Da Peopo Dat Da One In Charge
Get Outa Trouble, Stay Good Inside
(Luke 4:18; 7:22; Hebrews 12:12-13)
Da peopo dat goin live inside da boonies
An da place wea no mo watta,
Dey goin feel good inside.
Da place wea no mo nobody,
Goin get plenny flowas jalike da narcissus flowa.
Goin get flowas all ova da place dea.
Da peopo inside da boonies goin dance an sing,
An yell cuz dey feel good inside.
Goin come awesome dea inside da boonies,
Jalike da Lebanon mountain,
An jalike Mount Carmel an da Sharon plain.
Da peopo dea goin see dat Da One In Charge stay real awesome
Dey goin see dat he da king.
35:3: Heb 12:12So make da peopo come strong,
Da ones dea hands shake an stay drop stuff.
An dea knees no let um stan up strait.
Tell da peopo dat feel sked,
“Come strong! An no sked!
Fo shua, yoa God goin show up
Wen da time come fo pay back
Da ones dat stay agains him!
He da One goin come,
An get you guys outa trouble!”
35:5: Matt 11:5; Luke 7:22Dat time, da peopo dat no can see,
Dey goin see.
Da peopo dat no can hear,
Dey goin hear.
Da peopo dat no can walk,
Dey goin jump jalike da deer.
Da peopo dat no can talk,
Dey goin start fo talk real loud
Cuz dey feel good inside.
Da watta goin start fo come
Outa da pukas all ova da boonies,
An streams goin come
All ova da up country boonies.
Da hot sand goin get pond wit reeds.
Da groun dat no mo watta,
Goin come one puka wea plenny watta come out.
Ova dea, wea da jackal kine wild dogs
Wen lay down fo res befo time,
Goin get grass an watta plants an papyrus reeds dea.
Dat place, one build up road goin stay ova dea.
Peopo goin call um “Da Road Fo Go By Da God Dat Stay Good An Spesho.”
Goin be fo da peopo dat stay tight wit God.
Da peopo dat do bad kine stuff dat make um so dey no can pray,
Dey no can go on dat road.
But anybody dat go dat way,
Even da stupid ones,
Dey no goin get lost.
No mo lion o wild kine animal dat like eat you
Goin come nea dea.
Ony da peopo dat God wen get um outa trouble,
Dey da ony ones goin use dat road.
10 Da ones, Da One In Charge wen pay da price fo dem,
Dey goin come back to Mount Zion.
Dey goin go inside da Temple Fo Da One In Charge,
An dey goin dance an sing
An feel good inside all da time.
All dat goin be jalike one crown on top dea head.
Wen dey stay go, dey feel good inside
Mo an mo erytime.
Befo time, dey feel sore inside plenny.
But all dat gone awready!

35:3 35:3: Heb 12:12

35:5 35:5: Matt 11:5; Luke 7:22