Hagar An Sarai
Sarai, Abram wife, neva born kids yet. She get one slave wahine from Egypt, Hagar. Sarai tell Abram, “You know, God neva let me born kids. So den, get dis custom, you go sleep wit my slave wahine Hagar fo her born kids fo me hanai dem. Maybe dass da way I can get one boy from her, an start one ohana fo you.”
Abram tell Sarai, “Shoots.” So, ten year afta dey come back Canaan side, Abram wife Sarai take Hagar, da slave wahine from Egypt side an give her to her husban Abram fo come his odda wife. Abram an Hagar sleep togedda, an she come hapai. But wen she know she hapai, she make jalike she mo betta den Sarai, da lady she work fo.
Den Sarai tell Abram, “Eh! No good, how dis wahine make to me! Az yoa fault! Was me wen tell you fo take her an sleep wit her. But now, she know she hapai, she make jalike she mo betta den me! Da One In Charge, he da judge, an he know dat you da one wen jam up, not me!”
Abram tell Sarai, “Eh! You da one own her, not me! Go do wateva you like, den.” From dat time, Sarai make any kine to Hagar, an Hagar run away from Sarai.
God Talk To Hagar Inside Da Boonies
Hagar go inside da boonies. Had one angel messenja guy, dat was Da One In Charge, an he find her dea by one puka wea get watta inside, in one place wea can see da road dat go Shur side. He tell, “Eh! You Hagar, da slave dat work fo Sarai. Wea you stay come from? An wea you goin go?”
Hagar tell um, “I stay running away from Sarai, da lady I work fo.”
Da angel messenja guy, dass Da One In Charge, tell her, “Go back now to da lady you work fo. Show her respeck an do wat she tell you fo do, no matta she make any kine to you.” 10 Den da angel guy tell her dis:
“I goin give you choke plenny kids.
Da peopo dat goin come from you, goin be too plenny fo count.”
11 He tell her dis too:
“Eh, you hapai awready, you know.
You goin get one boy.
You goin give him da name Ishmael.
Cuz Da One In Charge lissen, an he know you suffa plenny.
12 Dat boy goin be one outsida guy,
Jalike da wild donkey.
Nobody goin tell him wat fo do.
He goin like beef erybody,
An erybody goin like beef him.
Even his ohana guys,
He goin be agains dem all erytime.”
(Da name Ishmael soun kinda like “God lissen,” Hebrew language.)
13 Hagar, she tink, “Wow! God wen see me, an den I wen see God! An I still alive!” Dass why Hagar give Da One In Charge one new name. She tell: “You, I goin call you Da God Dat See Eryting, now.” 14 Dat puka wea da watta come out, nowdays dey call um Beer-Lahai-Roi, cuz a wat Hagar wen tell dat time. Dat mean “Da Puka Wea Da God Dass Alive Wen See Me,” Hebrew language. Dat place stay in da middo a Kadesh town an Bered town.
15  16:15: Gal 4:22Hagar go home an born Abram boy. Abram give his boy da name Ishmael. 16 Abram 86 year ol awready, dat time Hagar wen born Ishmael fo Abram.

16:15 16:15: Gal 4:22