God Tell Abram, “Go Come Be My Guy!”
12:1: JGuys 3:25; 7:2-3; Heb 11:8Befo time, Da One In Charge tell Abram, “Eh! Go way from yoa country an yoa ohana. Go way from yoa faddah house. I goin show you anodda country. Dass why I like fo you move house.
“Da peopo dat goin come from you,
Bumbye I goin make dem come one big, importan nation.
Dey goin get good rep
An make good tings happen to odda peopos.
I goin make you one big name guy,
An you goin make good tings come fo odda peopo.
12:3: Gal 3:8Da peopo dat tell, ‘Eh Abram, I like God fo do good tings fo you!’
Bumbye me, God, goin do good tings fo dem.
Da peopo dat tell, ‘Eh Abram, I like God fo do bad tings to you!’
Bumbye I goin make bad tings happen to dem.
All da ohanas all ova da world,
Bumbye wen dey tink bout you, dey goin tell,
‘Eh! We like God do good tings fo us guys,
Jalike he stay do fo Abram!’ ”
So, dass how come Abram go way from Haran, jalike his God, Da One In Charge, wen tell um fo do. Dat time, Abram was 75 year ol. Lot, da nephew, he go too. Abram take his wife Sarai, his nephew Lot, an all da big stack stuffs dey wen get Haran side, an all da peopo dat work fo dem dea too. Dey start fo go Canaan side, an bumbye, dey get dea.
Abram Go Canaan Side
Den Abram dem start fo go from one side Canaan land to da odda side. Dey come one place, Shekem town. Get one real big tree dea at Moreh, an dey stay dea. Da Canaan peopo dat live ova dea awready go Moreh fo find out wat dea gods like dem fo do. 12:7: JGuys 7:5; Gal 3:16Wen dey stay dea, Da One In Charge let Abram see him. He tell um: “Dis land ova hea, I goin give um to da peopo dat goin come from you bumbye.” Az how come Abram wen pile up rocks ova dea fo make one altar an make one sacrifice, cuz Da One In Charge let Abram see him, dat place.
From dea, Abram dem go mo down inside da Canaan land. Dey go up country, da east side from Bethel town. Dass da place dey put up dea tents: da west side get Bethel, an da east side get Ai. Same ting jalike da odda place, Abram pile up rocks fo make one altar fo Da One In Charge. He make one sacrifice dea too, an he tell Da One In Charge, “Eh! I like you help me, cuz I know wat kine god you.” Bumbye, Abram dem go way from dea an move da tents, litto bit mo south erytime.
Abram An Sarai Bulai Da Egypt Peopo
10 Dat time, da peopo inside da Canaan land no mo notting fo eat. Az why Abram move house Egypt side short time, cuz hard time fo dem. 11 Jus befo dey go inside da Egypt land, Abram tell his wife Sarai, “Eh! You know wat? You, you one good looking wahine! An I know dis: 12 Da Egypt guys, dey goin look you, an dey goin tell, ‘Dat wahine, she dis guy wife,’ an dey goin kill me an let you stay alive. 13  12:13: Start 20:2; 26:7Mo betta you tell da peopo dat you my sistah, fo dem make nice to me if dey like you, an dey goin let me stay alive cuz a you.”
She tell um, “Shoots!”
Da Pharaoh Guy Like Marry Sarai,
But No Can
14 Wen Abram dem come ova dea Egypt side, da Egypt peopo see dat Sarai one real good looking wahine. 15 Da govmen guys dat work fo da Pharaoh (dass wat da Egypt peopo call dea king guy), spock her, an dey tell da Pharaoh guy all kine good stuff bout her. Da govmen guys take Sarai inside da palace fo come one a da Pharaoh guy wifes. 16 Da Pharaoh guy, he make nice to Abram cuz he tink Abram Sarai braddah. Dass why he give Abram plenny sheeps, cows, donkeys, camels, an slave guys an wahines.
17 But den, Da One In Charge, he make da Pharaoh guy an all da odda palace peopo come real sick, wit diffren kine sick, cuz da Pharaoh guy wen take Abram wife Sarai fo come his wife. 18 Den da Pharaoh guy tell Abram fo come by him. He tell um, “Eh! How come you do dis to me? How come you neva tell me she yoa wife? 19 How come you tell, ‘She my sistah,’ aah? Az why I make her my wife. Bummahs! Hea yoa wife! Take her now, an get outa hea!” 20 Da Pharaoh guy tell his guys wat fo do wit Abram. Dey bring um all da way outside Egypt. Abram go home from dea wit his wife an all his stuffs.

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