Da Cup Inside Da Bag
Wen da braddahs ready fo go home, Joseph tell da guy dat take kea his house, “Go fill da guys bags wit food, all dat can go inside da bag. Fo ery bag, put da silva back inside too dat dey wen pay. An you know da spesho silva cup fo wine dass mines? Go put um inside da younga braddah bag, same time you put da silva fo da food inside his bag too.” Da worka guy go do jalike Joseph tell um fo do.
Da Egypt Guy Go Afta Da Braddahs
Early morning time, wen get light, Joseph guys help da braddah guys put da bags on top da donkeys an go. Afta da braddah guys go litto bit outside da town, Joseph tell da guy dat take kea his house, “Now! Go afta dem guys! Chase um, stop um, an wen you catch um up, tell um dis: ‘Eh! My boss wen make good to you guys, but you guys, you do one bad ting fo pay um back! I stay talk bout da spesho cup fo wine dat my boss use fo drink. An fo shua, he can use um fo find out from da gods wat goin happen. No good, da ting you guys stay do!’ ”
Joseph guy go catch up da braddah guys. He tell um wat he suppose to tell. Dey tell him, “No way, boss! How come you stay talk lidat? Us guys, jalike we yoa slave guys. Us not da kine peopo dat do da kine stuff you stay talking bout. Look! Us guys wen bring back da extra silva from da Canaan land. We find um inside oua bags firs time. How you tink us goin steal silva o gold from inside yoa boss house now? Go check out all us guys bags hea, cuz we jalike yoa slave guys. If you find da spesho cup inside anybody stuffs, you can kill da guy, an all us odda guys, us goin come yoa slave guys.”
10 Joseph guy tell um, “Kay den, goin be jalike you guys tell. If I find da cup wit one a you guys, dat guy goin come one slave fo me. But I no goin poin finga you odda guys.”
11 So dey take down da bags from on top da donkeys real fas an put um on top da groun, an all dem open dea bag. 12 Joseph guy check out all da bags. He start from da oldes braddah firs, an den da nex. Da las one he wen check out, was da younga braddah Benjamin. An he find da spesho silva cup right dea inside da bag! 13 Da braddah guys, wen dey see dat, bodda dem plenny so dey rip dea clotheses fo show dey sad. Dey put da bags back on top dea donkeys an go back inside da town.
Joseph Aks Da Braddahs
How Come Dey Wen Sell Him
14 Joseph, he still dea inside his house. Judah an da odda braddah guys, dey go inside, an real fas dey go down on top da groun in front Joseph fo show um respeck. 15 Joseph tell um, “Wot! Wass dis ting you guys do to me? You guys donno dat me, da kine guy dat know how fo find out from da gods wat stay happen!”
16 Judah tell: “Eh boss! Wat us can tell you? Us no mo notting fo tell, fo shua! How we goin show proof to you dat we neva do notting bad? No can! God, he find out da bad ting us guys do awready. Az why us guys come back hea fo be yoa slave guys now, an you da boss fo all us guys, even da guy dey find wit da spesho cup!”
17 Joseph tell um: “No! I not da kine guy fo make all you guys come slaves! Ony da guy dat dey find wit da spesho cup, dat guy goin come one slave fo me! You guys can go back by yoa faddah guy, an no need worry notting. Eryting goin be okay.”
Judah Try Tell Joseph
Fo Let Benjamin Go
18 Den Judah go nea Joseph an tell um, “Eh, you my boss, an I yoa slave guy! So try let me, yoa slave guy, tell dis one ting. Try no come huhu wit me, cuz you get da same kine powa jalike da Pharaoh guy! 19 Eh boss, befo time, you wen aks us dat stay yoa slave guys, ‘You guys, you get faddah? you get braddah?’ 20 Us guys tell you, ‘Yeah, we get faddah, he alive, an he ol. An us get one mo younga braddah guy, dat born wen oua faddah guy ol awready. His real braddah mahke awready, so him da ony one dat stay from his muddah. Dass how come his faddah get plenny love an aloha fo him.’ 21 Befo time, you tell us guys dat work fo you, ‘Bring yoa younga braddah guy hea by me Egypt side fo me see him.’ 22 You da boss fo us, but us guys tell you dat time, ‘Da young guy no can leave his faddah. Cuz if he go leave him, da faddah guy goin mahke.’ 23 But you wen tell us guys dat yoa slave guys, ‘If yoa younga braddah guy no come hea wit you guys, you guys no goin see me no moa!’ 24 So us guys go back by oua faddah, dass yoa slave guy too. We tell him wat you wen tell, cuz you da boss fo us guys too.
25 “Den laytas, oua faddah guy tell us, ‘Go back one mo time. Buy litto bit mo food fo all us guys.’ 26 We tell um, ‘No way us guys can go back dea. Ony if oua younga braddah guy stay come wit us, den we can go dea. Ony one way we goin see da main Egypt guy—if oua younga braddah stay come wit us!’
27 “Den oua faddah, dass yoa slave guy too, he tell us, ‘You guys know dat my wife wen born two boys fo me. 28 One a dem no stay no mo wit me, an I tell, “Gotta be, da wild animals wen rip um up.” Long time now I neva see um. 29 An now, you guys like take away dis odda boy from me too, o wat?! Fo shua, if someting bad happen to him an he mahke too, dat goin be real bad, an you guys goin make me come real sore inside, fo me go wit all my gray hair to da Mahke Peopo Place.’
30 “Az why I no can go home to my faddah dass yoa slave guy, an da boy no stay wit us. My faddah an da boy, dey stay real tight wit each odda. Az cuz my faddah goin stay alive ony if da boy stay alive too. 31 If he see dat da boy not wit us, he goin mahke, an us guys dat yoa slave guys goin be da guys dat goin make oua faddah presha out an come sore inside lidat, an he goin go wit all his gray hair to da Mahke Peopo Place. 32 Me, I yoa slave guy, but I wen make one strong promise to my faddah fo make shua I bring back da boy. I tell um, ‘If I no bring him back to you, den I goin come shame foeva cuz I do dat bad ting.’ 33 So now I like tell you: try let me stay hea an be da slave fo you an you da boss, but not da boy. Let him go back wit his odda braddahs. 34 No way I can go back by my faddah guy, if da boy no stay wit me! Eh, no make me see da bad ting dat goin happen to my faddah!”