Joseph Braddahs Go Back Egypt Side
But dat time, was hard, cuz neva have notting fo eat Canaan side. Laytas, all da wheat dey bring back from Egypt, dey eat um all awready. Az why dea faddah Jacob tell his boys, “Go back dea one mo time. Buy litto bit food fo us.”
But Judah tell um, “Da main guy ova dea tell us guys serious kine, ‘Ony one way you guys goin see me one mo time. Yoa odda braddah gotta be wit you guys.’ So, if stay good wit you, try let oua braddah go wit us guys, den we goin go Egypt an buy food fo you. But if you no like let him go, us no can go. Cuz da Egypt guy wen tell us awready, ‘Ony one way you guys goin see me one mo time. Yoa odda braddah gotta be wit you guys.’ ”
Jacob tell, “How come you guys wen make all dis ting come bad fo me? How come you guys wen tell da Egypt guy dat you get anodda braddah?”
Dey tell um, “Da guy, he wen aks plenny question bout us guys an bout oua ohana. He tell, ‘Yoa faddah, he still alive, o wat? You guys get odda braddah guys?’ Us guys tell um wateva he wen aks. Eh! you tink us guys wen know dat bumbye da guy tell us, ‘You gotta bring yoa odda braddah ova hea.’?!”
Jacob Let Da Odda Braddahs
Take Benjamin Egypt Side
Den Judah tell his faddah Israel, “Kay den. Sen da boy Benjamin wit me. Den we go, fo us stay alive an no mahke—us guys, an you, an oua kids. Me, I da guy dat goin get da kuleana fo take kea Benjamin. I goin take da blame if someting bad happen. If I no bring um back by you an show you dat he stay okay, den I goin come shame in front you till I mahke, cuz I goin know dass one bad ting I wen do to you. 10 Cuz you know, if us no wen wait so long time bout dis, us go Egypt side an come back hea two time awready.”
11 Den dea faddah Israel tell um, “Kay den. If az how gotta be, den az how goin be. So do dis: go get da bestes kine stuffs dat come from dis land. Take um wit you inside yoa bags fo make present fo da main man—litto bit sap from da kine bush dass good fo medicine, litto bit honey, da kine sap you get outa da tragacanth root, myrrh, pistachio nut, an almond nut. 12 Take double da silva you guys goin need. Plus, dat silva dat dey wen give back inside yoa bags, take all dat back to da guy. Maybe somebody wen make one mistake lidat. 13 An yoa braddah guy, take him too. Go back by da Egypt guy. 14 Da God Dat Get All Da Powa, I like he make dat Egypt guy tink good bout you guys an give you guys chance, an let yoa odda braddah go wit you guys, an Benjamin too. Me, if I gotta lose my boy, den I gotta lose um. Dass it!”
Joseph Braddah Guys Go Back
Egypt Wit Benjamin
15 Den da guys take da present, double da silva, an Benjamin. Dey go Egypt side an dey go stan in front Joseph. 16 Joseph, he see Benjamin dea wit dem. He tell da guy dat take kea his house kine stuff fo him, “Eh! Take dese guys ova dea my house. Kill one a da cows, an cook um real good kine. Noon time, I like dese guys eat wit me.” 17 Da guy do jalike Joseph wen tell um fo do. He take da braddah guys Joseph house.
Da Braddah Guys Eat Wit Joseph
18 Da braddah guys, dey come sked cuz da guy bring um Joseph house. Dey tink, “Eh! How come dey take us ova dea? Cuz a dat silva dat somebody wen put back inside oua bags da firs time us come hea, az why! Fo shua, dey goin jump us guys ova dea, an bus us up, an make us dea prisonas fo make us come dea slaves, us guys an oua donkeys too.”
Joseph Make Luau
19 Befo da braddah guys go inside da gate, dey go nea da guy dat take kea Joseph house kine stuff fo him, an dey talk wit him. 20 Dey tell um, “Eh, mista, can tell you someting? Befo time, us guys come hea fo buy food. 21 But afta us guys go way from hea, da place we wen stay dat nite, we open up oua bags, an you know wat? Fo all dem, all da silva dey wen pay stay dea inside da guy bag! Now us stay bring back dat silva. 22 Plus, we wen bring da odda silva dat we suppose to pay fo da food dis time. Us donno who wen put dat silva inside oua bags.”
23 Da guy dat work fo Joseph, he tell um, “Eh! No worry, eryting good! No sked! Gotta be yoa God, yoa faddah guy God, dat wen put silva inside yoa bags. Cuz da silva you guys wen pay dat time, all dat wen come to me, you know.”
Den da guy bring Simeon outside by da odda braddahs. 24 He bring um all inside Joseph house, he give um watta fo wash dea feets, an he give um stuff fo da donkeys eat. 25 Den, dey make ready da present fo Joseph wen he come home noon time, cuz dey hear dat dey suppose to eat lunch his house.
26 Den Joseph come home. Dey bring inside da house da present dey get fo him. Den dey go down in front him on top da groun fo show respeck. 27 Joseph aks um if dey stay okay. He tell um, “You guys faddah, da ol guy you wen tell me bout, he okay? He still stay alive, o wat?”
28 Dey tell um, “He stay good, oua faddah guy, an he like come yoa worka guy. He still stay alive.” An dey go down on top da groun one mo time fo show um respeck.
Joseph See Benjamin
29 Den Joseph look aroun, an he see his braddah Benjamin, da one dat get da same muddah jalike him. Joseph tell da odda braddah guys, “Dis guy hea, dis yoa younga braddah? Da one you guys wen tell me bout?” He tell Benjamin, “My boy, I like God do plenny good tings fo you!”
30 Afta he tell dat, Joseph get outa dea real fas. He feel real funny kine inside, cuz he get plenny aloha fo his braddah an he look fo one place fo cry. Az why he go inside anodda room an cry dea. 31 Den Joseph wash face an go back by da braddah guys, an now he cool head an can handle. He tell da worka guys, “Bring da food awready.”
32 Dey give Joseph his food one place, da braddah guys anodda place, an da Egypt guys dat stay eat wit Joseph anodda place. Cuz da Egypt guys no can eat togedda wit da Hebrew guys. Dass kapu an jalike pilau fo da Egypt guys. 33 Da braddah guys, wen dey show um dea place fo sit down, dey put da oldes braddah in da spesho place, den da nex braddah, an da nex, till da younges braddah. Wen da braddahs see dat, dea jaws wen drop. All dem tell da guy nex to him, “Eh! Wassup?” 34 Joseph tell da worka guys fo take da braddah guys dea share food dass spesho from his table. But fo Benjamin, he tell um fo take plenny extra food fo him, five times mo den fo da odda braddah guys. An dey all drink togedda wit Joseph, till dey all piloot.