Abraham An King Abimelek
Abraham move house from da place he stay an go south to da Negev land. He put up his tents in da middo Kadesh town an Shur town. Afta dat, he go Gerar town fo live short time. 20:2: Start 12:13; 26:7Wen he dea, Abraham tell bout his wife Sarah, “Dis my sistah.” So Abimelek, da king guy fo Gerar, he take Sarah fo come his wife.
But one nite, God go by Abimelek an make um dream. Inside da dream God tell um, “You know wat you stay do? You mahke awready, cuz you wen take dat wahine Sarah, an she get husban awready.”
But Abimelek, he neva even go nea her yet. He tell God, “Eh, you Da One Dat Stay In Charge! So, you goin kill me an my peopo too, o wat? Cuz we neva do notting wrong. Abraham da one wen tell me, ‘Dis my sistah!’ An da wahine tell me da same ting, ‘Dass my braddah.’ Da ting I wen do, no can poin finga me, cuz inside me, I no tink I stay do notting bad cuz a dem. I neva do notting!”
Inside da dream, God tell Abimelek, “I know, no can poin finga you fo dat, cuz inside, you no like do notting bad. Dass why I neva let you go do notting bad agains me. Az why I neva let you touch her. Wat you gotta do, you gotta give da wahine back to her husban. He one guy dat talk fo me, you know. Den he goin pray fo you, fo you stay alive. But if you no like give her back, you goin mahke fo shua, you an all yoa peopo.”
Da nex morning, Abimelek wake up early an tell all da guys dat work fo him fo come by him. He tell um eryting dat wen happen. Dey wen come real sked.
Den Abimelek tell Abraham fo come. He tell Abraham, “Wassup? No good, dis ting you do to us! I neva do notting bad to you! But you wen make um fo me do one real bad ting, an now God goin punish me an all my peopo. 10 So! Wat kine guy you tink me, hah? dat you make lidis to me.”
11 Abraham tell, “I ony figga lidis: No mo nobody dis place dat get respeck fo God. Fo shua dey goin kill me fo take away my wife. 12 Plus, she my sistah fo real kine, you know. Us get da same faddah, but diffren muddah. Den, she come my wife. 13 Dass why, wen God make me go way from da place wea my faddah guy stay, I tell her, ‘Eh! Me an you, we gotta stick togedda, you know. Get one ting I like fo you do fo help me. Ery place we go, tell da peopo dat I yoa braddah guy.’ ”
14 Cuz a dat, Abimelek bring togedda plenny sheeps an cows an slave peopo, guys an wahines. He give um to Abraham, an he give Abraham wife Sarah back to him. 15 Abimelek tell Abraham, “Look. I get plenny land dis side fo you live any odda place you like.”
16 Den Abimelek tell Sarah, “In front erybody, I stay give yoa braddah guy tousan piece silva. I do dat so erybody know you neva do notting wrong, an from now eryting good fo me an all you guys.”
17-18 All da time Sarah stay Abimelek house, Da One In Charge neva let da wahines dea come hapai, cuz a Sarah. Den Abraham pray to God fo Abimelek peopo. Az why afta Abraham pray to God, God make Abimelek an his wife come good fo born kids, an same ting fo all da slave wahines inside Abimelek house.

20:2 20:2: Start 12:13; 26:7