David Sing One Song
Fo Talk Good Bout God
(Songs 18:2-50; Rome 15:9; Hebrews 2:13)
David sing lidis fo Da One In Charge, da time Da One In Charge get um outa Saul powa, an outa da powa a all da odda guys dat stay agains him. He tell:
“Da One In Charge, he make shua notting bad happen to me,
Jalike he one cliff wea I can hide, an one mountain place wea nobody can come dea.
He da One stay get me outa trouble.
My God, jalike one big solid rock fo me.
I go by him fo him hide me.
He jalike one shield dat no let nobody hurt me.
He da One make me strong, an get me outa trouble.
He jalike one place on top da mountains,
Da one I go to wen I run away,
He da One stay get me outa trouble—
Wen da peopo dat stay agains me try fo bus me up,
Da One In Charge, you take kea me!
Wen da peopo dat stay agains me attack me,
I yell to Da One In Charge fo help me.
He da One get me outa trouble.
He da One, good fo erybody tell dat he da greates!
“Was jalike da ocean waves come aroun me fo kill me,
Jalike da ocean current dat can wipe me out, make me sked so I no can handle.
Jalike I get ropes aroun me fo pull me inside da Mahke Peopo Place,
Jalike right in front me get one trap fo kill me!
Da time I presha out,
I wen yell to my God, Da One In Charge.
I yell fo him help me.
Up dea inside God place,
He hear wat I yell.
“Den, get one earthquake!
Da groun move dis side an dat side,
Da foundation dat hold up da sky stay shake,
An move dis way an dat way,
Cuz God, he plenny huhu!
Wen God come huhu, jalike smoke go up from his nose
An fire come outa his mout an burn up stuff!
From him, fire come jalike charcoal stay burn.
10 God open up da sky an come down hea.
Undaneat his feets get black storm cloud.
11 God fly down from his throne,
He stay ride on top one a da awesome tings dat stay alive an go ery place God go
An stay by his throne.
Look jalike da wind carry him down quick
Jalike how one bird fly!
12 He make eryting aroun him come dark,
He pile up heavy rain clouds all aroun.
13 Aroun God, get one real bright light,
Wit lightnings flashing jalike fire from burning charcoals.
14 “Da One In Charge make thunda come outa da sky!
Him, da God Dass Mo Importan Den All Da Odda Gods,
An he yell loud.
15 An da lightnings, jalike he shoot arrow!
He make da peopo dat stay agains him run all ova da place.
He make da lightning flash ova an ova,
An da peopo donno wat fo do.
16 Da One In Charge yell, ‘Wat you guys stay do, not good!’
An he blow real hard cuz he huhu,
Cuz a dat, can see da places wea da watta move thru da ocean,
An can see da foundation, da ocean bottom.
17 “From up dea inside da sky,
Jalike Da One In Charge put down his hand
An pull me up outa da deep watta.
He get me outa trouble.
18 Da guys dat stay agains me, dey strong,
Dey mo strong den me, an dey hate me to da max!
But Da One In Charge get me outa dea.
19 Da time I wen come weak, dem buggahs awready dea in my face,
But Da One In Charge, he hold me fo me stan up.
20 Da One In Charge bring me one place wea I no mo da presha.
Wen Da One In Charge tink bout me, he stay good inside bout me,
An az why he get me outa trouble.
21 “Da One In Charge know I stay do da right ting.
Az why he real good to me.
I no do notting bad.
My hands stay clean.
Az why Da One In Charge do good tings fo me
Cuz I do good kine tings.
22 Cuz I wen make shua I do eryting da way Da One In Charge like fo me do,
I neva do stuff dat no stay right,
An I neva bag from my God.
23 I tink bout all da Rules God make,
I no throw way da tings he tell I gotta do. I do um!
24 In front God, no mo nobody can poin finga me.
I make shua I no do notting bad
An God no goin punish me.
25 I stay do wass right,
Az why Da One In Charge do good kine tings fo me
Cuz I do good kine tings.
He erytime see me,
Dass why he know I no go do notting bad,
Jalike my hands stay clean.
26 “Eh God! Fo da peopo dat stay tight wit you,
You show um dat you stay tight wit dem too, aah?
Fo da peopo dat stay do da right ting,
You show um dat you stay do da right ting too.
27 Fo da peopo dat no mo notting bad inside dem,
You show um dat no mo notting bad inside you.
