Jacob Get Ready Fo Go Home
One time, Jacob wen find out dat Laban boys stay talking lidis: “Eh! Dat Jacob, he take away eryting oua faddah get. Da buggah use oua faddah stuffs fo make him come real rich.” Jacob see anodda ting too: Laban not acking nice to him jalike befo time.
Den Da One In Charge tell Jacob, “Time awready fo you go back yoa ancesta guys land wea yoa ohana guys stay. I goin stay wit you.”
Jacob Tell How God Wen Help Him
Dat time, Jacob stay inside da boonies wit da sheeps. He sen somebody fo tell Rachel an Leah fo come ova dea by him. Wen dey get dea, Jacob tell his wifes, “I see dat you guys faddah not acking nice to me now, da way he wen make befo time. But no matta—da God dat my faddah guy pray to, he stay wit me. You know awready, I work hard an do one good job fo yoa faddah. But him, he bulai me. Ova an ova, he change wat he pay me.
“But God neva let him do notting fo hurt me. Weneva yoa faddah guy tell me, ‘I goin pay you wit da sheeps an goats dat get spot all ova dem,’ den all da girl kine sheeps an goats dat wen born bebe sheeps an goats, all get spots all ova dem. Den, weneva he tell me, ‘I goin pay you wit da sheeps an goats dat get twis kine tail,’ den all da girl kine sheeps an goats dat wen born bebe sheeps an goats, all get twis kine tail. Dass how God take away da sheeps an goats an cows from yoa faddah, an give um to me.
10 “One time, wen da sheeps an goats was in heat, I get one dream. Dis wat I see inside my dream. I see da boy kine goats breeding wit da ones in heat, an dey all get twis kine tail an spot an diffren kine color all ova.
11 “Den, inside da dream, one angel messenja guy from God tell me, ‘Eh Jacob!’ I tell um, ‘Yeah, dass me!’ 12 Da angel tell, ‘Look. Ony da boy kine goats dat get twis kine tail an spot an diffren kine color all ova, stay breed wit da ones in heat. Dass cuz I see awready eryting dat Laban stay do to you. 13  31:13: Start 28:18-22Me, I da same God you wen see Bethel side. Dass da place wea you put up da big rock jalike one pos, an wen pour olive oil on top fo show love an respeck fo me. You wen make one strong kine promise ova dea fo do someting spesho fo me. So now, go way from dis land, an go back yoa ohana land.’ ”
Jacob Wifes Like Go Too
14 Rachel an Leah tell Jacob, “Az good wit us. Us no goin get notting from oua faddah guy. He no goin give us notting, no matta us his kids. 15 He stay make us jalike we not from his ohana. Jalike he wen sell us, an all dat you wen pay dat suppose to be fo us all gone awready. 16 But all da stuff dass worth plenny dat God wen take away from oua faddah guy an give um to you, fo shua dass fo us an oua kids. So now, you go do wateva God tell you fo do.”
Laban Chase Jacob
17 So Jacob put his wifes an his kids on top da camels fo go. 18 He get togedda all his sheeps, goats, cows, an odda stuffs dat he get Paddan-Aram side, fo go by his faddah Isaac, Canaan land side. 19 Dat time dey go, Laban awready stay inside da boonies fo cut da wool from his sheeps. Befo Rachel go, she steal da idol kine gods dat her faddah ohana pray to. 20 Jacob, he neva tell Laban da Aram guy dat he goin go, so he neva know notting dat dey was goin leave. 21 He take all da stuffs he get an go. He cross da Eufrates Riva fo go up country Gilead side.
22 Laban neva know dat Jacob wen go, till somebody wen tell him three days layta. 23 Laban get togedda his ohana guys, an dey chase Jacob. Dey catch um up seven days layta up country Gilead side. 24 But nite time, God let Laban da Aram guy see um inside one dream. God tell Laban, “Watch out! No say notting to Jacob, bad kine o good kine!”
Laban Catch Up Jacob
25 Jacob wen put up his tents awready, up country Gilead side. Den Laban come by Jacob, an Laban an his ohana guys put up dea tents, same place not too far. 26 Wen dey come togedda, Laban tell Jacob, “Eh! Wat you wen do? How come you neva tell me notting? You take my daughtahs wit you, jalike you one army guy an dey yoa prisonas! 27 How come you bulai me fo you run away? You steal stuff from me an neva tell me notting, aah? If you wen tell me you goin go befo time, I goin make one big party fo let you go, wit songs an tammorine an harp! 28 But you, you neva even let me kiss my daughtahs an my grankids fo tell um aloha! Dass stupid fo make lidat!
29 “I get da powa fo hurt all you guys, you know. But las nite, da God dat yoa faddah guy pray to, he tell me, ‘Watch out! No say notting to Jacob, bad kine o good kine.’ 30 I tink, you gotta hele on, cuz you tink plenny bout yoa faddah guy house. But, how come you steal my idol kine gods?”
