Da Food From Da Sky
Laytas, month numba two, day numba 15 afta dey go way from da Egypt land, all da Israel ohana peopo go way togedda from Elim. Dey go inside da boonies Sin side. Afta you go way from Elim, firs you come by Sin, den you come Sinai Mountain. Ova dea inside da boonies, all da Israel peopo grumble bout Moses an Aaron. Dey tell Moses an Aaron, “Mo betta Da One In Charge wen kill us guys inside da Egypt land! Cuz ova dea, had meat fo us eat, an plenny bread! But you guys, you make us guys come ova hea inside da boonies! An now, us so hungry, we goin mahke cuz a dat!”
16:4: John 6:31Da One In Charge tell Moses, “You know wat I goin do? I goin make bread come down outa da sky fo you guys jalike rain. Ery day, da peopo goin go out an pick up food from da groun. Dey gotta ony pick up enuff fo dat day. Dass fo check out da peopo, fo find out if dey goin stay do how I teach um fo do, o not. But ery week, day numba six, dey gotta bring in double wat dey pick up da odda days, fo dat day an fo da Res Day too.”
So Moses an Aaron tell all da Israel peopo, “Eh! Today, sun down time, you guys goin know fo shua dat az Da One In Charge, not us, wen get you guys outa Egypt! An tomorra, morning time, you guys goin see how awesome Da One In Charge stay. You goin see dat he lissen, no matta you guys stay grumble bout him. You guys grumble bout me an Aaron, but az no big deal. But you guys donno, you stay grumble bout God, not us!”
Moses tell dis too: “Da One In Charge goin give you guys all da meat you can eat, sun down time, an all da bread you can eat, morning time. Dass cuz Da One In Charge hear you guys stay grumble bout him. Dat no mean notting fo me an Aaron, cuz you guys no stay grumble to us guys, you stay grumble bout Da One In Charge!”
Moses tell Aaron fo tell all da Israel peopo dis: “Go ova dea by da place Da One In Charge stay, cuz he hear wat you guys tell wen you grumble.” 10 Aaron tell dat to all da Israel peopo togedda, an wen dey turn aroun an look ova dea inside da boonies, you know wat? Wen dey look da cloud, dey see how awesome Da One In Charge stay!
11 Da One In Charge tell Moses: 12 “I hear da Israel peopo stay grumble. Tell um dis: ‘Wen da sun go down, you guys goin eat meat. Tomorra, morning time, you guys goin get all da bread you can eat. Den you guys goin know dat me, Da One In Charge, I da God fo you guys.’ ”
13 Evening time, had quail birds, an dey come down all ova da camp. Da nex morning, had dew on top da groun all aroun da camp. 14 Wen da dew dry up all ova da boonies, on top da groun had thin small kine flake, jalike da white fros wen get cold time. 15  16:15: 1Cor 10:3Wen da Israel peopo see um, an dey tell each odda: “Eh! Wass dat?” Cuz dey neva know wat kine stuff dat, az why.
Moses tell um, “Dass da kine bread Da One In Charge give you guys fo eat. 16 Dis wat Da One In Charge tell you guys gotta do: All you guys, go pick up how much you need fo eat. Fo erybody dat stay inside yoa tent, go get two poun.”
17 Da Israel peopo do wat Moses tell um fo do. Had peopo dat pick up plenny, an odda peopo dat pick up ony litto bit. 18  16:18: 2Cor 8:15But wen dey check out how much, da peopo dat pick up plenny neva have mo plenny den dey need, an da peopo dat pick up litto bit, dey neva need mo plenny. Erybody pick up ony how much dey need fo eat. 19 Moses tell um, “No keep notting till morning time. You gotta eat um all up today.” 20 But had some peopo dat neva lissen Moses. Dey keep some a da stuff till da nex morning. But dat stuff get plenny worm inside an smell haunas. Moses come huhu wit dem.
21 Ery day, morning time, dey go pick up da stuff. Erybody pick up ony how much dey need fo eat. Afta da sun come hot, da stuff melt an no can see um no moa. 22 On da day numba six inside da week, dey pick up double da food dey goin need, cuz dey need bout four poun fo one guy. All da leada guys fo da peopo go tell Moses dea peopo wen do dat. 23  16:23: Outa 20:8-11Moses tell um, “Dis wat Da One In Charge tell you guys fo do: Tomorra, dass da Res Day, spesho fo ony Da One In Charge. So today, bake wateva you guys like bake, an boil wateva you guys like boil. Keep wateva get lef fo eat tomorra morning.”
24 So dey keep um till da nex day, jalike Moses tell um fo do. Neva come haunas, an neva get worm inside. 25 Moses tell um, “Eat um today, cuz dis day, da Res Day, fo you guys tink ony bout Da One In Charge. Today, you guys no goin find notting fo eat on top da groun. 26 Six days you goin pick up da food. But da day numba seven, dass da Res Day. Dat day, you no goin find food notting.” 27 Still yet, da day numba seven, had some peopo dat go out fo pick up food. But dey no find notting.
28 Den Da One In Charge tell Moses, “How much time you guys no goin do wat I tell you fo do, an no lissen my Rules?! 29 Make shua you guys know dis: me, Da One In Charge, give you da Res Day. Dass why, day numba six, he give you manna fo two days. On da Res Day, you gotta stay home. No go out fo pick up food, Day Numba Seven.” 30 So, da peopo res, da day numba seven.
31  16:31: Census 11:7-8Da Israel ohana peopo give da stuff da name “Manna,” cuz soun kinda like “Wass dat?” dea language. Look kinda like coriander seed, white kine, an taste kinda like cracka wit litto bit honey. 32 Moses tell, “Dis wat Da One In Charge tell you fo do. Keep some a da manna, two poun, fo all da peopo dat goin come from you guys bumbye, foeva. Dass so da peopo goin see da bread I wen give you guys fo eat inside da boonies, da time I bring you guys outa da Egypt land.”
33  16:33: Heb 9:4Den Moses tell Aaron, “Take one jar. Put two poun manna inside. Put um in front Da One In Charge, fo keep um fo all da peopo dat goin come from dese guys bumbye, foeva.” 34 Aaron do wat Da One In Charge tell Moses. Aaron put da manna in front da Box Fo No Foget Da Deal God Wen Make, fo keep um. 35  16:35: Josh 5:12Da Israel peopo eat da manna fo forty year, all da time till dey get to da land wea dey goin make house. Wen dey come jus outside da Canaan land, den no mo da manna no moa. 36 (Need ten two-quart kine measure fo make one efah, you know.)

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