But, fo da crooked kine peopo,
You show um dat you akamai an mo sly den dem,
Fo mess dem up.
28 Da kine peopo dat no need be Numba One erytime,
You get um outa trouble.
But da high makamaka kine peopo, you watch um good,
An make dem come shame in front erybody!
29 Eh! You Da One In Charge!
Jalike you da One dat open da light fo me,
Fo me live fo real kine!
No matta befo time I stay jalike I mahke an all dark inside,
You make me come alive inside, jalike you open da light!
No matta was dark inside me befo time.
30 You help me,
Dass why I no sked go afta plenny army guys.
You da God fo me,
Dass why I can climb ova da wall aroun any town.
31 “God, he perfeck
Da way he do tings.
Eryting dat Da One In Charge promise fo do,
You can trus he goin do um.
Fo all da peopo dat trus Da One In Charge fo take kea dem,
He jalike one shield dat no let um get hurt.
32 Cuz no mo anodda god dass fo real.
Da One In Charge, he da ony God!
No mo anodda god dat stay strong
Jalike he one big solid rock.
Oua God, he da ony one!
33 God, he da One dat give me
One strong place fo hide.
Ery place I go,
God open up da way
Fo make um good fo me go dea.
34  22:34: Habak 3:19God make me fo run an no fall down,
Jalike one deer dat run fas ova da big mountains,
35 He stay teach me how
Fo use my hands fo fight wen get war.
He even make me strong enuff fo bend
One metal kine bow
Fo make um ready fo shoot arrow.
36 “Eh God! You get me outa trouble
Jalike you give me yoa shield fo me no get hurt.
No matta dat you mo importan den me,
No bodda you fo help me.
Dass how you make me come one importan guy.
37 Jalike you wen make one wide place fo me walk,
Dass why my feets stay strong wen I stay fight.
38 “Erytime, I chase da guys dat stay agains me, an wipe um out.
I no pau fight till dey all mahke.
39 I wipe um out,
I poke um wit my sword.
Dey no can stan up.
Dey fall down unda my feets.
40 You wen make me strong an ready fo fight da war.
You make da peopo dat attack me
Fall down fo me walk all ova um.
41 Da ones dat stay agains me,
You make dem turn aroun an run away.
An I wipe out da peopo dat hate me.
42 Dey look dis side an dat side
But no mo nobody fo get um outa trouble.
Dey even look fo you, Da One In Charge.
But you no do notting fo help dem.
43 I poun da buggahs real small,
Jalike da dus dat da wind blow away.
I grind um up jalike powda
An walk all ova dem, jalike dey mud on top da street.
44 Eh! You Da One In Charge! You da One take kea me
Wen da peopos go agains me!
You let me stay in charge a plenny diffren nations.
Da peopos dat stay work fo me now,
I neva know dem from befo time.
45 Da peopo from odda countries
Ack jalike dey sked wen dey come in front me.
Wen dey hear bout me,
Right den an dea dey lissen an do wat I tell um fo do.
46 Dey lose fight, all dose peopo from odda countries.
Dey come outa da places wea dey hide fo no mahke,
An dey sked an shaking!
47 “Da One In Charge, he stay alive fo real!
An I like erybody tell how plenny good tings he wen do,
Cuz he jalike one big solid rock wea I can hide!
He da God dat get me outa trouble,
An I like erybody tell, ‘God, he awesome!’
48 Him, da God dat go afta
Da peopo dat come agains me an pay um back.
An he make da odda peopos come unda my powa.
49 Wen peopo come agains me,
He get me outa dea.
“Eh God! You even make me mo importan
Den da peopo dat attack me.
Wen peopo come fo bus me up,
You get me outa trouble.
50  22:50: Rome 15:9Eh! You Da One In Charge! Dass why I goin tell how awesome you stay
In front all da diffren peopos dat donno you!
I goin sing fo you an tell how awesome you stay,
Cuz I know wat kine god you!
51 “Me, da king dat stay work fo you,
You make me win all da wars.
You wen put olive oil on top my head
Fo show dat you wen pick me fo come king.
Dass why you goin stay tight wit me all da time, foeva
Wit me, King David,
An wit all da king guys dat bumbye goin come from me!”

22:34 22:34: Habak 3:19

22:50 22:50: Rome 15:9