Solomon Make Ready Fo Build Da Temple
(1 Kings 5:1-16)
Solomon tell his peopo fo build one temple fo show wat kine god Da One In Charge, an he tell um fo build one king kine palace fo him. He line up 70,000 guys fo carry stuff, an 80,000 guys fo cut da stone blocks inside da hills, an 3,600 guys fo be da lunas.
Solomon sen dis message fo Hiram, da Tyre king:
“Try sen me cedar kine wood, jalike you wen sen to my faddah David, da time you sen him da cedar wood fo build one palace fo him live inside. Now I goin start fo build one temple so erybody goin know wat kine god my God, Da One In Charge. I goin make da temple spesho fo him. Da pries guys goin burn incense dat smell nice in front him. Dey goin put out da spesho bread in rows ery day. Dey goin make one burn up kine sacrifice ery morning an ery aftanoon. Dey goin do dis ery week fo da Res Day, an ery new moon time, an fo da spesho religious ceremonies fo oua God, Da One In Charge. Dis goin be da kuleana fo da Israel peopo foeva.
“Da temple I goin build goin be big an importan, cuz oua God stay mo importan den all da odda gods. 2:6: 1Kings 8:27; 2Rec 6:18But fo shua, no mo nobody get da powa fo build one temple fo him! Cuz da sky, even da mos high part, no can hold him! An fo shua, me, I no can build one temple fo him! Ony goin be one place fo make burn up kine sacrifices in front him.
“Az why I aks you fo sen me one guy dat stay real smart. Somebody dat work real good wit gold an silva, bronze an iron, purple, red, an blue wool string, an know how fo cut pichas on top metal. He goin work inside Judah an Jerusalem wit my guys dat know how fo do stuff real good too, da ones my faddah David wen make shua dey stay ready fo dis.
“An sen me cedar an pine logs from Lebanon, an red sandalwood, cuz fo shua yoa guys know real good how fo cut da Lebanon kine trees. My worka guys goin work wit yoa guys fo make shua I get plenny cut wood. Cuz da temple dat I goin build, goin be real big an awesome. 10 Me, I goin give yoa guys dat work wit da wood 100,000 basket wheat dat my peopo wen grind up, an 100,000 basket barley, 115,000 gallon wine, an 115,000 gallon olive oil.”
11 King Hiram sen messenjas back wit dis letta fo King Solomon:
“Da One In Charge get plenny love an aloha fo his peopo. Az why he wen make you come dea king!”
12 Hiram tell dis too:
“I like erybody talk good bout Da One In Charge, da God fo da Israel peopo! He wen make da sky an da earth! He wen give King David one boy dat know wat fo do erytime. David boy know how come tings happen, an he undastan wass good an wass bad. He goin build one temple fo Da One In Charge an one palace fo him cuz he da king.
13 “So dis wat I goin do: I goin sen Huram-Abi, dat know how fo build stuff. 14 His muddah one Israel wahine from da Dan ohana. His faddah come from Tyre. He know how fo work real good wit gold an silva, wit bronze an iron, wit stone an wood, wit purple, blue, an red wool string, an da fancy kine white linen cloth. He can cut picha on top metal o wood real good. If you draw picha fo watevas, he can figga how fo make um. He goin work wit yoa guys dat know how fo make stuff real good, an wit da guys dat wen work fo my boss, yoa faddah David, fo make stuff.
15 “Now sen to us guys dat work fo you, da wheat, barley, olive oil, an wine dat you wen talk bout. 16 Den us guys goin cut all da wood from Lebanon dat you need, an we goin tie um up fo make rafs an bring um by you guys Joppa side by sea. Den you can bring um up Jerusalem side.”
17 So Solomon count all da guys from anodda country dat live inside Israel, jalike his faddah David wen count um, an dey was 153,600 guys. 18 He make 70,000 a dem carry stuff, an 80,000 a dem work inside da hills cut stone, an 3,600 a dem da lunas fo make shua da odda guys work good.

2:6 2:6: 1Kings 8:27; 2Rec 6:18