Da Red Sea
Da One In Charge tell Moses: “Tell da Israel peopo fo go back an go da odda way. Dey gotta make camp in front Pi-Hahirot, wit one Egypt town dat get strong wall one side an da Red Sea da odda side, across Baal-Zefon. Dey goin make camp up side a da Red Sea, da odda side Baal-Zefon. Da Pharaoh guy, he goin figga: ‘Eh! Da Israel peopo, dey stay inside da boonies, an dey donno wea dey goin go! Ery side, ony get boonies!’ I goin make da Pharaoh guy come hard head, so he goin like go afta you guys. Wen he do dat, I goin use da Pharaoh guy an all his army guys fo show erybody how awesome I stay. Da Egypt peopo goin find out dat me Da One In Charge fo real kine!”
So da Israel peopo do wat God tell um fo do.
Pharaoh Go Afta Da Israel Peopo
Da Egypt army guys tell da king fo da Egypt peopo dat da Israel peopo wen go way awready from Egypt. Den da Pharaoh guy an all da palace peopo change dea mind bout da Israel peopo. Dey tell, “Wassup?! We wen let go da Israel peopo, an now, dey no stay work fo us guys no moa!” Da Pharaoh guy tell his guys fo get his war wagons ready, an he take his army guys wit him. He take 600 war wagon, an da spesho wagon fo go wit him. He take all da war wagons dat get inside Egypt. Ery war wagon get one army officer guy inside. Da One In Charge make da Pharaoh guy come hard head. Dass why him an da oddas wen go afta da Israel peopo.
But da Israel peopo, dey stay go outa Egypt, jalike dey no sked notting. But da Egypt army guys go afta dem, wit all da war wagons an da horses from da Pharaoh guy, an horse rida guys an infantry guys. Dey catch up da Israel peopo ova dea wea dey wen make camp, by da watta nea Pi-Hahirot, across Baal-Zefon.
Da Egypt Army Guys
Catch Up Da Israel Peopo
10 Da Pharaoh guy, he stay come nea now. Da Israel peopo, dey look an see da Egypt army guys stay come afta dem! Da Israel peopo come real sked! Dey yell fo help to Da One In Charge. 11 Dey tell Moses, “How come?! Neva have enuff graveyard Egypt side fo bury us guys back dea, o wat?! So den, how come you bring us guys hea inside da boonies? Ony fo us mahke, o wat?! Wat you tink you stay do to us now, wen you take us guys outa Egypt?! 12 Us guys wen tell you Egypt side, ‘Leave us alone! We goin stay work fo da Egypt peopo. Cuz mo betta fo us guys work fo dem, den go mahke ova hea inside da boonies!’ ”
13 Moses tell da peopo, “No sked! Stan right dea an watch. You guys goin see Da One In Charge get you guys outa trouble, an he goin do dat today. You see dose Egypt guys ova dea? From today, you no goin see dem no moa, eva! 14 Da One In Charge, he da One goin fight fo help you guys. You guys, jus shut up an watch!”
Da One In Charge Tell Moses Wat He Goin Do
15 Den Da One In Charge tell Moses, “Eh! How come you stay yelling to me fo help you? Tell da Israel peopo make ready fo go. 16 You take yoa stick fo walk, an hold um out ova da sea fo make da watta go one side an da odda side. Den da Israel peopo goin go thru da middo a da Red Sea, an da groun in da middo goin be dry. 17 You know wat I stay do? I stay make da Egypt army guys get real hard head fo dem chase afta you guys. Den, I goin use da Pharaoh guy an all his army guys an his war wagons an his horse rida guys fo make erybody know how awesome I stay! 18 Wen I make lidat to da Pharaoh guy, his war wagons, an his horse rida guys, an I show erybody how awesome I stay, den da Egypt peopo goin know fo shua, dat me Da One In Charge fo real kine!”
Da Cloud Move Fo Hide Da Peopo
19 Da angel messenja guy from God, da one befo time wen go in front a da Israel army guys, he go move da odda side fo stay behind dem. Da cloud dat go from da groun to da sky, move from in front dem, an go behind dem. 20 Da cloud go inside da middo a da Egypt guys an da Israel guys, wit da Egypt army guys camp one side, an da Israel army guys camp da odda side. Da cloud come dark, an no mo da light dat nite fo da guys dat stay one side no go nea da guys dat stay da odda side.
Thru Da Middo Inside Da Red Sea
21 Den Moses hold his hand out ova da sea. Da One In Charge make da wind blow strong on top da watta from da east side all dat nite. Da wind push da sea watta one side an da odda side an make da sea bottom come dry land! 22  14:22: 1Cor 10:1-2; Heb 11:29An da Israel peopo go thru da middo inside da Red Sea, but da groun wea dey stay walking come dry awready. Da watta, stay fo dem jalike one wall on da right side an anodda wall on da lef side. 23 Da Egypt army guys, dey go chase afta da Israel peopo. All da horses from da Pharaoh guy, an da war wagons, an da horse rida guys, dey all go follow dem, wea had watta befo time.
24 Early morning time, befo get light, Da One In Charge look down outa da fire an da cloud dat go up inside da sky. He check out da Egypt army guys camp. He make all da Egypt army guys come so dey donno wat dey stay do o wea dey stay go. 25 God make da wheels fo dea war wagons come off fo no move how dey like. Da Egypt guys, dey figga, “Mo betta us guys get away from dose Israel guys, cuz dass dea god, Da One In Charge, stay fight fo dem, an agains us Egypt guys!”
God Wipe Out Da Egypt Army Guys
26 Den, Da One In Charge tell Moses, “Hold out yoa hand ova da Red Sea fo da watta go back an go ova da Egypt guys an dea war wagons an dea horse rida guys.” 27 So wen stay coming light, morning time, Moses hold out his hand ova da sea. Da Red Sea watta go back jalike was befo time. Da Egypt guys, dey see wass happening, an dey try fo run da odda way. But Da One In Charge throw um all inside da watta. 28 Da watta come back an cova ova da war wagons, an da horse rida guys, an all da Pharaoh army guys dat wen go chase da Israel peopo inside da Red Sea. Not even one a dem get outa dea. 29 But da Israel peopo, dey walk thru da Red Sea from one side to da odda side, an da groun stay dry, an da watta stay jalike two wall fo dem, right side an lef side.
30 Dat day, Da One In Charge get da Israel peopo outa trouble from da Egypt army guys. Da Israel peopo see da mahke Egypt guys bodies on top da beach. 31 Wen da Israel peopo see how Da One In Charge use his awesome kine powa fo wipe out da Egypt guys, da peopo come sked an get awesome respeck fo Da One In Charge. Cuz a dat, dey stay trus Da One In Charge an his worka guy Moses.

14:22 14:22: 1Cor 10:1-2; Heb 11:29