Wifes, Lissen Yoa Husban
3:1: Efes 5:22; Col 3:18Same ting, you wifes lissen yoa husban. If get some husbans dat no like do wat God tell um fo do, dey goin see how good you ack an goin trus God, not cuz a wat you tell, but cuz dey see how you ack. Dey goin see how real good you ack an show plenny respeck. 3:3: 1Tim 2:9Da good looks you get not suppose to come from wat you look jalike outside, wen you make da fancy kine hairdo, an put on da gold kine jewelry o da fancy kine clotheses. Wat mo importan, yoa good looks gotta come from da inside, an dis stuff goin las foeva, jalike wen you do eryting nice kine, an no make one big deal about notting. God tell, “Dat kine worth plenny to me.” Dass da way da wahines wen make dat stay spesho fo God an trus him long time befo time. Dey wen lissen dea husban. 3:6: Start 18:12Jalike Sarah, she wen do eryting Abraham tell her fo do an she tell dat he stay in charge. You wahines jalike her, cuz you stay do good kine stuff, an you no need worry bout notting.
Husbans, Lissen Yoa Wife
3:7: Efes 5:25; Col 3:19Same ting you husban guys, figga wat stay good fo yoa wife an do um cuz you live wit her. Show plenny respeck fo her in eryting you do cuz she not as strong as you guys. Her an you togedda goin get da good stuff God like give you guys: you an yoa wife goin live da good kine life. If dass how you live, den wat you pray fo no goin jam up.
You Guys Goin Suffa
Cuz You Do Da Right Kine Tings
(Songs 34:12-16; Isaiah 8:12-13)
So den, all you guys, dis da las ting I goin tell you. Tink da same way. Get da same kine heart. Get plenny love an aloha fo da braddahs an da sistahs. Get pity fo each odda. No get big head fo notting. If somebody do bad kine tings to you, no do bad kine tings back. If somebody talk any kine to you, no talk back any kine. But aks God fo do good kine stuff fo da guy. Dass why God wen tell you guys fo come be his guys fo him do good kine stuff fo you guys. 10  3:10: Songs 34:12-16Cuz da Bible tell,
“Whoeva like live one good life,
An be jalike dat ery day,
He gotta no talk bad bout stuff,
An no bulai o scam nobody,
11 He betta not do da bad kine stuff no moa,
Ony do da right kine stuff.
He gotta like fo real kine
Fo learn how fo make good wit erybody,
An work hard fo do dat.
12 Cuz Da One In Charge get aloha fo da peopo
Dat do da right tings,
An he lissen good wen dey pray to him,
But Da One In Charge stay agains
Da peopo dat do bad kine stuff.”
You Do Da Right Ting, You Suffa
13 Eh, who goin hurt you guys if erytime you guys like do good kine stuff? 14  3:14: Matt 5:10 3:14: Isa 8:12-13But no matta you suffa plenny fo da right ting, God goin do good stuff fo you. No sked da same tings dat make odda peopo come sked, an no worry. 15 Get choke respeck fo Christ cuz he stay inside you an he stay spesho fo God. Erytime stay ready fo tell anybody dat aks you how come you know eryting goin come out good fo you. 16 But tell um nice kine, an show respeck to dem cuz you know you stay do da right ting. Goin get guys dat talk bad bout you guys, no matta you guys do good kine stuff cuz you stay tight wit Christ. Dem guys goin come shame cuz dey wen talk any kine bout you guys. 17 Mo betta you guys suffa fo do da right ting den fo do da bad ting, if dass how God like you suffa.
18 You know, Christ wen mahke ony one time cuz erybody stay do bad kine stuff. He erytime do da right ting, but den he wen mahke fo all da peopo dat stay do bad kine tings. He wen mahke fo you guys come nea God. Christ get one body jalike us, an peopo wen kill him, an God Spirit wen make him come alive one mo time.
19 Cuz a God Spirit, Christ wen go teach da spirits dat stay inside one place jalike one prison. 20  3:20: Start 6:1–7:24Dey da peopo dat neva like lissen God long time befo time. Dat time, wen Noah stay make da big boat, God stay wait fo da peopo fo do wat he tell um fo do, but dey neva like do um. Dass why ony da eight peopo inside Noah boat wen come outa da big flood okay. 21 Da flood, dass jalike one picha wen you guys get baptize. Dat show dat God stay take you guys outa da bad kine stuff you do cuz Jesus Christ wen come back alive one mo time. Wen dey baptize you, dat no mean you jus bafe fo clean yoa body. Dat mean you stay aks God fo make you come clean inside fo know you stay do da right ting.
22 Jesus wen go back inside da sky, an he stay ova dea in da mos importan place, by God right side. Get all da angel guys, da leada guys, an da guys wit powa, an dey all gotta do wat he tell um fo do.

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