God Make One Spesho Deal Wit Abraham
Laytas, wen Abram 99 year ol awready, Da One In Charge let Abram see him. He tell um, “Me, I Da God Dat Get All Da Powa. So, live da way I tell you fo live, an no do notting dat goin make shame. I goin make one deal fo me an you, an I goin make dat happen fo shua. I goin make choke plenny peopo come from you.”
Right den an dea Abram go down an put his face on top da groun fo show respeck fo God. God talk to him lidis: “Cuz I get dis deal wit you, you goin come da ancesta guy fo big stack diffren peopos. 17:5: Rome 4:17-18; Gal 3:16From now, yoa name no goin be Abram no moa, dat mean ‘Importan Faddah.’ Yoa name goin be Abraham, dat mean ‘Faddah Fo Plenny Peopos.’ Cuz I stay make you da ancesta guy fo big stack diffren peopos. I goin give you choke plenny peopo fo come from you bumbye, diffren kine peopos, so you goin be jalike one tree dat get plenny fruits. Even goin get king guys dat goin come from you too!
17:7: Luke 1:55“I stay make dis deal now, jus fo me an you. Dis deal wit you, goin stay foeva! I goin be da God fo you, an fo all da peopo dat goin come from you bumbye, even afta you mahke. 17:8: JGuys 7:5An one mo ting: right now, you guys ony stay make house dis Canaan land. But I goin give all dis land to you an da peopo dat goin come from you, foeva. An I goin be da God fo all dem too.”
God Tell Da Abraham Ohana
Gotta Cut Skin
Den God tell Abraham dis: “You, Abraham, dis wat you gotta do. You an all da peopo dat goin come from you, all you guys gotta stick wit da deal foeva. 10  17:10: JGuys 7:8; Rome 4:11Dis da deal I stay make, wat you an da peopo dat goin come from you gotta do. Fo all dem inside yoa ohana, dey gotta cut skin fo show you my peopo. 11 Goin be one spesho mark on top all da guys body. Da cut skin mark, dat goin be da sign fo da deal dat me an you get.
12 “So from now to foeva, erytime you guys get one new bebe boy, wen da kid eight day ol, gotta cut skin. Wen yoa slave guys get boy kine kids, gotta cut skin. No matta da faddah-muddah guys wen born inside yoa ohana, o you buy slave peopo dat not from yoa ohana, 13 gotta cut skin dem too. All you guys gotta get da mark fo dat on top yoa bodies, an dass how you guys goin show dat da deal I make wit you guys fo be my peopo, goin stay foeva. 14 Maybe get one guy by you dat neva cut skin, an no like cut skin. Gotta throw da guy outa yoa ohana, cuz dat kine guy goin broke da deal you guys get wit me.”
God Make Promise Bout Sarah Boy
15 Den God tell Abraham dis too: “Yoa wife Sarai, from now, you no goin call her Sarai. Her name goin be Sarah, dat mean ‘princess.’ 16 I goin do good tings fo her, an I goin give her one boy fo you. I goin make good tings come out fo her, so she goin be da ancesta wahine fo plenny diffren peopos. Goin get king guys fo diffren peopos dat goin come from her too!”
17 Den Abraham go down an put his face on top da groun fo show respeck to God. But he laugh same time, cuz inside, he stay tink, “No way! How can?! Me, one hundred year ol, an Sarah, ninety year ol. How us can get kids?!” 18 Abraham tell God, “Okay den. I like Ishmael be da one you goin take kea of.”
19 God tell, “I know you tink dis no goin happen. But I stay talking bout yoa wife Sarah. Her da one dat goin born one boy fo you. You goin give him da name Isaac (dat mean, ‘he laugh’). I goin make da same deal fo him dat I get wit you, him an da peopo dat goin come from him, foeva.
20 “An no worry bout Ishmael. I wen lissen you awready. I promise, I goin do good tings fo him too. I goin make him get choke plenny peopo goin come from him, twelve importan leada guys goin come from him. I goin make his ohana come one importan peopo. 21 But I goin set up my spesho deal wit Isaac, not wit Ishmael. Same time nex year, Sarah goin born yoa boy.” 22 Afta God pau talk to Abraham, God go way from Abraham up inside da sky.
23 Dat same day, Abraham tell his boy Ishmael, an all da slave guys fo his ohana, da ones he buy an da ones dat born dea, fo come togedda. He cut skin all dem, jalike God wen tell um fo do. 24 Wen Abraham cut skin, he 99 year ol awready. 25 He cut skin his boy Ishmael wen Ishmael 13 year ol. 26 Da faddah Abraham an his boy Ishmael, dey cut skin same day, 27 an same ting fo all da slave guys fo da Abraham ohana, da ones dat born fo his ohana, an da ones dat he buy from peopo from anodda place.

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