad kine stuff you wen do. An same ting fo yoa ohana.” 32 Den dey tell him an all his ohana da Good Kine Stuff bout Da One In Charge, Jesus.
33 Was nite time, an da jaila guy bring Paul an Silas inside his house an wash dea cuts. An right den an dea, him an all his ohana get baptize. 34 Da jaila guy feed um too. Him an his ohana feel real good inside, cuz now dey stay trus God.
35 Wen da sun come up, da Rome govmen guys sen da police guys by da jaila guy fo tell him, “Let da guys go.”
36 Da jaila guy tell Paul, “Da govmen guys tell dat you an Silas can go. So, go wit aloha.”
37 But Paul tell da police guys, “Dey wen whip us in front all da peopo, but dey neva even check fo find out if we wen do someting wrong. An dey throw us inside da jail. But us guys get da same rights jalike da Rome peopo too, you know. An now dey like throw us out so nobody know. No ways! Da govmen guys, dey da guys gotta come hea an take us outside.”
38 Da police guys tell da govmen guys wat Paul an Silas tell. Wen dey know dat Paul an Silas get da same rights jalike da Rome peopo, dey come real sked. 39 Da govmen guys come an tell Paul an Silas dey sorry. Dey bring um outside da jail, an beg um fo go way from da town. 40 Afta Paul an Silas go outside da jail, dey go Lydia house. Dey meet da braddahs an sistahs dea an give um good kine words. Den dey go way from Philippi town.