So den, God wen make one promise dat he get one place dat he like give us fo us res inside. An dat promise still stay good fo us today. Az why watch out an come sked if look like any a you guys goin miss out on dis res. Now, we hear da Good Stuff From God jalike oua ancesta guys wen hear um. Dey wen hear da Good Stuff too, but dey neva like trus um. Az why da Good Stuff dey hear neva help dem. 4:3: Songs 95:11Ony us guys dat trus God today can go inside God place an res wit him. An God tell befo time bout oua ancesta guys too:
“Wat dem guys do, I tell ‘Laytas’ to dat!
Dass why I wen make one strong promise, an tell
‘No way dem guys eva going inside
Da land I like give dem fo res!’ ”
An you know wat? All dis was lidis from long time befo time, wen God make da world! 4:4: Start 2:2Get one place inside da Bible dat talk bout Day Numba Seven lidis: “Day Numba Seven, az da day God wen res, afta he pau make eryting.” 4:5: Songs 95:11An in anodda place inside da Bible, God tell dis: “No ways dem guys eva going inside da land I like give dem fo res!”
Dat mean, still yet get peopo dat “going inside da place God like give dem fo res.” Da peopo dat hear da Good Kine Stuff From God befo time, dey neva go inside dea cuz dey neva like trus God. 4:7: Songs 95:7-8One mo time, God make spesho anodda day fo dem. Cuz long time afta oua ancesta guys neva like trus God, David wen write down inside da Bible wat God tell, da same kine tings I jus tell you guys. He talk bout one time, an dat time, he call um “Today.” He tell:
“Today, wen God tell you guys someting,
Lissen good an no come hard head!”
4:8: Rules2 31:7; Josh 22:4David no was talking bout da time Joshua wen take da peopo inside da land. Cuz if was Joshua wen give dem res, den God no need fo talk bumbye bout anodda kine day fo get res. So den, dat mean, get one res day fo God peopo still yet, jalike da Numba Seven Day, dat time God wen res.
10  4:10: Start 2:2Az why, wen God give you his kine res, dat mean you pau do yoa work awready, jalike God wen res, afta he pau do his work.
11 So den, good fo us guys go all out fo get dat kine res, so dat nobody come jam up cuz dey no trus God, jalike da peopo dat wen come jam up befo time. 12 Az cuz wat God tell stay alive, an get da powa fo do wat suppose to do, an stay mo sharp fo change us guys inside den one sharp sword dat two side sharp. Wat God tell cut deep inside fo show fo real kine how we tink an wat we like do, an even cut deep inside da joints an da bone marrow. Wat God tell judge wat we tink an how we tink bout stuff. 13 Eryting God wen make, he can see um. No mo notting he wen make can hide fo him no see um. Cuz eryting stay open fo him know bout um. An God, he da One we gotta tell how come us do da tings we wen do.
Jesus Da Bestes Main Pries Guy
(Hebrews 2:17-18)
14 Kay den. Now us guys get Jesus. He God Boy, an he da bestes Main Pries Guy dat eva get. He wen go awready all da way back up inside da sky wea God stay! Az why all us guys dat tell we trus Jesus, we gotta hang in dea an no give up fo trus him. 15 Dass oua Main Pries Guy, Jesus, God Boy. He undastan how us guys not strong an no can handle da bad kine stuff. Cuz he wen get presha fo do all kine bad stuffs jalike us guys. But he neva do notting bad! 16 So den, no need come sked. Us guys gotta come strong fo go in front God throne, cuz he like do plenny good kine stuff fo help us. He goin give us chance, an wen we need kokua, he goin kokua us.

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