Da One In Charge Go By Abraham
Anodda time, Abraham stay by da big trees, Mamre place. Abraham God, Da One In Charge, let Abraham see um one mo time. Dis wat wen happen:
Noon time, Abraham stay sit inside da tent door.
18:2: Heb 13:2Abraham look outside. Right den an dea, he see three guys stay standing nea da tent. Wen he see um, he run outside from da tent fo tell um “Aloha!” Den he go down an he go put his face on top da groun in front dem fo show dem respeck. He tell da leada guy, “Eh mista, I jalike yoa slave guy. If you like, try stay hea litto bit. Let me give you someting fo eat befo you hele on. I goin tell one a da worka guys fo get litto bit watta fo wash you guys feets fo you guys lay down an res litto bit unda da tree. An let me go get litto bit bread fo make you guys feel mo strong, you know. Laytas, you can hele on. Cuz you wen come by me, an I jalike you guys slave.”
Dey tell um, “Kay den. Go do jalike you tell.”
Den Abraham run back inside da tent an tell Sarah, “Quick! Get da spesho wheat flour, one big pan full, an make enuff bread fo dese guys!” He run from dea ova by wea da cows stay. He pick one young cow wit good meat, an tell one young guy dat work fo him fo go kill da cow quick an cook da meat nice. He get sof cheese an milk, da meat from da young cow dey kill, an put da food in front da three guys. All da time dey stay eating, Abraham stan ova dea unda da tree fo make shua dey get plenny fo eat.
God Tell Sarah
She Goin Get One Bebe Boy
Da guys aks Abraham, “Wea yoa wife Sarah stay?”
Abraham tell, “Ova dea, inside da tent.”
10  18:10: Rome 9:9Den one a dem tell, “Same time, one year from now, I goin come back by you, an garans yoa wife goin get one bebe boy!”
Sarah stay lissen from inside da tent door, behind da one dat tell dat. 11 (No foget, dey real ol, Abraham an Sarah, an Sarah from long time she no can come hapai.) 12  18:12: 1Pet 3:6So Sarah laugh inside, cuz she stay figga, “Now I all dry up, an my husban, he ol too! Dis mean, fo real I goin born one bebe an feel good inside, o wat?”
13 Den Da One In Charge tell Abraham, “Eh! How come Sarah laugh? She figga, ‘You tink I goin born one bebe, no matta I real ol, o wat?’ 14  18:14: Luke 1:37Eh! Me, Da One In Charge! You tink get stuff too hard fo me do um, o wat? I goin come back by you same time nex year, an Sarah goin get one bebe boy.”
15 Sarah, she sked, so she tell, “I neva laugh!”
But Da One In Charge tell her, “Not! You wen laugh!”
God Tell Abraham He Goin Wipe Out Sodom Town
(Jesus Guys 3:25; Galatia 3:8)
16 Da three guys wen stan up an make ready fo go. Dey look down da valley wea Sodom town stay. Abraham, he go wit dem litto bit fo show aloha. 17 Da One In Charge, he figga, “Da ting I goin do now—I like let um stay secret so Abraham no goin know, o I goin tell him? 18 Cuz da peopo dat goin come from Abraham, dey goin come one importan peopo bumbye, wit plenny peopo. All da diffren peopos all ova da world, bumbye wen dey tink bout Abraham, dey goin tell, ‘Eh! We like God do good tings fo us guys, jalike he stay do fo Abraham!’
19 “He da guy I wen pick fo come tight wit me. Dass how I know he goin tell his kids, an da peopo dat work fo him, an da peopo dat goin come from dem, dat dey all gotta live da way I tell um fo live, fo dem do da right ting erytime an stick wit my rules. Dass how I goin make happen fo Abraham da tings dat I wen tell him goin happen. Az why I goin tell um dis!”
20 Den Da One In Charge tell Abraham, “Abraham! Ova an ova, get peopo tell me fo help dem, cuz da Sodom an Gomorrah peopo real bad. Da bad kine stuff dey stay do, real horraz! 21 I gotta go down dea, fo make shua az fo real, cuz da peopo yell fo me help dem. But if not real horraz, I goin find out dat too.”
Abraham Beg God Fo No Wipe Out
Da Sodom Peopo
22 Da two odda guys, dey hele on fo go Sodom side. But Abraham, he stay stan dea still yet in front Da One In Charge. 23 Abraham talk to Da One In Charge jalike you talk to one judge: “Eh Boss, can aks you someting? You goin wipe out da peopo dat stay do da right ting, togedda wit da peopo dat do da bad kine stuff, same time, o wat? 24 Wat if get fifty peopo inside da town dat stay do da right ting. You still yet goin wipe out all da peopo from dat place? Mo betta you let um all go, aah? Cuz get da fifty good peopo inside dea too, you know. 25 No can be dat you goin wipe um all out, da way you wen tell! If you kill da peopo dat do da right ting, same time you kill da bad peopo, den dat mean you tink dey not diffren, da peopo dat do da right ting an da bad peopo! No can be! You da Judge fo all da peopo inside da world. So den, you gotta make diffren kine to da good peopo an to da bad peopo!”
26 Da One In Charge tell, “If get fifty peopo inside Sodom town dat stay do da right ting, I goin let go all da peopo from dat place, cuz a dem.”
Abraham Aks God Some Moa
27 Den Abraham tell God, “Eh, I like try talk to you some moa. I know you da One In Charge, an me, I jalike da dirt. I notting! 28 Wat if no mo da fifty peopo dat do da right ting. Wat if ony get forty-five? You goin wipe out da whole town, jus cuz need five peopo moa?”
Da One In Charge tell um, “If I find forty-five peopo dea dat stay do da right ting, I no goin wipe out da town.”
29 Den Abraham talk mo to Da One In Charge. He tell, “An if get forty ova dea?”
Da One In Charge tell, “Den I no goin do notting, cuz a da forty good peopo.”
30 Den Abraham tell Da One In Charge, “Eh! No come huhu wit me, no matta you da Boss. But I ony goin aks you dis: Wat if can find thirty peopo ova dea dat do da right ting?”
Da One In Charge tell um, “If I find thirty peopo dea, I no goin do notting.”
31 Abraham tell, “I like try one mo time, cuz you da Boss. Wat if get ony twenny ova dea?”
Da One In Charge tell, “Fo da twenny peopo, I no goin wipe um out, cuz a dem.”
32 Den Abraham tell, “Boss, dis da las time I goin talk, so, no come huhu, aah? Wat if ony get ten ova dea?”
Da One In Charge tell, “Fo da ten good peopo, I no wipe out da oddas.”
33 Afta Da One In Charge pau talk wit Abraham, he hele on Sodom town. Abraham, he go back his place.

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