But da peopo dat get um right wit God,
Wen dey mahke,
Nobody even tink bout dat.
Da peopo dat stay tight wit God,
He take dem away.
But nobody undastan
God stay take away da good kine guys too,
So dey no suffa from da bad kine stuff
Da odda peopo stay do.
Da peopo dat stay do da right ting erytime,
Eryting goin come good fo dem.
An dey goin res good on top dea bed.
But you guys, come ova hea!
Yoa muddah guys, dey go call da spirit
From da mahke peopo
Fo come tell um wat goin happen bumbye,
An dey fool aroun fo money!
Yoa faddah guys, dey stay fool aroun
Wit wahines dey no stay married to!
Who you talk about wen you make fun a dem?
Who you make ugly face at
An stick out yoa tongue?
Yoa faddah-muddah guys stay go agains erybody!
Dey ony bulai peopo.
You guys like fool aroun
Unda da kine kapu trees fo da idol kine gods.
You guys kill yoa kids fo da god Molek
Down by da streams dat no mo watta,
Fo make sacrifice unda da cracks in da cliffs.
An you guys, you jalike one wahine
Dat get smooth kine stones from da stream,
Fo make yoa idol kine gods.
Stone, dass all you get!
An fo dem you pour out plenny drink fo make sacrifice
An give plenny wheat o barley fo make sacrifice too.
Wen I tink bout all dis stuff,
You guys tink I suppose to feel good bout wat you do?!
No way!
You guys, jalike one wahine
Dat put her bed on top one real high mountain.
An den she go up dea fo make sacrifice an make sex.
An you guys, you do da same ting too.
You guys ack jalike dat wahine,
Dat bring inside da house
One ting fo help her no foget her gods.
Den she shut da door so nobody can see.
You guys make lidat too,
Cuz you bag from me,
Jalike dat wahine open da cova off her bed
An go on top um an make ready.
She make one deal wit some guys
Fo go dea bed, cuz she like do dat,
An like look at dem all naked.
You guys, az how you stay make!
Jalike dat wahine wen go
By da idol kine god Molek
An give him olive oil fo one present.
She use all diffren kine perfume.
She sen her messenja guys far away
Fo find new idol kine gods—
Even far, like down to da Mahke Peopo Place!
An you guys do da same ting.
10 You guys look all ova da place fo find new gods,
An you come tired from all dat.
But you no tell,
“All dat, az wase time!”
Cuz you no give up,
You wen come strong one mo time,
Dass why you no pass out.
11 Da One In Charge tell, “Who bodda you guys
An make you come sked?!
Cuz you guys stay bulai me,
An foget me,
An no even bodda fo tink bout me.
Long time I neva tell notting.
Dass why you guys stay sked a da odda peopo.
But you no sked a me, o wat?!
12 Me, I goin tell erybody
Bout all da kine stuff you guys do,
Cuz you guys tink you do da right ting.
But all dat stuff no goin help you guys notting.
13 Wen you guys yell fo help,
Let da idol kine gods dat you guys wen bring togedda,
Get you guys outa trouble!
Da wind goin blow all dem away.
Ony litto bit wind
An dey gone!
But whoeva trus me fo hide dem
Fo dem no get hurt,
Dey goin live inside da Israel land,
An dey goin pray to me
On top Mount Zion, dat stay spesho fo me.”
14 Den somebody tell dis too:
“Pile up dirt on top da groun fo make one road!
Make da road ready fo my peopo!
Take away all da stuff from on top da road
Fo my peopo no fall down!”
God Make Da Peopo Come Strong
Dat Stay Sore Inside
(Efesus 2:17)
15 Da One In Charge, da One stay far away up dea
Inside da sky, an real importan.
He stay alive foeva.
He stay good an spesho cuz dass wat kine god him.
He tell: “I live inside da mos high place,
Da place dat stay spesho fo me!
But still yet, I stay live wit da one
Dat feel all heavy inside,
An know dat dey notting.
Az cuz I like make da peopo dat know dey notting,
An da ones dat feel heavy inside,
Come strong inside.
16 Cuz no goin be foeva,
Dat I poin finga peopo an stay huhu.
Az cuz if I wen stay lidat,
Den peopo spirits wen come weak wen dey see me—
No matta me da One wen make dem breave.
17 Wen dey do bad kine stuff,
An dey come greedy fo get eryting fo ony dem,
I punish dem,
An no do notting good fo dem
Cuz I real huhu.
But still yet, dey do
Wateva dey tink az good.
18 I see how dey ack,
But still yet, no matta dey stay sick inside,
I goin make dem come good!
I goin make dem
An da ones dat stay bum out
So dey no stay sad inside no moa.
19  57:19: Efes 2:17I goin make da peopo talk diffren den befo time.
Dey goin tell, ‘Da peopo far an nea,
Dey goin come so notting bodda dem!’ ”
An Da One In Charge tell, “Jalike my peopo stay sick,
An I goin make dem come good.”
20 But da bad kine guys,
Dey jalike da rough ocean
Wen da wind make big wave
An no can stay quiet.
Dat kine wave ony throw mud
An junk kine stuff on top da beach.
21  57:21: Isa 48:22“No mo res fo da bad kine guys!”
Dass wat my God tell.

57:19 57:19: Efes 2:17

57:21 57:21: Isa 48:22