You Jalike One Good Army Guy
(Census 23:19; 16:5)
Eh, Timoty my boy! You gotta be strong inside, you know! You stay tight wit da Spesho Guy God Wen Sen, az Jesus Christ. He stay do good tings fo you. Az how you goin come mo strong inside. You wen hear plenny kine stuffs from me, an had plenny odda peopo dea too dat wen hear eryting I tell you. Now, you gotta go pick peopo dat you can trus, an den, put dem in charge a all dat stuff. Dis wat I mean, pick peopo dat know how fo teach odda peopo da same tings I wen teach you.
You gotta suffa any kine bad kine stuff, jalike all us guys. Cuz you jalike one army guy fo Jesus Christ too, an you fo real kine like do one good job lidat.
Anybody in da army, dey no do all da regula kine stuff da odda guys do dat not army guys. Da army guys, dey ony do wat dea army leada guy tell um fo do fo make him stay good inside.
Same ting, jalike if one guy like win one race, he no can win if he no do wat da rules tell um fo do.
An one mo ting, da farma guy dat do all da hard work, he da guy dat suppose to get his share firs. Tink hard bout wat I stay tell you. Cuz Da One In Charge, he goin make shua you undastan eryting I tell.
So tink plenny bout Jesus, da Spesho Guy God Wen Sen. He da One dat wen come from King David ohana. God wen make him come back alive afta he wen mahke. An dass da Good Kine Stuff From God dat I tell erybody. Wen I tell peopo dis, dey make me suffa. Sometimes dey even tie me up wit chains jalike I one crook. But you know wat? No can tie up da stuff God tell wit one chain! 10 Dass why I stay hang in dea wen dey do any kine to me—cuz I like help da peopo God wen pick. If I do dat, den dey goin come tight wit Jesus Christ, an God goin take um outa da bad kine stuff dat happen to dem. An he goin make um come awesome jalike him foeva. 11 You can trus me wen I tell you dis:
“If us guys mahke wit Christ,
We goin live to da max wit him!
12  2:12: Matt 10:33; Luke 12:9An if us guys hang in dea,
We goin come kings wit Christ da King!
But if we tell, ‘We donno Christ!’
Den he goin tell, ‘I donno dem guys!’
13 Even if us guys no trus God,
Fo shua God erytime goin do wat he tell he goin do.
He not goin ack jalike he not God!”
Da Worka Guy Dat Do One Good Job
14 Da church peopo ova dea by you, dey know all dis awready, but you gotta tell um, ova an ova. You gotta tell um serious kine, jalike dey in front God. Tell um no make argue cuz dat no goin help nobody. Ony jam up da peopo dat lissen. 15 Mo betta you go all out, so wen God tink bout you, he know he can trus you fo do one good job. He know you one worka guy dat no need come shame, cuz wat you teach stay true, an you teach um da right way. 16 Az why, wen odda guys tell wase time kine stuff dat make jalike God no matta, you betta get outa dea. How dey talk, make you go mo far from God. 17 Da tings dey tell make eryting come all pilau. Hymeneus an Filetus, dey talk lidat, an get odda guys dat talk jalike dem. 18 Dem guys wen go away from wass true. Dey tell, “Da mahke guys, dey wen come back alive awready.” Dey jam up some peopo, an den dose peopo no like trus God no moa.
19  2:19: Census 16:5But you know wat? Da stuff God stay do stay solid, jalike one building dat get one solid foundation undaneat an no can move, aah? An on top dat foundation, get one sign dat tell two tings. One side tell,
“Da One In Charge, he know all his peopo!”
An da odda side tell,
“Whoevas tell, ‘I stay tight wit Da One In Charge a me,’
Dey betta not do someting dat not pono!”
20 You know, inside one big house get all kine bowls an plates. Some, dey make um wit gold an silva fo spesho time. Get some odda bowls an plates dey make wit wood an clay fo use um fo junk kine stuff. 21 So, dass jalike if somebody go clean up da pilau kine stuff inside dem, dey goin come jalike da spesho kine bowls an plates—dey goin be spesho fo God. Da One In Charge can use um. Dey stay ready fo go do any good kine stuff fo him.
22 Eh Timoty! Watch out! No be like da younga guys, da way dey come jam up cuz dey like do any kine stuff. Mo betta you go all out fo do da right ting erytime, fo trus God, fo get love an aloha, an fo stay so notting bodda you. All da peopo dat tell God dey his guys, an dat stay clean inside, dey like do da right ting erytime—so you gotta make jalike dem. 23 But no get mix up wit all kine stupid talk from da guys dat donno notting. Dey ony like make argue bout eryting. You gotta figga, if you talk jalike dem, den you goin stay argue erytime too.
24 But wen one guy work fo Da One In Charge, he not suppose to like make argue, you know. He suppose to make nice wit erybody, an be one good teacha, an no stay huhu wit odda peopo. 25 Wen peopo go agains him, he gotta teach um da true stuff, an teach um nice kine. Den maybe God goin make dem change dea mind fo dem know da trut. 26 Den dey goin come smart an get outa da trap dey stay in, cuz da Devil wen catch um an make um do wat he like fo dem do.

2:12 2:12: Matt 10:33; Luke 12:9

2:19 2:19: Census 16:5