Laban Look Fo Da Idol Gods
31 Jacob tell Laban, “I was sked cuz I tink you goin take back yoa daughtahs an bus me up. Dass how come I run away. 32 But fo yoa idol gods?! If you find dem wit one a my peopo, dat guy no goin stay alive! I tell dis in front all oua ohana guys: You show me one ting I get dass yoas, an you can take um back!” Jacob talk lidat cuz he neva know dat Rachel wen steal da idol kine gods.
33 So Laban go inside Jacob tent firs, den inside Leah tent an da tents fo da two slave wahines dat work fo his two daughtahs, but he neva find notting. Afta he pau look inside Leah tent, he go inside Rachel tent. 34 But befo Laban go inside Rachel tent, Rachel take da idol kine gods an put um inside da saddle fo her camel, an sit down on top um. Laban open up eryting inside da tent an look inside. He neva find notting.
35 Rachel tell her faddah “I like show you respeck, but no get huhu, aah? I no can stan up fo you, cuz right now I stay get my time dat come ery month, you know.” Laban look all ova da place, but he neva find da idol kine gods fo his ohana.
Jacob Grumble To Laban
36 So den, Jacob come real huhu an start fo grumble to Laban. He tell um, “So, wat you wen find?! You figga I goin do someting fo jam up oua ohana, o wat?! Wat kine bad ting I do to you, dat you chase me lidat?! 37 Cuz you wen go look ova eryting I get. Wat ting you wen find hea dat come from yoa house? Put um hea, in front da whole ohana fo dem see um! Den let yoa ohana guys an my ohana guys figga, if I owe you someting, o not!
38 “Twenny year I stay wit you. Yoa girl kine sheeps an goats, dey neva lose even one bebe. Yoa boy kine sheeps, I neva kill even one fo eat. 39 Wen da wild animals kill one a yoa sheeps o goats, I neva bring da body to you. I pay fo um, so you neva lose notting. You make me pay, no matta was day time o nite time dat da wild animal wen steal um. 40 Dis how was: I work day time wen too hot fo work, an nite time wen come real cold, an I no can sleep. 41 Yeah, dass wat happen to me, da twenny year I stay wit you. I wen work fourteen year fo marry yoa two daughtahs, plus six year fo pay you fo da sheeps an goats. An den, you change my pay plenny times.
42 “But da God dat my faddah pray to, dass da God fo Abraham too. He da One dat make Isaac sked an shaking cuz he so awesome. He stay wit me. If he neva stay wit me, you no give me notting, an tell me fo go way. But God, he see da real hard time I get, an da real hard work I do. Las nite, wat he tell you wass right, cuz he da Judge.”
Laban An Jacob Make
One Strong Promise To Each Odda
43 Den Laban tell Jacob dis: “Kay den. Da wahines, dey my daughtahs. Da kids, dey my grankids. Da sheeps an goats, dey my sheeps an goats. Eryting you see, mines. But wat? I no can do notting now bout my daughtahs, an da kids dey wen born. 44 So come. We go make one deal, me an you. We put up someting so erybody goin know wat wen happen hea wit me an you.”
45 So Jacob take one big rock an put um up jalike one pos. 46 Den Jacob tell his ohana guys, “Go bring some mo rocks.” So dey get odda rocks an make one big pile. Right dea by da pile, Jacob guys an Laban guys wen eat togedda. 47 Laban give dat pile a rocks da name Yegar-Sahaduta, dat mean, “Da Rock Pile Fo No Foget Wat Wen Happen,” Aram language. Jacob, he give um da name Galeed, dat mean same same, Hebrew language.
Laban An Jacob Make
One Strong Promise
48 Laban tell, “Dis rock pile hea, fo erybody know wat wen happen wit me an you, dis day.” Dass how come get da name Galeed. 49 Dey call da rock pile Mizpah too, dat mean “Place Fo Watch From,” cuz Laban tell, “I like Da One In Charge watch you an watch me, all da time dat us no can see each odda. 50 If you make any kine to my daughtahs, o if you marry odda wahines, no matta no mo nobody dat know dat. No foget: God know wat happen wit you an me.”
51 Den Laban tell Jacob, “Look. Dis da rock pile I wen make, an dis da rock dat stan dea jalike one pos. I goin stay one side, an you stay da odda side. 52 Dat pile an dat pos, dey stay dea fo us no foget dat I not suppose to go da odda side dis pile fo bus you up, an you not suppose to go da odda side dis pile an dis pos fo bus me up. 53 I like da God fo yoa granfaddah Abraham an fo my granfaddah Nahor be da judge, if I stay right o if you stay right.”
So Jacob make one strong promise fo stick wit da deal, an he tell God, da One dat wen make his faddah Isaac stay sked an shaking cuz he real awesome, fo make shua Jacob do eryting right. 54 Den Jacob make one sacrifice to God ova dea inside da up country, an he tell Laban an all da odda ohana peopo fo come eat wit him. Afta, dey all sleep dea, up country side.
55 Nex morning, Laban wake up early. He kiss his daughtahs an his grankids, an tell God fo do good tings fo dem. Den he go home.

31:13 31:13: Start 28:18-22