Joseph Braddah Guys Go Egypt
Fo Buy Wheat
Jacob find out dat get wheat fo buy Egypt side. He tell his boys, “Wassamatta you guys? You ony stay look each odda! 42:2: JGuys 7:12You know wat? I hear, get wheat fo buy Egypt side. Go ova dea an buy food fo all us, fo us stay alive an no mahke.”
Az how Joseph ten older braddah guys go Egypt side fo buy wheat. But da odda braddah Benjamin, Jacob neva sen him wit da oddas, cuz he figga, “Maybe someting bad goin happen to him.” Dass how da Israel boys go Egypt side fo buy food, jalike plenny odda peopo, cuz no mo notting fo eat Canaan side, dat time.
Joseph See His Braddah Guys,
But Dey Donno Who Him
Dat time, Joseph was da guy in charge a all da land, Egypt side. Was him dat stay sell da food to all da peopo inside dat land. Joseph braddah guys go by him, an dey go down in front him, an put dea face on top da groun fo show um respeck. Joseph see his braddah guys, an he know who dem real fas. But he neva let dem know who him. He talk rough, an tell um, “Eh! Wea you guys come from?”
Dey tell, “Us come from Canaan side fo buy food.”
Joseph, he know who dem, but dey donno who him. 42:9: Start 37:5-10An Joseph no foget da tings he wen dream bout dem befo time. He tell um, “You guys, you ony spies! You come hea fo check out wat part a oua land we no can guard!”
10 But da braddah guys tell Joseph, “No! Us wen come hea ony fo buy food. You da boss, an us guys, jalike we yoa slave guys. 11 All us guys get da same faddah. Us not bulaia guys, us not spies! We jalike yoa slave guys!”
Joseph Give His Braddah Guys Hard Time
12 Joseph tell um, “Not even! You guys ony come hea fo check out wat part a oua land we no can guard!”
13 Dey tell Joseph, “Us twelve braddahs, yoa slave guys, dat come from da same faddah, Canaan side. Ony now, oua younga braddah, he stay ova dea wit oua faddah. An da odda braddah, he mahke awready.”
14 Joseph tell um, “Same ting, jalike I stay tell you guys awready, you guys spies! 15 Dis how I goin check you guys out fo find out if you stay tell da trut o not. Ony one way you guys goin get outa hea, an da Pharaoh guy goin back me up wen I tell dis: You guys younga braddah gotta come hea, den you can go. 16 One a you guys go fo bring yoa braddah ova hea. Da odda guys goin stay hea inside da jail. Dass how I goin check out if you guys stay tell da trut o not! An if you guys no tell da trut, da Pharaoh guy goin back me up, an tell you guys spies!” 17 Az why Joseph keep da braddah guys inside da jail three day.
Joseph Let His Braddah Guys Go Home
18 Afta da three day, Joseph tell da braddah guys, “You know, I one guy dat get awesome respeck fo God. Az how come I stay tell you guys wat you gotta do so you no goin mahke. 19 If you guys not bulaias, one a yoa braddah guys gotta stay inside da jail wea I wen put all you guys. Da res a you guys, go an take da food you wen buy fo yoa ohana guys dat stay hungry. 20 But still yet, you gotta bring back yoa younga braddah hea by me. Dass how you guys goin show proof dat you stay tell da trut. Dass wat you guys gotta do fo no mahke.”
Da Braddah Guys Tell
Dey Wen Do One Bad Ting To Joseph
An dass how dey wen make. 21 Da braddah guys talk to each odda wit dea language. Dey tell, “Az right, you know! Us get punish cuz a all da bad tings we wen do to oua braddah Joseph. Dat time, we wen see dat he was sked an plenny sore inside, an he beg us fo show pity to him, but us neva lissen! Az how come us guys stay sad inside now.”
22  42:22: Start 37:21-22Den Reuben talk. He tell um, “No foget, I wen tell you guys dat time, ‘No do notting fo hurt da boy!’ But you guys neva like lissen. An now, wat?! Jalike us guys gotta pay fo his blood!”
23 Da ten braddah guys, dey neva know dat Joseph undastan eryting dey stay talk. Cuz Joseph, he ony use da Egypt kine language fo talk to dem, but get one interpreta guy dat use da Hebrew language fo tell da braddah guys wat Joseph tell. 24 Den Joseph go way from dem an cry plenny. Afta he feel mo betta, he come back inside an talk wit dem. Joseph pick one a da braddah guys, Simeon, an he tell his guys fo tie up Simeon in front da odda braddah guys.
Da Braddah Guys Go Back Canaan Side
25 Joseph do anodda ting too: he tell his worka guys fo go get wheat an fill up ery gunny bag da braddahs wen bring, an same time he tell um fo take da silva dat all dem wen pay, an put um inside dat guy bag. Joseph tell his guys fo give da braddah guys food fo eat fo da trip too. Da worka guys do all dat fo dem. 26 Den da braddah guys put da wheat dey wen buy on top dea donkeys, an go home from dea.
27 Nite time come, an wen dey stop, one a da braddah guys open his bag fo give his donkey someting fo eat. He find da silva, right dea inside da top a da bag. 28 He tell his braddah guys, “Ho! Dey give me back da silva I wen pay! Look, right hea inside my bag!”
Da odda braddahs, dey come all sked, an dey tell each odda, “Wassup wit dat? Wat God stay do to us?”
Da Braddah Guys Tell Jacob
Wat Wen Happen Egypt Side
29 Wen da braddah guys come by dea faddah Jacob, Canaan side, dey tell him eryting dat wen happen to dem. Dey tell, 30 “Get dis guy ova dea, he da one in charge a da land. He talk mean to us, an he make to us jalike us guys spies dat check out da land ova dea. 31 But us guys tell um, ‘Us guys no lidat! Us guys not bulaia guys! Us not spies! 32 Us guys had twelve braddah guys dat all get da same faddah. But get one braddah dat mahke awready, an da younga braddah guy, he stay wit oua faddah right now, Canaan side.’
33 “Den da guy dat stay in charge a da land ova dea, he tell us, ‘Kay den. Dis how I goin find out if you guys bulaias o you not. Leave one a yoa braddah guys hea by me, an take da food fo yoa ohana guys dat stay hungry, an go home. 34 But bring yoa younga braddah guy back hea by me. Dass how I goin know if you not bulaias o spies. If you good, den I give you guys back da odda braddah guy dat I stay keep ova hea, fo you guys go any place you like inside oua land.’ ”
35 Afta dey tell dea faddah dat, dey take da wheat outa dea bags, an you know wat? Inside ery bag, get one small package silva dat all dem wen pay! Wen dey see da silva, dey come real sked. Even dea faddah, he sked too. 36 Dea faddah Jacob tell um, “You guys! You take my boys away from me! Joseph, he mahke awready. Simeon, gone awready. An now, you like take away Benjamin too! Eryting bad happen to me!”
37 Reuben tell da faddah, “I goin take kea Benjamin fo you, an I goin bring him back by you fo shua. If I no bring um back, you can kill my two boys!”
38 But Jacob tell um, “No way. My boy no goin go wit you guys. His braddah, mahke awready. He da ony one dat stay from Rachel. If someting bad happen to him ova dea, fo shua you guys goin make me come real plenny sore inside, an you goin make my gray hair go down da Mahke Peopo Place!”

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